Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Nelson Double Speak

We find it interesting that while our other U.S. Congress members were out do town hall meetings, our Judas Senator Ben Nelson was cutting ribbons and trying to reinvent his history in Kearney, NE.

Here's what the Douglas Street Rag reports on what Nelson had to say when the topic of passing health care with a reconciliation bill came up:

"My preference is not to do reconciliation because it gets you down to 51 votes,” Nelson said. “My preference on this kind of legislation has always been to seek to get bipartisan support and get as many supporters behind it as you possibly can.”

Nelson has voted for reconciliation in the past, but said it's not his preference.

“You have to look at the underlying legislation to see whether or not it's something you can support and that's more important than the actual process when it comes down to it.”"

Gosh, has Nelson forgot that one of the reasons he gave for breaking the filibuster was to avoid reconciliation? Seems Judas Ben continues to reinvent the process behind his sell out with each passing day......

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One Out In The Third said...


From the video clips of the ribbon cutting Benito was sitting by himself in the new planetarium with only one other person sitting anywhere near him...obviously a staffer or friend.