Friday, October 22, 2010

The Keystone Pipeline: Hillary Clinton Speaks the Truth

We think it is great that Senator Johanns and Judas Ben Nelson seem to be agreeing on the Keystone Pipeline and it's potential danger to the Ogallala Aquifer. On the other hand, and it's hard for us to say this, we can hardly blame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for leaning toward its construction.

Hillary said, "We're either going to be independent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada, and until we get our act together as a country and figure out that clean, renewable energy is in both our economic interests and the interests of our planet," we will remain independent on oil." How can you fight that?

Truth of the matter is this country has done very little over nearly 40 years to make itself less dependent on foreign oil coming from the likes of the Middle East and Venezuela. We buy our oil from these terrorist and folks we don't agree with giving them more money to oppose our way of life while we are just as reliant on them as ever.

We're not global warming advocates by any means, but until we get our act together as Hillary says, we'd rather be dependent on 'dirty oil' coming from Canada than from terrorists. Hopefully, Johanns, Judas Nelson, Hillary and Keystone can work out a compromise to get the fuel to our country.

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