Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rogert Signs On to Request to Investigate Issue Brought to Light by His Own Lack of Ethics

A bit of irony from the Nebraska Watchdog blog regarding Nebraska State Senator and Pseudo-Boat-Dealer Kent Rogert. Seems the guy that is the crook and the problem now wants to get on board fixing his own lack of ethics.......

"Those issues and other boat licensing questions exposed by Nebraska Watchdog find State Senator Dave Pankonin looking for answers. An aide to the Plattsmouth lawmaker tells Nebraska Watchdog that after hearing concerns from one of his constituents, Pankonin has asked the Legislature’s Transportation Committee to examine the licensing process for boat dealers. The committee would then report its findings to the full legislature later this year.

According to the legislature’s Website, Rogert has added his name to Pankonin’s request. Nebraska Watchdog has tried to reach Rogert for a comment on the study but Rogert has not responded."

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One Out In The Third said...

It's good to see they are finally getting around to fixing the leak in the tax loophole. I harangued Rogert to fix his mess months ago.

This is too much...my word verification is "boatos"...funny.