Saturday, November 6, 2010

There He Goes Again

Yes, the incompetent, tax-and-spend mayor of Omaha, Jim Suttle tells the local daily that he wants to have the legislature give him the opportunity to raise the city's sales tax. Suttle failed to convince the legislature last year primarily because:
  1. It was an election year

  2. Given the current economic reality of the state facing huge deficits it's not about to allow cities to raise sales taxes

  3. AND, Mayor Suttle never convinced anyone in the legislature that he had done enough to cut and implement efficiencies.

WHAT HAS CHANGED? This is a mayor who recommended $11 million in new spending this year, a mayor that recommend a total increase in spending of $44 million in his budget for 2011. Where are the efficiencies? Where are the cuts? WHAT HAS CHANGED?


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