Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Wrong with the Police Contract?

Later today or tomorrow Maggie O'brien (Miss Inappropriate Professionally Dressed Woman of Omaha) will be reporting some of the following information in the Douglas Street Rag in regard to the police union contract:

Spiking was never a shown as a benefit in the 2004 police contract.

Spiking was never accounted for cost wise, thus no contribution for the new benefit by employees (a benefit that resulted in an overall increase in payroll costs of 7.4%).

In fact, spiking was never even mentioned in the contract.

  • Failure to include any reference to spiking or the cost of this Fahey giveaway quid pro quo for election has cost the taxpayers of Omaha millions of dollars.

  • Under the current contract there will be another rush of policemen to retire under the spiking terms of the old contract.

  • Others will still take advantage of the spiking provisions in the new contract furthering the cost to the citizens of Omaha.

  • Citizens will be paying for these mistakes/cover ups/sellouts for years to come, 35 to 45 years in many cases

  • The Millman study said that 7.4% of police payroll costs is the result of spiking. But the city and union are equally sharing the cost of getting rid of it. Why?

  • The 7.4% of payroll is 55% of the so-called union give back, but the City of Omaha is paying half of that, a cost that will essentially continue for 35 to 45 years!

  • Accepting this provision of the contract will cost Omaha taxpayers an additional $18.5 million just over the next fire years

The City of Omaha should not pick up half of the union give back (3.7% of payroll costs). The union should give back the full 7.4%.

Mayor Suttle tells you that this is the deal of the century. Yeah, it's drops in the bucket on a contract that should be totally renegotiated from bottom up.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously you guys have no grasp on history. "Spiking" has been around for a lot longer than the contracts that were approved in 2004. The police union never supported Fahey. Overtime is also contributed at the same rate as regular hours, so therefore it needs to be fairly included in the pension, the career overtime average does this. The city has had to pay more into the the plan for several years because they were caught under contributing for may years that is why they currently pay 5% more in than the officers. If the new contract is passed it will reduce pension payouts for every officer, even those close to retiring now. The truth that if the council does not approve this contract it will force both side back to the CIR and the officers will receive rasies for 2009 which will destroy this years budget, because they get around 3% raises for 2009. It is a fair compromise and needs to be ratified.