Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Immediate Changes Because of Judas Nelson's Vote

The first impact of the Judas Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Healthcare bill was displayed to us in a message received today from an insurance provider to a small group of non-profits who were told this:

"Today we know that employers will begin to see results from the bill as soon as six months from now. Once the Senate votes to ratify the reconciliation bill (H.R. 4872) and the president signs it into law, the following changes will take effect 10-01-2010:
  • Elimination of lifetime maximums and restrictions on annual maximums

  • First-dollar coverage for preventive care

  • Extension of coverage for dependent children until age 26."

Maybe these sound nice, but they don't come without cost. AND THESE CHANGES WILL RESULT IN INCREASED PREMIUMS, NOT LOWER ONES! Even for this small group!

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Anonymous said...

It is being reported that Ms. Pelosi has threatened the insurance companies NOT to raise costs to cover the indicated expansions of coverage, OR ELSE!

It is obvious that the Dem leadership will do ANYTHING to shut the doors on the preponderance of private insurance companies!!!!