Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will Liz Sigerson Apply For Husband's Council Seat?

Could Liz Sigerson be considering applying for her husband Chuck's Omaha City Council seat? Sources close to us have suggested that some have talked to Liz about doing just that. There is still adequate time to take out a petition and get signatures before the deadline.

We frankly think that Mrs. Sigerson would be an extremely capable successor to her husband and could more than competently fulfill the duties and represent those who voted for her husband.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea and a great photo of Liz!

Anonymous said...

ditto to both points, but I don't know why Liz would want to put up with all those buffoons at City Hall! I am not sure that the handful of useful folks down there are with the headache. I would retire and enjoy life if I were her.