Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nelson Begins Sham of Political Turn-a-round

Yep, Nebraska's Judas sellout, Ben Nelson, has begun his political turn-a-round so he can come back home and once again try to convince cornhuskers that he is a conservative. Yesterday he was the only Democrat to vote against the $15 billion jobs bill promoted by the Democrats. In fact, he was the only Democrat to vote against it. Of course, it was a 'safe' vote for Judas Ben since five Republicans voted against it, Scott Brown, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and Chris Bond, Voinovich.

The two stories here:
  1. Ben Nelson will vote with Republicans on every inconsequential vote where his isn't required to further the Reid/Pelosi/Obama takeover of control of your life. He is still a Judas who will sell out for the highest price or be the 59th vote when required.
  2. Scott Brown is not a down the line conservative. The G.O.P. should be happy to have him but you can bet that he would like to be for Massachusetts and the Republicans (and Democrats there) what Ben Nelson has been for Nebraska and the Democrats. That worked for Nelson up until December 20, 2009 when he made the wrong calculation and had to sell out to his party rather than represent his constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is a creep!