Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still in Lala land or "How to Follow the Lemmings Over the Cliff"

In today's "We Get Mail" category we got a good one from our friends at that concerns Nebraska's own Judas, Ben Nelson. These folks are somewhere in outer space and hopefully Ben will get enough faxes to follow them.....

Here's what they asked us to do:

"Dear MoveOn member,

On Tuesday, we ran a full-page ad in USA Today, signed by thousands of MoveOn members, sending a simple message to Democrats: fight, don't fold, on health care.

The message seems to be breaking through with some in Washington. On Wednesday, President Obama told Congress to "finish the job" on health care.1 And on Thursday, Speaker Pelosi insisted, "...we're going to get health care reform passed," saying, "If the gate's closed, you go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we'll pole-vault in. If that doesn't work, we'll parachute in."2

But a huge roadblock remains: the U.S. Senate. Conservatives are pushing hard to delay or drop health care, while Senate leadership is sending mixed signals.3

We urgently need to make sure every single Democrat in the Senate gets the message: it's time to stand up and fight. So we're flooding their offices with faxes telling them just that. Can you send a free fax to your senator, Ben Nelson, today?"

Judas Isn't Tired (Of Lying)

Well, Judas Ben Nelson says he isn't tired and isn't about to hang up his career as a U.S. Senator in 2012. We've said for weeks that Judas would run for re-election and we expect him to be true to his promise as he has been to all of his promises........... Well, at least in this case. Judas doesn't seem to be able to read polls or listen to his constituents when it comes time to betray them for his pieces of silver so why would you expect him to pay attention to polls showing his ever-increasing unpopularity?

Apparently, our big spending Judas thinks that all those hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads paid for by his Democrat friends in Washington, abetted by his endorsements from Warren Buffet will reconvince Nebraskans that he is an independent minded conservative who deserves re-election.

This is a fight we can't wait for.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fire Union Thugs Have Panties in A Bunch, But Where is Mike McDonnell?

Well, once again the the thugs in the fire union have got their panties in a bunch. Seems they didn't like Councilwoman Stothert asking about whether some of their folks might have a 'training' session scheduled for Belize. There are some things that are really amazing about this group that that doesn't seem to be capable of doing anything to improve their public image. Here are some interesting points:
  • Stothert's remarks were directed toward a member of fire management, Captain Jim Gentile, at Tuesday's council meeting. He acted non-plused to the question and said no one from the fire department was there at city expense.
  • Union President Thug, Steve LeClair who basically represents everyone in the fire department including its clueless management calls a press conference to demand Councilwoman Stothert's apology for her accusation (not her question, which it was) because their feeling are hurt. It certainly couldn't be their credibility since they have virtually none with the public.
  • The Fire Chief, the Thug-in-Chief Mike McDonnell continues his absence from any form of public appearance. No doubt, he is in hiding out, trying not to offend his union (of which he is still the de facto leader) while letting Gentile speak for him since he, McDonnell, doesn't want to be perceived as management. Of course, he is the guy who is supposed to lead the fire department but his vision of that appears to be only to do exactly what the union contract calls for rather than to accept the responsibility for management which apparently the Suttle administration (owned by McDonnell, LeClair and their union) has no intention of expecting him to do.

Stothert owes these thugs and cry babies nothing. She seems to be the one City Council member who is not owned by them. This started because the A.W.O.L. Fire Chief, his union-owned thugs in management and 'his' union wanted to burden the citizens of Omaha with a river boat that wasn't necessary given the fact that there are several other entities including the sheriff's department that already have boats and provide the same service. No doubt once they got it they would have impose more costs on the City of Omaha with training, specialty pays, etc. And who knows, they probably would have found some reason to train at taxpayers' expense in Belize or somewhere else.

Councilwoman Stothert is the one breath of fresh air on the city council. She is the one who is looking out for the taxpayers of Omaha. She owes no one an apology regardless of the cry baby thugs asking for it.

P.S. We can't wait to hear from non-existent fire fighter Bob Smith. How are things at the West Dodge station?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Union Quid Pro Quos

The Platte Institute has a good 'Platte Chat' release regarding Omaha, as well as Nebraska, unions and their contributions and the payback they get from candidates they contribute to which you can find at:

The 'chat' summarizes by saying:

"In Omaha and other Nebraska municipalities, taxpayers are continually asked to accept tax hikes to ensure that public union employees can maintain their lifestyles at a time when the taxpayers are struggling to maintain their own. Citizens should hold local politicians accountable for their quid pro quo arrangement with powerful public unions. Voters should also demand that the Unicameral support elimination of the CIR or amend CIR statutes to correct its serious deficiencies. Taxpayers deserve better."

We've watched the outrageous behavior of Omaha City Council members who will sell their votes to the highest bidder, i.e., the unions or even Father Schlegel, Jim Young, etal when they want to name a street after Mike Fahey.

We think the Platte Institute ought to go even further and work to pass either state or local legislation that would require a city council member or state legislator to publicly acknowledge whether he or she had received any donation from the group whose interest he or she is voting on and to disclose how much he or she received from that organization or individual. THAT WOULD BE TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT! Vs The U.S. Supreme Court

In our "We Get Mail" category, we just received one from our friends at which you can imagine we like to stay in contact with. Seems they want to fix what that unruly Supreme Court did with campaign finance next week. Moveon hopes we'll be one of 9 Nebraskans to get the ball rolling with our $5 donation. Well, maybe someone will give them $10 to make up for our default.

"Last time, far-right Congressman Joe Wilson shouted "You Lie." Last night, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was only slightly more graceful.1

It's never been more clear that the current Supreme Court is dominated by right-wing partisans, and last week, they issued the most scandalous decision since Bush v. Gore by opening the floodgates to unlimited campaign spending by corporations.2

Today we're launching a massive new campaign to end corporate domination of American politics.

We'll demand a constitutional amendment to directly reverse the Supreme Court decision, and we'll fight for essential changes like the Fair Elections Now Act, to give small-donor-backed populist candidates a chance against the corporate big guns.

It'll be a huge fight and we need to know if we'll have the resources to proceed. It'll take $200,000 right away to start strong, and that'll take 9 donations from Omaha. Are you in? Please help with a contribution of $5 today. Click here:

Poor Judas Ben Can't Plese Anyone

The folks at the New Nebraska Network, a Democrat mouthpiece had an interesting opinion piece on Saturday condemning Senator Judas, excuse us Senator Nelson. Among other things they said:
  • "After the hottest decade on record, Ben Nelson gave his support to an effort to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) finding that "greenhouse gases . . . endanger both the public health and the public welfare of current and future generations."
  • Nelson's attempt to legislatively derail a scientific finding based on decades of climate research is misguided and harmful to Nebraska, the nation, and the planet.
  • Ben Nelson is not for EPA regulation of major stationary sources emitting more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide in a year.
  • Ben Nelson is not for a carbon tax.
  • Ben Nelson is not for a cap and trade program.
  • Ben Nelson wants to use efficiency and renewable energy. Well, that's nice, but it just won't get the job done. If we rely solely on efficiency and expanding renewables we will face decades of continued increases in our carbon dioxide emissions. By the time those strategies begin to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions it may be too late to reverse the ill effects of climate change. That's why Nelson's plan is bad for the planet.
  • Ben Nelson's plan is also bad for Nebraska. As a state with great renewable energy potential the best thing to drive investment in our wind resources is some sort of limit on greenhouse gas emissions. Building a transmission line from a windmill in Western Nebraska to Chicago will always be more expensive than burning a fossil fuel in Chicago unless we put a price on the environmental damage done by fossil fuels.
  • Ben Nelson's plan is also bad for the nation. Climate change is disturbing global weather patterns and creating conflicts across the globe. Destabilizing conflicts provide fertile ground for terrorist groups to recruit, train and plan attacks on America.
  • Nebraska deserves more from its senior Senator. "

Wow, Ben can't get respect from anyone!

