Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mayor Suttle and His Political Double Speak

Those who took time to attend Mayor Suttle's State of the City Speech this morning got to hear some of his normal double speak. He said he would keep Omaha pools and libraries open and not let folks be turned away from these important services. Apparently, he has learned from last summer's closing of pools and decimation of library hours and staff that those actions weren't exactly what the tax payers wanted.

We wouldn't hold our breath on his promise as Suttle will no doubt have to resort to more of the same since he isn't going to get either a half-cent addition to the city sales tax and since we can't imagine the citizens opting to give themselves a garbage fee. His only alternative to fund essential services, barring spending cuts, is an entertainment tax or more likely huge property tax increases.

With his plea for the council to pass his outrageous police contract and the advent of an even greater give-away to 'his' fire union, increased taxes are his only alternative. Is this the same candidate who promised to cut taxes during last spring's campaign?

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Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoy how he wants the city to pay for streetcars