Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paying Their "Volunteers"

While the Forward Omaha anti-recall group is recruiting thugs to work for $150 per day, we wonder what their plans are for dealing with the I.R.S. and the Nebraska Department of Revenue? Why is that? Well, their hires aren't exactly what you would call casual workers. In fact, they are working at specific times, specific places, with specific work instructions and will apparently be carrying equipment provided by Forward Omaha while uttering specific messages.

Doesn't sound like independent contractors to us. These folks are W-2 workers who should file W-9s and receive W-2s as well while their employer should be withholding for taxes and FICA.

It is our understanding that appropriate notifications of this have been sent to the I.R.S., the Nebraska Department of Revenue and the news media.

Once again under the sham of their anti-recall effort it appears that Forward Omaha and its supporters Richard Holland, Brad Ashford and others are violating the law. Apparently hiring thugs to potentially intimidate voters isn't enough so now they are going to violate all federal pay and I.R.S. rules.

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