With that said, this is exactly the Ben Nelson game plan. You know, an independent for Nebraska. He may have to spend several BILLION dollars to convince Nebraskans, particularly those 67% who opposed his health care sell-out that he really listens or cares about more than the 30 pieces of silver, but he'll keep on trying with his lies and misleading commercials.

The Costs of Copenhagen

We have to confess we have never listened to Katie Couric and probably not to the CBS Evening News in a couple of decades but we received a video 'expose' of the cost of sending the 'U.S. Delegation' of 160 plus, 131 senators, congressmen, aides and the president to the Copenhagen fiasco. A cost of $1.1 million dollars. $4,400 for two days of lodging and food for each of them! $5,000 to $10,000 each for air fair!!! All paid by the U.S. taxpayer!!

All of this when the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has just appeared to tell us how government must restrain costs and create jobs. Amazing!

Check it out at:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Mr. Limbaugh (Rush),

I am currently in Washington where I work very hard for my constituents in my home state of Nebraska. I listen to them as they walk outside my Nebraska offices, send me their e-mails and call me incessantly. While I am laboring for them here in Washington, I anticipate that I will be returning to my home in McCook, Nebraska on a permanent basis less than 3 years from now.

Now, since I have been know to make some pretty good deals, I'm asking if perhaps you and I could spend a few moments or hours discussing the Miss America Contest in which you are a judge-in some isolated and discreet location. In particular, I am interested in seeing Miss Nebraska, Brittany Jeffers, become Miss America. While I would never condone anyone selling their vote, I think I can make you a deal that you can't refuse. For your vote, I will do whatever is necessary to prevent a return to the fairness doctrine whether that be voting against it, putting a hold on it or whatever.

Let's talk.

Ben Nelson

The State of Our Union - The Heritage Foundation

We don't often include complete articles or editorials but with what will be another teleprompter State of the Union speech tonight by the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, we feel that the Heritage Foundation editorial today discussing what should be in the speech is well worth publishing. Ergo, since we agree fully with it, here it is. We only hope our president reads it.

The Heritage Foundation Presents:
The State of Our Union
By Edwin J. Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation

The President of the United States will tomorrow inform the Congress on the State of our Union, as he is constitutionally mandated to do. The past 12 months have seen our country head down a dangerous course, and The Heritage Foundation can only hope that the President will use this time of reflection, coming on the heels of a stunning electoral loss, to change direction.

You must recognize, Mr. President, that the State of the Union is not good. You need a new approach and fresh domestic and foreign policies. Shifting tactics and stoking populism will be both cynical and condescending to the voters, who will see through this strategy. Mr. President, it’s the policies you need to change, not the spin.

In 2008, you promised economic recovery and sound financing. You promised to keep our country safe. You also promised bipartisanship.

Instead, our nation is enduring high unemployment and slow growth, due to surging spending and government borrowing. Bailouts and a pork-ridden “stimulus” bill will not get our country back on track. High unemployment comes primarily from the lack of job creation, rather than job destruction. Our research shows that your administration’s policies have created uncertainties that have hindered risk-taking by entrepreneurs.

And now, faced with difficulties, instead of changing course you are doubling down and promising increased regulation. The challenges you have faced in one year in office—tea parties, town halls, three tough electoral losses—should have made you rethink your policies. Americans have always preferred limited government over the expansionist kind, lower—not higher—taxes, rational policies, not punitive ones. Your advisors are misreading the public, and economic reality, if they think increased red tape and government control will cure any of our ills.

Index of Economic Freedom that The Heritage Foundation publishes annually alongside The Wall Street Journal tells the story. This year, for the first time since we started publication of the Index, the United States has fallen from the top tier “free category.” Yes, about half of this fall came because of decisions taken by your predecessor, but you have only gone ahead faster and bigger. And our Index, issued last week on the anniversary of your inauguration, does not even take account of the second half of your year in office.

Your signature health care reform initiative has been a colossal missed opportunity. It is now in free fall, while insurance and health costs continue to climb.

This was a year that should have been spent working on lowering the barriers to jobs creation. But expansionist policies have crowded out investment and are killing the great American job machine.

In foreign policy, your year in office has left the world a more troubled place. A president has to lead in the world as it is, not as he wishes it to be.

Just as creating jobs should get all your attention domestically, battling terrorism should be Job One in foreign policy. The massacre at Fort Hood and the attempted Christmas Day bombing should have been wake-up calls for Washington. Our country is not using all the tools in the tool kit to protect Americans from terrorism. Even worse, your Administration seems ambivalent over the fact that the legal authority for key investigative methods granted under the Patriot Act is about to expire.

Abroad, we simply don’t know when Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon. You seem to have thrown all your chips with an entity that does not exist—the International Community—waiting for it to impose sanctions on Iran and turn the spotlight on its horrific human rights record. This fits with your view that the Berlin Wall fell because “the world came together as one,” but just like that was bad history, your view of the present is also borderline mythical.
So right now the world has an impression that America is distracted, unable, or unwilling to lead or vigorously defend its interests. That was painfully apparent in your Administration’s decision to walk away from our missile defense commitments to Poland and the Czech Republic. The time for missile defense is now, not after a threat emerges.

Mr. President, several policy areas cry out for your attention.

Domestically, you need to show the American people the full long-term obligations of the government in your annual budget, just as the government forces private corporations to do. Bring transparency to Washington by showing the long-term debt picture on your budget.
Then you and the leaders of both parties should lay out the options for fixing the deficit crisis and conduct a national conversation on what action to take. Trust the people to help make decisions. And press Congress to put Medicare and Social Security on a 30-year budget, to give seniors certainty while forcing the tough decisions necessary to give our children a financial future.

Get the economy moving again. You need to give main street businesses and banks—our real job creators—some certainty by eliminating the threat of higher taxes, spiraling debt and suffocating regulation. Make the tax cuts on the books permanent, to encourage more saving and investment.

Urge Congress to reform the bankruptcy laws so that supposedly “too big to fail” companies can be restructured in an orderly way rather than bailed out or regulated to a slow death. Denationalize General Motors. And please, end the TARP bailout slush fund.

On health care, you can get real reform back on track by doing what you should have done on day one: genuinely reach across the aisle as you promised your voters last November. If you proceed in this manner, you will be able to move forward with bipartisan tax reforms that provide adequate tax relief for reasonable coverage for those who have coverage today, while extending help to those taxpayers who currently do not have coverage.

Rather that trying to pass a huge bill that runs everything from Washington, it is time to downsize the legislation drastically and to give states much greater freedom and encouragement to put into place innovative approaches that will work best for them. The solution for Massachusetts or Vermont will be different than that for Colorado or Texas.
States need to be able to negotiate major changes in statutory programs, like Medicaid, as part of a plan to increase coverage. It should be states that set up insurance exchanges, reinsurance pools or other ways to make affordable insurance available to everyone. And if Americans in one state want to buy health insurance from another state, nothing should stop them.
In foreign policy, please stop giving captured terrorists the same constitutional rights as Americans. We should be turning over captured terrorists to Military Commissions for trial after our intelligence services have interrogated them.

America should be strong in deed as well as words. That is not possible without a strong national defense. We must make an irrevocable commitment to recapitalizing the U.S. military, an effort that would require another $50 billion a year in buying the new equipment and maintaining the capabilities our men and women under arms need to defend us.
We need a new vision. We need to keep Americans safe. And we need to reverse the decline of American leadership and influence in the world. Our freedom and security will be at stake unless we reverse the decline of American fortunes in the world.

