Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mayor Suttle's Confusing Messages and Ineptness

After negotiating a contract that gave away generous raises to the city's civilian workers, after trying to make 'the deal of the century' with the police union and who knows what he'll give the fire union should he ever negotiate a contract with them, Mayor Suttle decides unilaterally to cut back on healthcare retirement contributions by the city and increase the retiree contribution toward their healthcare.

Well, we agree that retirement healthcare benefits have been way too generous for way too long. Giving a 45 year-old retired police or fireman virtually free insurance is just stupid but negotiations have failed to acknowledge that for years. Sadly, dealing with this the way the inept Suttle has will probably fail a court test leaving the city holding the bag until the next contract negotiations which probably won't come about until this sad excuse for a mayor is out of office.

These healthcare costs should have been negotiated with contracts being considered now as well as those approved in the past.

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