Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Objective Hero of the Month Award Goes Local to City Councilwoman Jean Stothert

As we continue eating our humble pie over the city council appointment of Tom Mulligan to fill the District 7 seat of Chuck Sigerson, we want to give credit to one who fought hard to make sure that a Republican was appointed to fill Chuck's seat. That person was Councilwoman Jean Stothert.

Frankly, we thought the dynamics of the appointment were such that no Republican would get appointed. And we weren't the only ones who made that assessment. However, throughout the process Stothert worked tirelessly to see that a competent Republican got the appointment. Certainly, Mulligan is a competent individual and we hope a principled conservative. Time will tell.

Jean Stothert kept a positive, can-do approach throughout the process. She did things that we won't elaborate on here to realize this result. For that she deserves our Objective Hero of the Month Award.

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Anonymous said...

You guys continue to show how silly you really are. I cannot believe that you can call a narciscistic, lying, backstabbing, puppet a hero.