Friday, November 12, 2010

Excuses and Accusations From Nebraska Democrat Party Mouthpiece

The folks at the New Nebraska Network, the blog mouthpiece of the Nebraska Democratic Party are in the blame and accusation game rather than admitting that they had a bunch of creepy candidates that didn't deserve re-election or election. Their latest daily iteration, 'Nebraska Republican Party Stoops to New Lows with 2010 Attacks' tells us how ugly the season got while mentioning FAILED TOM WHITE'S 'hard-hitting TV ad' against Lee Terry.

The folks at the New Nebraska Network suggest that Senator Johanns should have been criticizing his own party for their low tactics, "the much more direct and more vicious attacks by" it "and its right-wing allies in nonpartisan races across the state", rather than White for his lowly accusations.

The network seems to be obsessed with soon-to-be-former State Senator Kent Rogert, "after this well-funded and coordinated assault ended in his defeat." It goes on to warn potential (Democrat) candidates to, "PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - be careful about what pictures of you are being posted on Facebook and other social networking websites. The Republican Party is watching, and Pete Ricketts' media team is probably already digging through your trash. This realization is certain to have a chilling effect on candidates running for elected office, but it's better that they know the stakes than be surprised by our democracy's degrading into such a masochistic enterprise."

Somehow the New Nebraska Network failed to note Rogert's questionable if not illegal ethics in not registering his $30,000 boat and not paying sales taxes on it for seven years while he hid under the cover of a boat dealer. Oh, and it was alright to talk about Lee Terry's comely lobbyist, but no mention of Rogerts 'special relationship' with one young married Lincoln lobbyist with whom he spent much time with in lunching and golf occasions.

And not surprisingly, the network claims the evilness of the Republican Party and its Chairman Mark Fahleson's involvement on 'attacks' on poor Jane Kleeb in the Hastings School Board race.

It claims that Fahleson and the Republican Party announced their intention to file charges against Kleeb with Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission as retaliation, "for

pointing out the connections between Heineman, Bruning, and the deeply unpopular pipeline project." Does anyone in Republican leadership want the twice-failed Scott Kleeb's wife to advance in Nebraska politics? Absolutely not. She's a east-coast liberal mouthpiece for her party and one can only imagine the liberal approaches she would have brought to the Hastings School Board.

The Network continues its diatribe by saying, "But, as demonstrated by the sort of attacks they unleashed on several incumbent State Senators, this is mostly about their pursuit of complete and total power - from Nebraska's school boards straight on up to the highest levels of our state government."

Given the quality and orientation of the candidates presented by Nebraska Democrats, we say bravo to Fahleson and his party in their evil pursuit of complete and total power.

Oh, and we find the Network's closing remarks interesting if not laughable for feeling it needs to say it, "Let's just keep those embarrassing photos off of Facebook, okay?"

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