Afghanistan is a war that must be won. Winning is more important than any deadline for withdrawal. Announce that the United States won’t quit until the job is done.

Mr. President, let’s recommit to expanding free trade and making America more competitive in the world. We need to make America the freest economy in the world, in order to have more economic growth, prosperity and jobs. You should recalibrate the top tax rate on U.S. corporate profits so that it is no higher than the average of the top rates that prevail in our 30 largest trading partners.

We also need to recommit ourselves to our friends and allies. You have not done a good job supporting our friends. Instead, we engage our enemies and get a clinched fist in return. We should re-dedicate ourselves to the proposition that America is a beacon of freedom for free peoples of the world, and that being true to that proposition means supporting free peoples, not coddling or giving comfort to dictators.

Be a war president 24-7-365. Commit yourself to helping, rather than hurting, our economy 24-7-365. Every moment of every day you should be working to defend the nation; protect our liberties; and promote American prosperity. Your resolve must not waver. Your commitment should not falter.

If you devote all your attention to letting our private sector create jobs at home and achieving victory overseas, we will enthusiastically support your efforts, and the State of the Union in 2011 will be far better.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Judas Nelson Continues to Embarrass Nebraskans Nationally - What He Will Do Next

We continue to be amazed at the disrespect and humiliation our Judas, Ben Nelson, has brought upon our state. Daily, we read one national column after another about the Nelson's disgusting sellout and extortion known as the Cornhusker Kickback.

In a Wall Street Journal editorial that appeared Monday regarding Senator Chuck Schumer and federal credit lines enjoyed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Christmas Eve announcement that after chewing through $111 billion from taxpayers, Fan and Fred can now consume an unlimited amount of cash from the U.S. Treasury) the following comment was made:
"While Mr. Schumer seems to have developed a nice racket, we can't help but wonder if Fan and Fred own any properties in the state of Nebraska. Can Senator Ben Nelson perhaps get a piece of this action?"

Of course there has been one disgusting cartoon animation after another, each heaping national contempt on Nebraska because of Nelson's grand extortion. (Check out:

With that said, it is obvious that Nelson still doesn't get it as he continues to harangue Nebraska television viewers and radio listeners (phase 1) with his incessant ads telling us he was right to vote the way he did, the latest even including Warren Buffett and a liberal Creighton University M.D. whose pro-government health care credentials were blatantly evident at a Platte Institute Seminar on health care last fall.

But here is what you can expect from Nelson next (phase 2):
  • On any Dirty Harry Reid attempt to pass a reduced health care package with reconciliation or discussion of it he will wash his hands of the idea much has his fellow sellout, Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas)

  • New attempts to show that he prioritizes bipartisanship

  • New comments on how important it is for the congress to be 'transparent' (this from a guy that used midnight negotiations with Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer to sell out his constituents for those 30 pieces of silver).

  • Comments emphasizing the need to deal with job creation as a first priority

  • Criticism of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama after tonight's State of the Union address

  • And emphasis on his bipartisan votes such as the one he cast on Senator Thune's bill to return unused 'stimulus' funds to the U.S. Treasury (a vote that despite Nelson's 'for' vote failed)

Nelson's acts still remind us of those of a cat trying to cover its excrement on a hot tin roof. He'd do himself and his constituents a favor by moving to phase two.

See the Wall Street Journal editorial at:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Battle on Pacific Street Or Love-in?

In yesterday's posts we noted under Nelson to Move Omaha Office and Move On to Demonstrate at Nelson's Office that would demonstrate against their Judas and our Judas Ben Nelson tomorrow at his office for his failure to pursue the health care momentum. We also tipped you off that Nelson is apt to move his office to get away from the daily exposure to the world of his failure to represent his constituents-not necessarily

Tomorrow, Americans for Prosperity will call the Move.on bluff in front of Nelson's office over the noon hour. They are normally there anyway, every Tuesday, but maybe tomorrow we'll have an old fashioned 'love-in' as

Another Hit for New England Democrats

Beau Biden, son of our Vice President, has announced that he will not run for the seat formerly held by his father. The Democrats considered him the heir apparent and now may very will lose this seat come this fall. The bad news just keeps coming.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Throwing off the Yoke of the Nanny State -- Doug Patton

January 25, 2010

A profound quote from a blogger identifying himself only as “Mike M.,” on a website known as, crossed my desk the other day. With regard to the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, striking down key portions of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill passed into law a few years ago, the writer wrote: “Certainly, the spectre of corporate money buying candidates and influencing our political system is an unwholesome one. But the solution is not limiting campaign donations. It is limiting the power of government, so that the money spent in the system has less impact on our lives, and power is truly returned to ‘the little guy’ that politicians love to pay lip service to.”

The writer has hit upon a truth abandoned long ago by Democrats and increasingly ignored by Republicans as well. Somewhere along the way, our politicians developed the idea that regardless of the growth of the private sector or the condition of the economy, the growth of government is a given. In fact, when times are toughest, and hard-working, taxpaying Americans are struggling to make ends meet in their own personal budgets — this is when paternalistic bureaucrats try to save us with higher taxes, more regulations and programs that generally provide little benefit but perpetuate the growth of yet more government.

In a misguided attempt at campaign finance reform, Senators John McCain, R-AZ, and Russ Feingold, D-WI, cosponsored the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Act, a bill that many have since called an incumbent protection act. It banned corporations and unions from “electioneering communications” within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election. With a wink and a nod toward the Supreme Court, President George Bush signed this bad legislation in 2002. In a 5-4 decision written by Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, the High Court has finally ruled that corporations are entitled to the same right individuals have to spend money on political speech for or against a candidate.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.” Smaller government is still at the crux of modern conservative thought largely because of the Gipper’s leadership. And yet, due to greedy, overreaching members of Congress — primarily Democrats — government continued to grow during the 1980s and deficit spending ballooned. The 1994 GOP sweep of Congress, the lingering effects of Reagan’s across-the-board tax cuts, the explosion, and the growth of investment by baby boomers combined to create a budget surplus through the Clinton years — despite his ill-advised tax increases.

However, in the last decade — with special emphasis on this last year — government growth has been frightening. Everyone pays lip service to the concept of big corporations holding sway in the halls of Congress, when the reality is that power hungry politicians don’t want to have to restrain themselves.

It is somewhat akin to the Islamic edict that women must cover themselves from head to toe so as not to be a stumbling block to men. There is nothing in the Koran that instructs men to show restraint, only that women shouldn’t show an ankle or a wrist for fear of tempting a man. Following this logic, Muslim men are basically admitting, “Yeah, we have no self-control, and we don’t really want to develop it, either, so instead of keeping our lust to ourselves, we will put the onus of responsibility on the objects of our lust and blame them if we feel some overwhelming need to commit rape!”

Likewise, progressives like John McCain and Russ Feingold, by their support of this legislation, are saying, “We want as much power as possible, and we don’t want outside influences informing the electorate of our plans, so anyone with the capital to mount a serious offense against our policies should be silenced so we can get back to creating the nanny state.”

As The Wall Street Journal correctly opined on the issue, “In a season of marauding government, the Constitution rides to the rescue one more time.” Perhaps if we were to dust it off more often, the Constitution might tell us that the expansion of government is much more insidious than the expansion of free speech.


