Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anti-Recall Group Paying For Election Day Volunteers

Forward Omaha, the anti-recall group apparently has lots of money to throw around thanks to their wealthy liberal donors, i.e., Richard Holland. Yes, they are actually advertising for election day workers who will 'work with Forward Omaha in their anti-recall' efforts. And for doing so, they are willing to pay $150!!!!!

Now we wonder what that $150 will buy? Perhaps a bunch of off-duty firemen whose other job (not at the fire department) doesn't require their attention that day? Will it buy 'blockers' who will stand in the way of recall supporters? Will it just provide poll watchers to make sure the recall folks are reading the petition language and meeting the other circulation requirements?

We don't know how many folks the $150 will buy but it is sure interesting that Forward Omaha would feel the need to engage in this sort of effort........

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