Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Eat Humble Pie: City Council Chooses Mulligan

Well, we were wrong. There was no way in the world that we could see the city council members agreeing on a Republican, and yet they chose Thomas Mulligan on a unanimous first round, casting six votes for him. While we were wrong, we did give him our second highest vote in our recent evaluation.

Assuming no deals were made and we have no reason to believe any were, this appointment sets up some interesting dynamics for the future. With union contracts to be approved and the city's dismal financial situation, the appointment of a Republican (who incidentally has not been involved in the local Republican community) should not please Mayor Suttle who needs council votes for upcoming tax increases and contracts. Further, this will put more pressure on the four Democrats, particularly Councilman Festersen who has been trying to avoid exposing himself to charges of voting for tax increases and the terrible union contracts negotiated by Suttle, etal.

We were impressed with Mulligan and wish him well, and we'll get back to eating our humble pie.


Anonymous said...

Must have been a conspiracy. What deals were made and who knew it. Oh my god! And he is not one of the annointed party brokers! Must have been a done deal if it was a first round vote and unanymous, too. I mean, how is this possible, otherwise?

Is it possible that the best candidate was selected? Kind of like the M.U.D. vote, huh?

Heard it from McCollister's mouth said...

Don't know who the defender of M.U.D. is, but I overheard a conversation where former M.U.D. board member John S. McCollister publicly stated that he was offerec the job when the vacancy came up. He declined because his employer, the Platte Institute wouldn't allow him to take the job and continue with it. So, it's not at all surprizing that some form of ex-parte, illegeal agreement was in place to appoint McGowan after McCollister declined.