Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friendly Persuasion? We Doubt It

The Richard Holland Forward Omaha Anti-Recall Committee is flush with Richard's dollars and apparently will use them to save the mayor at all costs. It's not bad enough that they feel so threatened that they need to spend more than $95,000 of Holland's money on television, but apparently they are continuing their effort to hire election day thugs and voter intimidators for $150 a day.

We find it interesting that the Forward Omaha spokesperson says they want to be at the polling places to observe and make sure that the recall folks are following the rules, but one can't help but wonder what their ad, "Persuasion Poll Workers Needed" really means. Seems to us there is a lot of difference between persuasion and observation.
The recall folks tell us they plan some efforts of their own and that any violations of Federal Voting Laws as to voter intimidation will have drastic consequences for the mayor, Holland and their hired thugs.

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