Monday, February 15, 2010

Suttle Vs. White

The latest volley in the Mayor Suttle verses Senator White argument over the senator's effort to eliminated sales taxes on Omaha's sewer tax mandate was fired this morning by Senator White on KFAB radio and the Scott Voohries Show. Among other things that White said this a.m. was that:
  • His last conversation with Mayor Suttle about three weeks ago was 'icy but polite.' Yeah, knowing Suttle we bet.
  • Taxing the sewer fees was a 'stealth' property tax increase
  • It would be easier for a mayor who was a 'good Sheppard' of the citizen's tax dollars to justify to them the need for a property tax increase
  • It would be easier to be a 'good Sheppard' and one (Mayor Suttle) would have more creditability if he wasn't increasing salaries and paying high salaries at a time like this.

With that said, White was also trying to reinvent himself by suggesting that the country needed folks that weren't concerned about party (he should talk) and who could take the power back. In the interview White tried to steel back the 9-12ers and tea party members his party has lost by saying that he was basically a libertarian, suggesting that he opposed requirements for motorcyclists to wear helmets and increased property taxes. It will be interesting to see how that platform plays out.

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Anonymous said...

of course he is against a helmet law. He can sue for more money than if there is just a broken leg and then his 33 1/3% is bigger.

As for being a Libertarian? Then freaking run on the ballot as one and quit trying to be a wolf in sheep's clothing to BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

What a disingenuous liar.