Monday, June 21, 2010

The Fence - Installment 2

Several of our contributors were at the College World Series this weekend and we had a chance to further consider the "benefits" of the 'fence'. Apparently, Homeland Security had enough money to finance its erection and hopefully its tear down unless Royals games (July 3 - 25,000 folks there for game and fireworks) constitute an equal opportunity for terrorists in which case one would think the 'fence' should stay up for the balance of the last season. Actually, the 'fence' made a great place for many many beer posters so we suppose Miller and Bud probably liked it.

As some of our contributors were being ushered out of Rosenblatt for lighting and storm delays one thought did occur and that was that the constricted exits could have caused a real problem themselves in the event of a real severe storm or a terrorist attack. In fact, the constricted exits constitute a real danger in themselves since in such a situation there was a real possibility that folks would have been trampled getting out. We suppose Homeland Security and our incompetent Mayor, who no doubt was happy to get a government grant for anything regardless of need, never thought of that.

Our contributors were told that the nightly evacuation of the parking lot allowed the police to use a bomb sniffing job to walk around vehicles as they entered the lot. That was nice although there was nothing to prevent anyone from walking in with explosive materials and then taking them to a vehicle.
This whole 'fence' issue leads us to wonder what the 'security issue' presents for next year's CWS at a new location. Given the proximity of the stadium to several streets, will the city and Homeland Security not have to close all those streets to prevent a terrorist attack? That will be popular as folks are detoured off of Cumings and other streets.

Oh well, in a time of national and local financial crisis it should make all of us feel more secure that our incompetent mayor and Homeland Security have the bucks to spend on such efforts.

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