Thursday, April 15, 2010

The MECCA Board; The Reason For Suttle's Appointment

With the controversy, assuming there is one, over the appointment of John Lund to the MECCA Board and the mayor's failure to reappoint Gail Werner Robinson, we thought we'd check out one of the potential reasons. What would that be? The mother's milk of politics--MONEY!

So here's what we found

Lund Contributions to Suttle:

  • Lund Company: Jim Suttle for Mayor, 4/27/2009 $2,500

  • Lund Company: Friends for Suttle, 12/18/2007, $1,000

  • Lund Company: Friends for Suttle, 8/19/2005, $250

  • Lund Company: Friends for Suttle, 3/22/2005, $500

Gail Werner Robertson Contributions to Suttle:

  • $.00

Enough said.

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NE Voter said...

Contributions to Daub in last year's election:

David Sokol - $20,000

Gail Werner Robertson - $10,000