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Carl Lorenzen: Blinded by Seething Rage -- Nebraska Newt

"I am a conservative first before I am a Republican. My goal is to swing the Republican Party back to our conservative values from within. If a third party is formed, we will split our efforts and the liberal democrats will win. In the 1992 election with Ross Perot, he received 20% of the vote and we ended up with Bill Clinton for eight years. Also note recently that no matter how hard McCain tried, he was not going to get 100% of the conservative voters to turn out for him, so we are stuck with B. Hussein Obama. McCain for years stuck his thumb in the eye of us conservatives and he paid the price.

Do we have problems with moderate to liberal Republicans within our party? Yes. The Tea Party movement however is weeding them out, one at a time. Murkowski, Bennett, Christ and Cassel, to name a few. But that is not to say that ALL Republican incumbents are our problem.

Nationally the Tea Party movement supports conservative incumbents like Mike Pence, Eric Cantor, Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman, Marsha Blackburn, et. al. These incumbents are fighting the good fight and need to be retained.

Can we in Nebraska help in those races? No, because all politics is local. Though I was no fan of him because of what he did to Ronald Reagan, your readers should read Tip O'Neil's book, "All Politics is Local." It is a quick read and he speaks directly to local politics.

Local politics here in Nebraska are much different than local politics in the Northeastern States. Nebraska is one of the most conservative states left in the country. We too have conservatives that should be retained. In the local politics up in District 18, Senator Scott Lautenbaugh should most definitely be retained. He is a lifelong conservative. We here in Douglas County have watched him for 20 years so we know this first-hand. He has a very conservative voting record; i.e. does not vote to raise taxes and seeks spending cuts Vs budget increases. He is also right on the social issues.

With regard to endorsements by the GOP of the Senator, I realize it causes concern from some but the real story here is that we are trying to retain the conservative while turning back someone who is running for all the wrong reasons.

Here is the history of Carl Lorenzen's effort to be our state Senator. In 2007, when then state Senator Mick Mines resigned to seek a lobbying career, a group of connected individuals up in Blair picked their guy to apply for the job. It was Mr. Lorenzen. There were nearly 20 people who applied for the job. Lorenzen supporters made phone calls and wrote letters to the Governor on his behalf. Many of his supporters knew the Governor personally. They were confident that Lorenzen would get the job, no problem. They relayed this to Mr. Lorenzen so he was confident he would get the job.

When the Governor selected Scott Lautenbaugh to fill the Mine's term, Lorenzen went ballistic! He immediately made public threats that the Governor was wrong and that he would seek election to the seat in 2008. His problem, because he was a former general in the Air National Guard, is his arrogance and ego. He expected to get the job as he felt he could not possibly be rejected because of who he was. Generals do not take rejection lightly.

Though Lorenzen won the 2008 primary, based solely on the Washington county vote, he did lose the general election. Rejected again! During the 2008 campaign, every conservative group in the state endorsed Senator Lautenbaugh. In 2008 Lorenzen received $2,000.00 from Democratic Senator Ben Nelson along with his endorsement. The very liberal state Senator Tom White's independent expenditure group spent $14,500.00 trying to get Lorenzen elected. The plaintiff's attorneys spent $4,000.00. The teachers union spent $6,000.00. The teachers union, the road workers union, and the plaintiff's attorneys formed an independent expenditure group, which spent another $8,000.00 attacking Senator Lautenbaugh and supporting Mr. Lorenzen. Lorenzen's list of support includes those who support liberal causes. These causes have gotten this country in the mess it is in today.

Fast forward to the primary of 2010. Lorenzen has been rejected again! Not only by the Republican Party, because of his actions and that Senator Lautenbaugh has earned retention by his record, but he was rejected by the primary voters 56-44%. That is insurmountable! Further, Lorenzen is not running because he wants to serve the people but because he was rejected and his arrogance and ego will not allow him to go away quietly and graciously. He is running for the wrong reason!

Lorenzen is still getting the union money but has basically spent it all. He now is resorting to lies and half-truths, i.e. the recent Highway 133 controversy in which some folks up in Washington county had to write letters to the editor to set the record straight after Lorenzen had so blatantly misstated the truth. Also, he promised in 2008 to support "Fair Share" legislation. This would end right to work in Nebraska. It would compel non-union members to pay union dues.

It has been reported that Lorenzen is now trying to "infuse" credibility into his candidacy by claiming he is the only "conservative" in the race and infiltrating the Tea Party movement. Lorenzen is not credible here either. Our fear is that our friends in the Tea Party movement will be "hoodwinked" by Lorenzen and that, with the mentality of "throw the bums out," they will support him because he is the outsider.

Based upon his statements of supporting higher taxes and his statements to "compromise" with the democrats in the legislature and with the financial supporters he has, Lorenzen would be an absolute disaster!

Mr. Lorenzen, blinded by seething rage, will lose this election and by a sizable margin. The final question is, "Will Lorenzen realize he is not a fit for the political arena and quietly fade away or will he continue to make a fool of himself as he has done during the past two election cycles?"

For his sake and for the sake of his family, we hope so. Only time will tell."

(Nebraska Newt is one of our many daily contributors-Objective Conservative)

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