Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RINO Republicans Known By the Company They Keep

It's one thing to be a RINO (Republican in Name Only) when it comes to issues, but we find it interesting when these same RINOS actively support and contribute to Democrats.

A case in point is the invitation below which we received from our friends at the Nebraska Democratic Party:

"Come celebrate a hard-won victory and retire a campaign debt. A large number of people and organizations, including:

Brad Ashford, Steve Brock, Construction and Laborer's Local 1140, Design Wear, Inc., John Ewing, Pete Festersen, Garry Gernandt, Goldenrod Print & Mail, Karen Gooding, John Hoich, IBEW Local #22, Ironworkers Local #21, Chris Jerram, Ron Kaminski,Gary Kelly, Ray Kohl, C.J. King, Steve Lathrop, Mike Leahy, Tim Lonergan, Cindy MaKinster, Scott MaKinster, Ken Mass, Linda McDermitt, Metro Screen Printing, Roger Morrissey, NE Trucking Association, Jim Nekuda, Dave Newell, Painters Local, Rick Poore, Tim Potter, Vince Powers, Crystal Rhoades,, Steamfitters Local #464, Pat Stoysich and others are hosting a party in honor of Metro CC Board member Ron Hug.

The event is on Thursday, Nov. 18th from 4PM to 7PM at Firewater Grille, 7007 Grover St. (inside the Comfort Inn at 72nd and Grover.) "

Note the names in red. Enough said.

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