© 2010 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a former speechwriter and public policy advisor who now works as a freelance writer. His weekly columns appear in newspapers across the country and on various Internet websites, including Human Events Online and, where is a senior writer and state editor. Readers can e-mail him at

Tax and Spending Cuts

Yesterday we opined Is the G.O.P. Smart Enough To Listen? The times are right and ripe if conservatives, aka Republicans, listen. With that said there is a good column by Larry Kudlow, 'It's about tax cuts and spending cuts' that pretty well says what we were trying to say. It's worth a read at:

Jerram Speaks

We see that Councilman Jerram has a Midland's Voices piece in today's Douglas Street Rag. Like most of Jerram's lengthy, boring, ex cathedra diatribes from his chamber seat it is relatively inane, but presumptuous as he purports to speak for all of the Omaha City Council.

We're not sure who he is referring to when he opines that:
"While civil debate over the terms of their contracts is fair game, let us not resort to name-calling, profanity and other derogatory, misleading and insulting commentary that only demeans their service, harms the collective bargaining process and erodes the tone of public debate."

We're not sure that any of his fellow council members are indulging in such, but perhaps he aims his remarks at poor blogs such as ours that objectively assess Fire Union Leader Mike McDonald, excuse us, Fire Chief McDonald, and his successor fire union president Steve LeClair as the heavy handed thugs that they are.

In any event, Jerram doesn't speak for the council. They already have an incompetent City Council President, Garry Gernandt, that is supposed to do that. Further, as Jerram opines about the process one thing is evident and that is that he along with Gernandt are nothing other than stooges that will vote for anything the mayor tells them to....

A Chance for Obama but Ben Nelson an Extorionist?

George Will has an interesting column today that concludes among a number of other things:

Be that as it may, the Democratic Senate caucus landed, like a roulette ball destined for a dangerous slot, on 60. It then learned that when all Democrats are indispensable, every Democrat can be an extortionist. So there have been serial purchases of 60th votes for health legislation. This squalid commerce (special benefits tailored for Florida's Medicare Advantage clients, for Louisiana and Nebraska, and for union members) did almost as much as the legislation itself to discredit the entire sorry business.

If Obama can now resist the temptation of faux populism, if he does not rage, like Lear on the heath, against banks, he can be what Americans, eager for adult supervision, elected him to be -- a prudent grown-up. For this elegant and intelligent man to suddenly discover his inner William Jennings Bryan ("You shall not crucify America upon a cross of credit-default swaps") would be akin to Fred Astaire donning coveralls and clodhoppers.

It's worth some consideration as it does show that Republicans can't expect total collapse of Obama and associates. Check it out at:

Is the G.O.P. Smart Enough To Listen?

We know that the Democrats led by their Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Ben (Judas) Nelson aren't listening to the American public. This was displayed last Tuesday in Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts.

The question is, are the Republicans listening. Scott Brown may not be a true conservative but he certain expresses many ideals which motivate Republicans. He was the only game in town and disaffected liberals, Democrats, Republicans and independents voted for him. But Republicans will have to listen to their constituents across the country and this will require accepting folks that may not be perfect Republicans in their view to defeat the liberal leftist agenda.

Winning may also require in some cases not accepting Republican 'lite' where the districts don't want that. That's the reason that Republicans failed in New York 23. Another case in point, as discussed in the Washington Post today, is Virginia 5 where a battle is going on which will hopefully result in the defeat of a clear Obama liberal leftist Democrat if Republicans can get their act together. In this case again it looks like the favored Republican is not a conservative in the eyes of many Republicans or conservative 'tea party' folks. If the Republicans nominate their 'lite' candidate the 'tea party' folks will probably tender a third party candidate which could very well result in the Obama liberal leftist freshman congressman retaking his seat in a very conservative district next fall.

Republicans need to listen and do what's best to beat the liberal Obama leftists. In some cases that means taking imperfect conservatives as in Massachusetts, in some cases it means tossing aside imperfect conservatives for true conservatives. They need to listen and analyze and then do what it takes to send Obama's liberals home.

New Nebraska GOP Executive Director

The state G.O.P. is slated to announce its new executive director, replacing Perre Neilan, at its meeting in McCook on Saturday. State G.O.P. Chairman Mark Fahleson has conducted interviews with at least three potential candidates: Andrew Northwall, Douglas County G.O.P. Executive Director; Jordan McGrain, Omaha based political consultant, and; Charles Isom, Press Secretary for Congressman Adrian Smith. While Fahleson has conducted the interviews the decision will obviously be made by Governor Heineman. And while many have endorsed one or more of the candidates we believe that Charles Isom will be the next G.O.P. State Exec.

Nelson to Move Omaha Office

We have it on good authority that Senator Nelson is going to be moving his Omaha office location. It might be that he has tired of the demonstrations on 76th & Pacific Street. Our source tells us he will move to a building with a number of M.D.s in it and one perhaps less visible to passers by.

Move On to Demonstrate at Nelson's Office

From our "We Get Mail" category, it seems the folks at are besides themselves that their great leader might abandon his liberal agenda. In fact, they are going to hold a rally at Ben Nelson's Omaha office on Tuesday to remind him that he needs to continue his lemming-like pursuit of health care reform, etc.

Here's what they had to say:

Dear MoveOn member,

After one bad Senate election, most Democrats in Washington are on the verge of full-fledged retreat.

Everything we've fought for together hangs in the balance. President Obama has signaled he's open to dramatically scaling back health care reform.1 The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee says he might gut the financial reform bill to appease Republicans.2 And on top of all that, the Supreme Court just opened the floodgates of corporate cash on politics!3

We need to show Democrats that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. So MoveOn members are organizing an emergency rally in Omaha on Tuesday to urge Democrats to show some backbone—starting with passage of a real health care reform bill.

We need a big turnout to show Democrats we're still waiting on them to deliver the change we voted for—on health care and everything else. Can we count on you to attend?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Bad Week For Obama, Reid and Pelosi Gets 'Badder' -- Patrick McPherson

This has not been a good week for Barack Obama and associates.
  1. The almost inconceivable loss of the 'Kennedy Senate Seat' (Thanks David Gergen) in Massachusetts to a pick-up driving nobody.
  2. The Supreme Court nullification of part of the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Act
  3. The problem with the Bernanke Fed Chief renomination.

One can blame almost all of these reversals on government over-reach and while Obama may not be responsible for all of these, he certainly has lots of ownership. He and his congressional leaders have tried to force an unwanted takeover of health care down the throats of Americans and paid dearly for that this week. They tried to force a cap and trade law down our throats which would never have passed the senate and will hopefully die this year although the over reach of their EPA still threatens the citizens and economy. Their goal was to move on from this to grant citizenship to virtually every illegal alien living in the country. All of this while spending worse than any drunken sailor John McCain or George W. Bush could even imagine on stimulus programs that for the most part have not created let alone saved any real jobs. And of course, they've continued the TARP bailout with designs to continue to spend the unused and yet unwasted money on more of their programs while saving the likes of GM and Chrysler, investments which will never return more than a fraction of their costs.

Americans rebelled in the last three elections against this government over reach, the intrusion into their lives. They rebelled as the triumvirate of Obama/Reid/Pelosi addressed every socialist agenda while allowing unemployment to rise, assuring their rube constituents that their take over of their lives and socialist actions would create more jobs. They were wrong.

While it's hard to imagine things could get worse for them, it could. With the nomination of Bernanke treading water the stock market has lost 500 points this week-not because of Scott Brown. And with the likes of leftist liberal Democrats like Barbara Boxer and Russell Feingold saying they will vote against him things may not get any better unless Harry Reid can get a vote quickly. Why quickly? Because the December unemployment numbers will be out this week and they are going to be worse than any number we've seen yet. That certainly isn't going to help the Bernanke nomination as all of these lemmings try to halt their rush to extinction.

No, it was a bad week and it will get worse.

