Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Promoting HIS Status Quo Through Civility and Collegiality

Seems Sentate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, while promoting Republican senate want-t0-bes across the nation has taken a hands off approach to Dirty Harry Reid. It has said he won't campaign against Reid in Nevada because he believes the work of the senate must go on. He doesn't want things to deteriorate as they did in 2004 when Republican Majority Leader Frist went to South Dakota to campaign against Tom Daschle. Seems that worked pretty well for Republicans but Mitchell would prefer to maintain 'decorum'.

McConnell, like Reid, is used to the special treatment that he gets. He has perpetual U.S. Secret Service protection and is chauffeured around in limousines with their sirens blaring and their lights ablaze so he doesn't have to wait for anything or be exposed to the masses. He would rather protect his position, keep Dirty Harry or his successor, from any challenge by the Democrat Leader of the Senate in his next election(2014).

Yes, McConnell is out actively campaigning for other Republicans but his hands-off approach to Harry Reid is instructive. It's instructive about what's wrong with these beltway-mentality Republicans and Democrats whose first interest in their re-election rather than that of their country and party.....

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