Monday, October 11, 2010

Despirited Democrats Will Hold 2012 Presidential Caucus

So, the Nebraska Democratic Party is going to have their second presidential caucus in 2012. Their chairman Vic Covalt said that the 2008 caucus united and energized Democrats across the state and that the caucus gave them a say in the national political process.

Our guess is that they will need every bit of energy they can find to not be left on the sidelines in 2012 for the following reasons:
  • The legislature will enact a 'Winner Takes All' change to reward all of Nebraska's electoral votes to the overall winner of the state's presidential general election in 2012, meaning that the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama will have no reason to come to Nebraska.

  • With Jim Suttle recalled from office as Omaha's Mayor, the top two remaining Democrats will be Lincoln's mayor and Judas Ben Nelson. Ben Nelson will be on a political death spiral as Governor/then Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Heineman begins his campaign to return Judas Ben to his Platte River turkey farm/retirement villa.

  • The disastrous results of the 2010 election attempt by the Nelson picked team of Meister/Boyle will still be resonating with the remnants of the Nebraska Democratic Party as will the handy defeat of Tom White by Congressman Lee Terry.

  • Lastly, two more years of the president's administration with the failure of his economic policies will leave most remaining Democrats any enthusiasm for their 2012 nominee.

Yep, those caucuses will be really inspirational for the Democrats in 2012. Hang in their guys.

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