Thursday, October 14, 2010

Candidate Lorenzen Exposed by Ad in Blair Paper

We're strong supporters of Senator Scott Lautenbaugh who deserves to be re-elected to his District 20 Legislative seat. Not only has his past performance merited re-election, but his ability to work on redistricting in the upcoming post-census legislative term will be invaluable (and helpful to Republicans).

On the other hand, we have the other candidate, Carl Lorenzen, who claims to be a Republican conservative but somehow gets better than 2/3rds of his money from Warren Buffett and a bunch of labor unions. Doesn't sound very conservative.

With that said, Carl got his due from active Blair Republican Tim O'dell who ran a great ad in the Blair newspaper further exposing Lorenzen's not-necessarily-Republican tendencies. O'dell takes note of Lorenzen' funding and then further notes that:
  • Lorenzen supports increased taxes on tobacco

  • Lorenzen supports Laws to prevent children under 18 from using tanning beds

  • Lorenzen supported LB 846, a so-called gas tax, to raise funds for widening Highway 133

The ad notes that Lorenzen lost the 2008 race for that seat by a margin of 56%(Lautenbaugh) to 44%, a landslide in a district that includes his own home of Washington County.

Lorenzen is just another tool of big labor and liberals. We congratulate O'dell for 'outing' him. Maybe after this election Lorenzen will run for the weed or garbage boards....

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