Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Organization Going After Omaha Mayor's Police and Fire Unions?

In our 'we get e-mail' category today we received a new one, a press release from what appears to be a new organization (apparently it went on line in late April unbeknown to us), Plains States Legal Foundation, partially encouraged/financed(?) by Omaha political activist Pete Ricketts. Looks to us like Mayor Suttle and his crony thugs in the Omaha police and fire unions may have some 'splanin' to do. Not that they don't now........

Here's the e-mail from

July 12, 2010

Contact: Heyward Smith, 402-238-1710; hsmith@plainsstateslegal.org

Plains States Legal Foundation Files Freedom of Information Requests with Omaha’s Police and

Fire DepartmentsFOIA’s Designed to Increase Awareness, Transparency Over Bloated Union Contracts

(OMAHA, NE) – Plains States Legal Foundation (PSLF – www.plainsstateslegal.org) has filed Freedom of Information Act requests under Nebraska’s Open Records Law with the Omaha Police and Fire Departments. The requests are part of an effort to increase public awareness and transparency over the union contracts negotiated with the city and paid with tax dollars.

Foundation attorneys requested copies of the current union employee contracts, current and former employee salary information, and a full listing of pension payouts to all retirees.

“The City of Omaha is under constant financial hardship due primarily to the burden of these outsized contracts,” said Heyward Smith, Executive Director for Plains States Legal Foundation. “We have the right to know exactly where taxpayers’ money is going and under what auspices.”

PSLF has applied for 501(c) 3 non-profit legal status and is a public policy organization dedicated to the causes of individual and economic liberty. The Foundation was created to serve as legal advocate and activist on issues that go unresolved due to political pressure or bureaucracy.

“These union contracts have wreaked financial havoc in Omaha and in municipalities around the country,” said Smith. “As appropriate, PSLF is prepared to aggressively pursue legal action against these entities that are bankrupting our cities and sticking taxpayers with the bill.”

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