Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Judas Ben Nelson Continues Reinventing History

If you heard Judas Ben Nelson yesterday on KFAB's Good Morning Show, you wouldn't be surprised that he continues to reinvent history by trying to defend his vote on the Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Health Care Bill. Yes, he once again said he saved us (Nebraskans and the nation) from 51 senators voting for a public option health care bill by his vote to pass Obama Care. We're not quite sure how that makes sense since if that was the case those 51 senators could probably still done exactly that.....

When asked why the health care exchange options weren't meeting expectations (only 8,000 or so folks have signed up nationally vs an expectation of nearly 400,000) Judas Ben went into campaign mode blame governors and attorneys general for suing the federal government about the legality of the bill. He might just as well have said Governor Heineman and Attorney General Bruning--that's what he implied.
Judas Ben continues in campaign mode, saying he is raising money and doing what's necessary to prepare for 2012 but that his focus is on 2011.

Lastly, Judas Ben said that he had no intention of switching parties should he be asked. He said that the Democrats hadn't left him behind and he had no intention of leaving them behind.

Thank goodness. Even a late in life conversion to the Republican Party wouldn't save this 'sell-out' of Nebraska values soon-to be-former-U.S. Senator. As far as the Nebraska Republican Party goes Nelson is persona non grata. We're sure his pal Harry Reid is happy to know he can continue to count on Ben.

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