Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is the Fix in for Sigerson's Council Seat?

Yesterday, the Omaha City Council approved the names of five individuals to go forward as candidates for Chuck Sigerson's District 7 seat. They are Stephen Kraft, Gary Kudym, Jeri Regan, Thomas Mulligan and Scott Yahnke

From our sources and knowledge of the City Council and the city's incompetent mayor, we believe that the fix is indeed in. The individual selected to fill the District 7 City Council seat vacated by Chuck Sigerson will be a Democrat. We believe it will be Gary Kudym, unless Councilman Gray's unrealistic 'requirement for his vote' becomes a reason for his no vote.

What's Gray's unrealistic requirement? That whomever he votes for promises not to run for re-election in three years! Why would anyone want to require such an appointee not to run for re-election? Wouldn't that simply say that whomever is appointed is simply not accountable to his constituents for his votes?

On the other hand, perhaps Gray's requirement reveals what this council ultimately will require of their appointee, a kamikazi mission. Yes, whomever gets the appointment will have to promise secretly, not publicly, that they will support the union contracts that will come before the council as well as the tax increases and new taxes that Suttle and associates (Gray, Jerram and Gernandt) want. There will be an entertainment tax. Bet on it. And the new appointee will have to agree to support it!

Council members Stothert and Thompson will hold out in support of Republicans Mulligan or Yahnke, neither of whom will stand a chance.

Councilman Festersen needs another Democrat on the council so he can continue to be the 'fiscal conservative', non-tax raising Democrat and not damage his future run for mayor by voting for new taxes, i.e. an entertainment tax. So his vote will go to a Democrat.

Councilmen Jerram, Gernandt and even Gray in the end are nothing more than lackeys for Mayor Suttle and his agenda so in the end they will support a Democrat kamikazi candidate who will vote for the union contracts, new taxes and tax increases despite the will of those in District 7. Gray need not be worried about the appointee running for re-election simply because his votes will be so contrary to the will of those of District 7.

When the dust settles, Gary Kudym will be the appointee despite his lackluster resume. His only community involvement would appear to be his involvement in Millard North High School post-prom night activities. But who cares, he is after all a Democrat.

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Anonymous said...

Gary has a lot more community service than post-prom night.