The White Vote

We are not the greatest fans of Pat Buchanan but we think he has a interesting column analyzing the 'white vote' in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virgina where we've seen recent setback to the liberal leftist agenda of our beloved Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades Ben Nelson, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

While his analysis will no doubt find some who will accuse him of being racist they are based on fact and to a great extent his assumptions are ones that Republicans in 2010 and 2012 would be wise to consider.

Check it out at:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Republican Involvement in the Brown Campaign

One of our friends called our attention to an article that appeared in the Politico on Monday, titled, "The NRSC's below-the-radar role" and written by John Bresnahan. It's fairly short but an interesting article on the Republican Party involvement in the Scott Brown Race prior to his election the following day. You might just find it an interesting read at:

The Suttle-White Cat fight

We don't often comment on other blogs but we enjoyed reading Joe Jordan's Watchdog today, the topic being, "Exclusive: Sewer Stink-Omaha Mayor Rips Fellow Democrat . There is no doubt a Democrat cat fight is taking place between one incompetent Mayor Suttle whose only real ability is to advocate for more taxes and Senator White who is posturing for his inevitably unsuccessful congressional run by introducing legislation to remove the sales tax on expenditures tied to the unfunded sewer separation project Omahans are going to pay some $1.6 billion for over the next 20 years.

One might think these two leftist politicians could at least talk to each other and work out some kind of a solution but they've resorted to a war of letters on official stationary.

We have a suggestion for them and since the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Suttle are such close friends (Suttle met with him yesterday), we think Suttle should ask that the president just invite both him (Suttle) and White to have a beer with him at the White House. After all that solved the problem with the black professor and the policeman didn't it?

Thought for the Day

We have often criticized former President George W. Bush and he has deserved it, but one cannot deny the desirability and need for a Republican President as displayed by the vote of the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. That vote wouldn't have happened without George Bush's appointment of Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Alito.

Sadly, the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations (and common U.N. dictated laws) Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has already appointed one of his own and will no doubt soon be replacing Associate Justice Stevens and possibly Ginsburg with leftists that will probably outlive the current conservatives.

Elections have consequences as we saw yesterday.

Out of Touch Even Today - Nebraska's Judas

We tried to get away from Judas, but this one just blew our mind. In our "We Get Mail" category we just received an e-mail from Ben Nelson, you know our U.S. Senator for the next 1427 days. And the e-mail just shows that he still doesn't get it as he defends what he has done, totally oblivious of what has happened in Massachussetts. Here is what he had to say:

"Dear :

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue.

On December 24, 2009, I voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), H.R. 3590, which passed the Senate by a vote of 60‑39. I did everything in my power to make significant improvements to this health reform bill. The product of weeks of negotiation, the PPACA contains many changes which will benefit Nebraskans and all Americans now and well into the future.

I made it my goal to prevent any government-run insurance program from being established and to ensure that the new coverage offered is built upon the private system we have today. In fact, I worked to ensure that this bill will:

o Not allow a single taxpayer penny to be spent for abortion coverage. The bill requires that health plans receiving federal subsidies and offering abortion coverage collect separate premiums for the procedure from customers, and keep the money in a separate account segregated from federal funds. I also fought to ensure that abortion-free insurance coverage options are available to all consumers; to provide grants to pregnant teens and college students to help them stay in school; and to extend and increase the adoption tax credit. With these provisions, this bill will not only prohibit federal funding for abortion, but work to greatly reduce the number of abortions performed.
o Reduce the federal deficit by $134 billion by 2019, and by as much as $1.3 trillion by 2029.
o Extend the solvency of the Medicare program by an additional nine years, to 2026.
o Narrow the Medicare prescription drug "donut hole" coverage gap for Medicare beneficiaries.
o Provide affordable coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans, and stop the current shift of uncompensated care costs to those of us with insurance coverage.
o Reform insurance practices to end denials for pre-existing conditions, ban lifetime and annual limits, and require insurance companies to pay out, at a minimum, 80 cents in medical care for every dollar they receive.
o Control health care costs well into the future, while improving quality and access.

As stated before, I sought to make improvements to this bill to ensure that the final plan provides Americans with reliable and secure health care at all stages of their lives. I would not allow the government to take steps toward a single-payer, nationalized health care system; and on all these critical components, we were successful.

An important part of my decision was the fact that had this bill not been approved with my vote, the alternative for the Senate leadership was to use a procedure called "Budget Reconciliation." This procedure would have enabled passage of a much less conservative bill, requiring only 51 votes in the Senate. I supported this bill for two reasons: first, because the reconciliation alternative would have included a government-run plan and would not have been as beneficial for Nebraskans; and second, because it will deliver relief from rising health care costs to Nebraska families, workers, rural communities, and employers. This bill takes a market-based approach, offering tax credits for middle-class Americans to help make insurance more affordable; and it improves the delivery of health care for all of us while reducing the deficit.

I have posted links to the legislation, as well as other resources pertaining to the current health care reform debate, on the Health Reform feature on my website at:

I hope you find this information useful.

As you may know, both chambers' health care reform bills are now being brought together in conference committee, undergoing further deliberation and compromise to generate a final piece of legislation to be approved by the Senate and House of Representatives. I will fully examine the merged bill upon its completion; and when it comes time to cast a final vote, I will only support a bill if it will work for Nebraskans.

I am truly thankful that so many Nebraskans such as yourself have shared their opinions and ideas with me on this crucial matter. Rest assured I will keep them in mind as Congress needs the input of all Americans to resolve such an important issue.


Ben NelsonU.S. Senator"

Advise to Republicans

Larry Kudlow has a great column today suggesting how Republicans, if they have a brain, should respond to Scott Brown's election and the message of that election. Among other things he notes:

While Team Obama is fighting for more government employment, with trillions of dollars of spending, it is time for Republicans to fight for private free-enterprise employment by letting folks keep more of what they earn and by providing new incentives for the extra hour worked and the extra investment dollar put at risk.

This is where the GOP must go. Republicans should not let another day pass without unleashing a fusillade of new tax-cutting proposals to get America moving again.

It's part of some great advise he gives Republicans at:

The Meaning of Brown

We'd recommend you read Charles Krauthammer today, "The Meaning of Brown". Among a number of salient opines, Krauthammer notes:

"And the Democrats are delusional: Scott Brown won by running against Obama not Bush. He won by brilliantly nationalizing the race, running hard against the Obama agenda, most notably Obamacare. Killing it was his No. 1 campaign promise."

Krauthammer tells it as it is at:

Ben Nelson Earns January Hall of Shame Award for Continued Lies and Deceit

We were just about to let a day go by without a comment by Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, but we just can't, given some of his comments. But before we get to those we feel that it's time that we do to things:

  1. Award Ben Nelson our January Hall of Shame Award for his onslaught of lies, misleading commercials and continued support of the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Pelosi/Obama Health Care Bill takeover. You'll recall he earned the monthly award several times last year and received the annual award for being the most shameful of all of 2009's nominees.
  2. Establish the Ben Nelson 'Days Left Until We're Rid of Him' Post, so we won't forget the nefarious, arrogant 'finger' (Our apologies to those young college girl interns in his office who are not familiar with the term) he's given his constituents here in Nebraska (We'll use Election Day 2012 for that date)

Now that we've got that out of the way let's go to what this arrogant liar had to say upon his return to his beltway utopia. Among other things he said:

  • The Massachusetts election should serve as a "wake-up call" to folks that are tired of partisanship.

  • "Bipartisanship should be the word of the day."

