Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Question For Mayor Suttle

We have a question for Mayor Suttle. Will you present the contract for the lawyers you are hiring to negotiate with the police union in lieu of the city council to the City Council for approval? Or will you simply consider them paid by each hour worked, thereby nullifying any need for a city council approval of a contract that will no doubt exceed $20,000 in total costs?

After all, Mr. Mayor, you have virtually violated the terms of city statute by paying Walt Radcliff to represent you at the legislature at $5,000 a week. You are now into week five without council approval of your expenditure even though you originally said that the cost might rise to $50,000 and that if it exceeded $20,000 you would bring to the council. Oh, we forgot about the contract on your SUV.

One can't help but believe that your violation of city statute could, in fact, become a cause for RECALL.

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Anonymous said...

What contracts / mayoral spending can NOT be whittled down to weekly portions that may fly under the approval requirements by the council?

Government by executive fiat????