Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recall Group Isn't Going to Tolerate Havoc from Richard Holland and Brad Ashford's Forward Omaha Group

In our 'We get e-mail' category, we got this from the Suttle Recall Group:

"We have been notified by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office that they have received information that anti-recall efforts on Election Day will include attempts to create havoc and intimidate voters who plan on signing recall petitions.

This apparently is to be done by paying people $150 to go to polling places and cause problems. These hired hands are being called a “Persuasion Force.”

We are formulating a very aggressive response to this to ensure that every voter’s right to sign the petition will be preserved and that citizens will not be subjected to harassment or intimidation. We will be making an announcement on this within the next day or two.

In the meantime, we respectfully recommend that you contact Chief Deputy Douglas County Sheriff Marty Bilek at 444-6636 for further information."

We expect that when the recall group says they are going to get more aggressive, they mean it and we believe you can look forward to a major announcement from them.

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