  • "The overriding message that people are upset because Washington is dysfunctional and not working for them"

  • "The vote should end the situation where one side thinks it doesn't need the other"

Excuses us Ben, perhaps if that is the case you should get your friends at the Nebraska Democrat Party to quit trying to defend you wholly partisan action and provide a written apology for your auctions. What have you been doing for the last month other than selling out your values to one side and defending your partisan sell out? And if Washington is dysfunctional and not working for us, could there possibly be a better poster boy for that than you?

Finally, Judas Ben, your comments show that you still don't get it. Your abandonment of Nebraska values, your failure to hear your constituents, your support and vote for a totally partisan bill opposed by two-thirds of your constituents won't be forgotten. You may think Scott Brown has saved you given the Senate bill is dead but your hypocrisy and actions have done you in. It's not too soon to start packing your bags.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Embarrassment for Nebraska Continues

There is not a rational thinking Nebraskan that isn't embarrassed by Judas Ben Nelson's sell out to Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, etal. And whether the Senate health care bill, the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Obama Health Care Bill ever becomes law or not, the humiliation that Judas has brought upon Nebraskans and himself will never be forgotten much less forgiven. It's bad enough that the Cornhusker Kickback has been fodder for comedians and every political commentator in the country, but it has been the target of virtually every other senator and politician in the United States.

Just today, Citizens Against Government Waste award our dear 'independent minded' Ben Nelson its January Porker Award. Here's what they had to say about this pathetic creature we must call our senator for the next three years:

For his Cornhusker Kickback boondoggle, classless congressional CYA behavior, and opening the door to a congressional stampede to try to fully federalize one of the most wasteful government-run healthcare entitlement programs ever conceived, Sen. Ben Nelson wins the dubious title of CAGW's January Porker of the Month."

Rest In Peace

It is with a great sense of sadness we announce the death of Air America Radio. We just received a news alert reading thusly:

"News Alert05:05 PM EST Thursday, January 21, 2010 Air America ceasing operations Liberal radio network says it will file for bankruptcy and halt live programming operations this afternoon. For more information, visit - "

The Crystal Ball and November

As long as we are looking at senate races (see below) we'd call your attention to a guy that we think does a very good job of looking at the national political landscape, Larry Sabato who publishes the Crystal Ball. Sabato, in part, says that:

"With Tuesday night’s upset by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the GOP gained more than just a 41st vote to disrupt the Obama agenda. As attention turns to the midterm elections in November, the Republican Party has strong momentum. A few months ago, even GOP leaders said that taking over the Senate was a pipe dream, and it is still not probable. But as some independents sour on the Democratic Party, the possibility for a GOP majority can no longer be dismissed out of hand. More likely, next year’s Senate will still have a Democratic majority but be much more closely balanced between Democrats and Republicans.

In fact, it is likely that the Republicans will gain at least 3 to 5 Senate seats in November."

It's too soon for Republicans to get fat-headed about this. They need to do their job and stick to the real principles of the party while they invite like-minded independents and participants from the tea party and 9/12 movements to join them. If they do, November will bring them much more even numbers.

You can check out Sabato's work at:

Obama Trying for Four

Guess what? Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama is going to Nevada to do a joint appearance with Harry Reid next month. Let's see, there was New Jersey, Virginia and just this week Massachusetts.

Going for four!!!!

P.S. Let's hope he comes to Nebraska in 2012!

The House of Cards May Be Burning as Judas Ben Nelson Fiddles

Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, may not read or give any credence to Rasmussen who told him that 67% of Nebraskans opposed his sell out. Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, may not read or give credence to an Omaha World-Herald Poll that shows much the same. He may continue his onslaught of commercials claiming he knows better than we what we want paid for by the same people that paid for Martha Coakley's ads in Massachussetts. He may deny that he got booed in a local pizza place (and we talked to some one that was there who supports the 'Politico' story).

Nelson may ignore all of these things given his arrogance and hubris, but he should take note of what is happening around the country even if he doesn't choose to believe in Rasmussen Polling who noted exactly what was happening in Massachussetts.

Today, we learn from Rasmussen that an incumbent senator in neighboring Missouri is now in major dodo. Yep, Rasmussen tells us that:
  • "Republican Roy Blunt now holds a six-point lead over Democrat Robin Carnahan in Missouri’s race for the U.S. Senate" finding, "Blunt ahead of Carnahan 49% to 43%."

  • "The latest numbers mark a shift in Blunt’s favor from last month when Carnahan had a narrow 46% to 44% edge over her Republican rival. "

  • "The candidates, both members of prominent Missouri political families, were tied at 46% apiece in September."

  • "As it has for other Democrats throughout the nation, the health care issue appears to be creating challenges for Carnahan. Just 37% of Missouri voters favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, but 62% oppose it."

  • "As in most other states, stronger feelings are on the side of the opponents. In Missouri, 20% Strongly Favor the plan versus 50% who Strongly Oppose it. Carnahan captures 90% of the vote among those who Strongly Favor the plan, but 84% of the larger group that Strongly Opposes it are voting for Blunt."

  • "Missouri attitudes towards the health care plan are similar to the national average. The health care issue played a key role in Tuesday’s stunning Massachusetts election. "

One might think Judas would get it, but he appears to be intent on finding that tree on which to hang himself. AMEN

See the full article at:

Show Me The Money (Continued)

We were just thinking that there is little question that Judas, Ben Nelson, that is sold out Nebraskans for his 30 pieces of silver offered by Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, but another thing occurs to us as we ponder on our post earlier today, Show Me The Money or Tell Me Where It Came From. As we noted in that, the Nebraska Democrat Party, which had only about $41,000 in the bank on December 20th somehow has paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars of commercials allowing Ben Nelson to defend himself. Obviously, when the next report is filed we'll discover the money came from the Democrat National Committee or the Democrat Senatorial Committee. What we wonder was did Nelson also strike this deal before committing to the sellout of his constituents. That would truly be criminal if he negotiated this before selling his vote!!

Moveon.Org says Go For Reconciliation

In our "We Get Mail" category, we got a really great one from our friends at who apparently think that the election of Scott Brown represents a failure of Democrats to pass a real health care reform bill. They are raising money for a full page national ad, but we won't be sending them any of ours.

Here are a few of their comments:
  • Tuesday's election was a shock. But the aftermath was even worse: President Obama and some Democrats in Congress are now considering scaling back health care reform.1
    That would be a huge mistake. We saw on Tuesday that voters don't feel like Washington is delivering on the change they voted for in 2008.2 Caving on health care reform will only make that worse.
  • It's time to stand up to corporate interests and fight for us—starting with passing a strong health care reform bill, not scaling back.
  • It's clear voters still want real change—but are disappointed with Washington's failure to deliver. A poll of Massachusetts voters shows just that:3
    82% of Obama supporters who voted for Brown support the public option, as do 86% of Obama voters who stayed home.
    57% of Obama voters who stayed home on Tuesday support the Senate health care bill or think it doesn't go far enough.
    And of Obama voters who cast a ballot for Brown, nearly half (49%) support the Senate bill or think it does not go far enough. Just 11% think it goes too far.
  • Democrats could take the election's message to heart and redouble their efforts for real change. Instead, too many, including the president, are shrinking back.
  • But even with one less Democrat in the Senate, they've got more than enough votes to finish reform. Through a process called "budget reconciliation," they only need 51 votes to pass a bill, not 60.

Could it be that our friends at Moveon are just smoking a little too much of that medical marijuana for their insanity?

Show Me The Money or Tell Me Where It Came From

Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, simply continues to amaze us in his arrogance as he continues to run his phony, prevaricating commercials about his vote on the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Obama Health Care Bill.

He and his funding source, the Nebraska Democrat Party, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to tell us that he was right in voting for this abortion (pun-intended) of a bill. While the commercials show that the Nebraska Democratic Party is paying for them, we know that the state party doesn't have the money to do so. On it's December 20th FEC report it reported 'Cash on Hand' of $41,231.53. It will be very interesting to see where the money is coming from when the next financials are posted. This is nothing but 'pass through money' and part of those 30 pieces of silver Judas Nelson took.

With that said, again we just don't believe the arrogance of Nelson. He not only ran commercials throughout the evening on Tuesday as Nebraskans watched a real guy, Scott Brown, speak up for them but continues his audacity by running the commercials even after this massive set back for the bill and, yes, him personally.

Nelson is out of touch and his continued ads show that.

We suspect that once he realizes what a bad decision it was to continue running these disgusting ingenuous ads he will claim that he has no control over his state party and their spending. That, too, will be a lie since he specifically made the commercials for his party to air and since his state party is not the source of those funds.

Conservativism Rising on the Steppingstones of Liberal Excess

George Will makes some interesting points in his column today which you might want to check out at:

Here are a few of his thoughts:
  • "With one piece of legislation, President Obama and his congressional allies have done in one year what it took President Lyndon Johnson and his allies two years to do in 1965 and 1966 -- revive conservatism. Today, conservatism is rising on the steppingstones of liberal excesses."
  • "Today, Democrats worrying about a reprise of 1994 should worry more about a rerun of the 1966 midterm elections, which began a Republican resurgence that presaged victories in seven of the next 10 presidential elections."
  • "The 2008 elections gave liberals the curse of opportunity, and they have used it to reveal themselves ruinously."
  • "The essence of contemporary liberalism is the illiberal conviction that Americans, in their comprehensive incompetence, need minute supervision by government, which liberals believe exists to spare citizens the torture of thinking and choosing."
  • " If the Democrats' congressional leaders are determined to continue their kamikaze flight to incineration, they will ignore Massachusetts's redundant evidence of public disgust."

Will, who proves in his column today that he isn't particularly easy to read, makes some good points.

Please Mr. Obama, Don't Come to Campaign For Me

We seldom give much notice or credence to David Broder, but we notice his column, 'In Massachusetts Senate Race, a Vote of No Confidence.' For any Democrat in a difficult race they might want to re-consider whether they want to bring in the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama to campaign for them.

Certainly, on a local basis, liberal leftist Tom White, who we understand was looking forward to a visit by the prince to help him raise money to defeat Congressman Lee Terry, must be reconsidering that option.

Broder closes his column by saying:

"In November, Democrats lost the governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, two states President Obama carried in 2008, and now they have lost a race in Massachusetts, where he won in a landslide.

There is no evidence that Obama provided a boost for local candidates by campaigning in all three of those states. I was told that one internal Democratic poll in Massachusetts showed that Coakley slid six points during the final weekend when both Obama and Bill Clinton were in Massachusetts, urging voters to support her.

Nationally, as in Massachusetts, polls show independents defecting rapidly from support of Obama's congressional agenda, and Democrats on Capitol Hill are deeply worried about the persistence of high unemployment.

Obama may recover, as Ronald Reagan did from a similar second-year slump, but it will take a significant change of direction to turn things around. "

Seems this time Broder has got it right. We certainly don't ever want to be too ebullient or adopt the arrogance of Martha Coakley, but the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his associates will have to do a fast 180. Fortunately, Queen Nancy Pelosi seems undeterred in her race to lead her lemmings in the House over the cliff.

Check out his whole column, if you must, at:

Happy Birthday Kid-Oh, by the Way You Can Call Me Dad (now)

It's a sad commentary on the Democrat Culture of Corruption that 2004 Democrat Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards has finally stepped up to admit that he is nothing but another liar in admitting that he is the father of that woman he never had an affair with. Remember this guy could have been your vice president along with 'I voted for that before I voted against it' John Kerry.

It's still not certain that this wife-cheating-on liar is out of the woods on whether he inappropriately (illegally) used campaign funds to support his lover and until this time, non-daughter.

Here's what Johnny had to say in his confession. Apparently, he still doesn't have the ability to say, "I lied."

"I am Quinn's father. I will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. I have been able to spend time with her during the past year and trust that future efforts to show her the love and affection she deserves can be done privately and in peace.
It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. I have been providing financial support for Quinn and have reached an agreement with her mother to continue providing support in the future.

To all those I have disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough, but I am truly sorry."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McCain's Ingenuous E-mails

In our 'We Get Mail' category, we got one of our almost weekly diatribes from Senator McCain today asking us to sign a petition asking that Scott Brown be seated immediately. We'd like to see that happen but we're not sure John's petition will accomplish it. With that said, the real reason for John's e-mail was to ask for money for his PAC, as it is for virtually every e-mail John sends us.

McCain is a failed political opportunist and will simply use any opportunity to raise money for himself and his causes. SAD.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Judas Nelson - He Can't Hide

Most folks have heard about Ben Nelson's Turkey Compound, you know the estate overlooking the Platte River near the Ak-Sarben Aquarium. You know, the piece of property that he claims is a farm, an agricultural use, as he stiffs Sarpy County taxpayers for the exemption.

Well, yesterday the Objective Conservative was tipped off that Pro-Life supporters had visited the 'estate' and sure enough we found evidence at the entry to Nelson's gated compound, located at 21251 S 204th St , Gretna, 68028.

No doubt Ben will feel violated by the fact that his betrayal of pro-life Nebraskans and Nebraskans in general has now reached the confines of his exclusive gated Platte River estate. So be it. He can run, he can lie, but he can't hide.

Arrogant Responses Will Only Exacerbate Obama's Problems

Politico has an interesting column by Mike Allen, 'Obama Plans Combative Turn,' which we find kind of interesting in view of what is going on in Massachusetts. In it he suggests some of the responses that the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies in the White House and Congress will likely take. Among his comments:

“Now everything that gets done in the Senate will have the imprimatur of bipartisanship,” another administration official said. “The benefits of that will accrue to the president and the Democratic Senate. It adds to the pressure on Republicans to participate in the process in a meaningful way, which so far they have refused to do.

” More defensively, Obama advisers plan to argue that Coakley’s lackluster campaign contributed at least as much to the loss as the national environment.

“You can say it’s a rejection of the agenda,” a top Democrat said. “But it’s just as valid to say it’s frustration with the way things are going in the country and that people still want change.”

We'd suggest that many of the likely responses discussed in Allen's column only reveal the on-going, unabated arrogance of the president and his gang and will only exacerbate the problems of the commissar and his comrades.

Check out the column at:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Year One of the Nightmare, Continued

We provided an appraisal of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's first year in a posting earlier today but we somehow missed a good column by one of the sharpest minds around, Charles Krauthammer, 'One Year Out: President Obama's Fall. You can check it out at:

Nebraska's Poor Democrats - One Shining Moment

The prospects for any Democrat to be elected to much more than local garbage collector is becoming increasingly apparent.

Whether you believe Rasmussen or the Douglas Street Rag, Judas Ben Nelson is toast come 2012. He was the last best hope for Nebraska Democrats to prove that they weren't liberal leftists, but his sellout for those 30 pieces of silver will be his suicide.

The Democrats still haven't found a sacrificial lamb to run against Governor Heineman. Former recalled Mayor of Omaha Mike Boyle gave them some encouragement when he said he was thinking about a run, but after recovering from what must have been some alcoholic induced delusion he apparently had a moment of objective consciousness and decided against another humiliation.

Rather than try to find one candidate to challenge Secretary of State John Gale, they have two also-runs neither of whom could possibly do more than fill a ballot slot.

With an open seat for the Treasurer's office the Democrats have yet to recruit anyone while three prominent Republicans are running.

No Democrat in their right mind seems to want to try to dislodge Mike Foley.

But today, in one of the Nebraska Democratic Party's shining moments it has a candidate to run against Republican Attorney General Jon Bruning. Yep, after what must have been an exhaustive search (we say tongue in cheek) they've got Omaha attorney and former Republican E.A. (Van) Argyrakis to serve as their slot-filler against Bruning. Argyrakis is a nutcase who wanted to be Mayor of Omaha this last time around. He actually walked into Daub's campaign office and offered to sign Daub's petition to get on the Mayoral ballot if Daub would sign his.

Apparently, Argyrakis must have talked to someone in 'his' party as he is making an issue of whether Bruing will complete his term if re-elected and not run for the U.S. Senate in 2012. Obviously, the Democrats plan to ask both Bruning and Heineman to sign pledges to complete their terms if re-elected. It seems to be their only issue although neither Republican will make the mistake that Judas Nelson did in 1994 when he ran for governor.

It's evident that any rational Nebraska Democrat (Is that an oxymoron?) wouldn't consider running for office given the popularity of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Judas Ben Nelson. Even their two candidates for the U.S. Congress must be ruing their filings against Congressmen Smith and Terry.

Year One of the Nightmare

It's been only one year since Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama took office although it seems like four. The only one that could possibly be proud of such a year of 'accomplishments' would perhaps be Jimmy Carter.

We're not particularly unbiased here so we'll save our comments about the first year for at least a while but we did see a good column by Bruce Bialosky, 'The First Year: A Near Total Disaster' which you can read at:

The only thing that can make his first year less of a disaster would be a victory by Scott Brown tomorrow.

Massachusetts, Lemmings and Health Care.

A week ago we opined a little on what is happening in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Ground Zero? The situation there has to be unbelievable from a media standpoint. We're told there is nearly $10 million being spend on media, mostly electronic in the last week or so, more than $5 million by independent and party groups, some 13 of them. Apparently, there is no more time that can be bought prior to the conclusion of tomorrow's election.

Just think, in only about two weeks, more money spent on the Massachusetts senate campaign then in two normal Nebraska U.S. Senate campaigns (excluding the Judas Nelson/Ricketts race of 2006 AND his race to retain his seat in 2012).

One would think the fact that the polls are as close as they are would be sending a message to the lemming-like Democrats that they ought to look beyond their Massachusetts wake-up call and think about what they are doing in their attempt to seize 17% of the American economy while also seizing the average American's control over his health care decisions, but NO. It's looking more and more like 'lock-step-lemmings' like our own Judas Ben Nelson, Harry Reid and even Barbara Boxer are facing suicidal extinction as they rush chaotically to the cliff, a cliff that will be there at their next election regardless of whether they succeed in passing the Judas Nelson/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Obama Health Care Plan.

We still can't imagine Coakley won't win this race although the polls seem to continue to show a shift to Brown. We hope that if Brown does win he wins by two or three percent since otherwise the liberal left's lawyers will be more visible than the current barrage of campaign commercials as they attempt to steal another election while delaying Brown's swearing in to allow the lemmings to accomplish their mission.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Thinks He's President of the World - Doug Patton

January 18, 2010

Care to know why a community organizer posing as a president is so dangerous to the future of the Republic? Simply contrast the demeanor of Barack Obama when the subject is national security with his behavior when he speaks of tinkering with our domestic life or of coming to the aid of the victims of the recent catastrophe in Haiti.

When the topic is using our military to keep the American people safe, this president seems downright bored, but the prospect of using troops to ride to the rescue of a foreign neighbor makes him animated beyond all reasonable proportion. When he speaks of our intelligence services, one would think he was speaking about the enemy; but when the issue is redistributing our wealth and dictating every aspect of our daily lives, he is positively giddy.

Army psychiatrist/Muslim terrorist Nidal Hassan shot up Fort Hood, Texas, and Obama told us not to “jump to conclusions.” His first formal statement on the subject was preceded by a “shout-out” to someone in the audience before he could get around to talking about the worst domestic act of terrorism on American soil since 9/11.

Obama’s hand-picked commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, told him last August that deploying forty thousand additional troops was essential to avoiding failure in Afghanistan. After ignoring those recommendations for three months — while he tried in vain to administer life support to an unconstitutional health care bill the American people never wanted — our ditherer-in-chief decided to follow the course leading to failure by sending thirty thousand troops instead.

Once he had finally made his decision, Obama went to West Point for a presidential dog-and-pony show, using academy cadets as his props. He was trying to look tough and cool in the face of adversity. Instead, he just looked indifferent. In fact, his speech was so dispassionate it put some of the cadets to sleep.

When the al Qaida-trained underwear bomber tried to kill three hundred Americans on Christmas Day, Obama dithered some more, letting his hapless Homeland Security Secretary tell us that “the system worked.” By the time he actually got around to saying something about the incident, the terrorist had lawyered up and the decision had already been made to try him in civilian court. He mouthed the words, “the buck stops with me” as he spoke of “systemic failures,” but the meaning was clear: “it’s the CIA’s fault.”

Now, the Anointed One has latched onto the plight of the people of Haiti, millions of whom have been victimized by a corrupt government, a virtually nonexistent infrastructure and a severe lack of capitalism — all of which contributed to making the recent earthquake a catastrophe. Like the ill-prepared victims of Hurricane Katrina, who had been trained to look to government for their salvation, the poor Haitians — especially the children — have been devastated beyond their ability to even comprehend what is happening to them.

President Obama has pledged $100 million in U.S. Government aid for the relief effort, but we all know it will be much more. Of course, because of Washington ineptitude, we don’t currently have that money; so in order to make good on the billions we are promising to pour into that destitute nation, we must go, as usual, hat in hand to China to borrow it.

The office of President of the United States is an executive position described in some detail in the U.S. Constitution. It states that the president’s first duty is that of commander-in-chief of the armed forces. In other words, the use of our military and our intelligence services to protect this nation from our sworn enemies is the primary duty of each and every man who has ever held the office of president. And benevolent as it might sound dripping from Barack Obama’s lips, the use of our military as cops and nursemaids and nation builders is not in their job description.

No authority is given to the president — or Congress — to create a national health care program. Nothing gives him the right to interfere in our lives and our commerce. He has no legal power except that which is granted him by the people and their Constitution. Yet Barack Obama seems to believe that he has the right to meddle in the lives of his own citizens and to save the world from every tragedy that befalls it. This is a man who has little interest in his actual constitutional duties, but who is gleeful at the prospect of interfering in the lives of Americans or acting as superhero to the globe. Someone needs to break the news to him that he is neither the savior of humanity nor the president of the world.
© 2010 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a former speechwriter and public policy advisor who now works as a freelance writer. His weekly columns appear in newspapers across the country and on various Internet websites, including Human Events Online and, where is a senior writer and state editor. Readers can e-mail him at

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sign Up For Your County Convention

It's not too early to think about attending your 2010 Republican or Democrat County Convention which will be held in the first week of June. This is a chance for you to get involved with your party at the grass roots level. In order to attend as an elected delegate you must file your notarized affidavit by March 1 with your election commissioner.

If you'd like to print the form out, you can find it at:

Time to get involved!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Global Warming Religion

We've pretty much stayed away from our diatribes about Al Gore's Church of Global Warming given the need to discuss the actions of Judas Ben Nelson and the 'chaos' with the Omaha Fire Department, but today we noticed a good column by Walter Williams on the topic. Williams closes his column thusly:

"Political commentator Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) warned that "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and hence clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." That's the political goal of the global warmers."