Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Incestuous Fire Department of Mike McDonnell

We've said it in the past and will reiterate that Fire Chief Mike McDonnell is nothing more than a fox in the hen house. He is an incompetent manager and an apologist for the union which he represented for nearly a decade before being appointed chief by former Mayor Mike Fahey in a quid pro quo for the support McDonnell's union provided him in his re-election.

With that said we come to the fact that McDonnell has a fire department staffed with kin whom he looks out for and who look out for him. In that regard here are a few interesting facts.
  • Mike McDonnell was union president for about 10 years and followed the family tradition, his father having been the fire union president years before.
  • While he was the union president, he negotiated budgets that virtually tied the hands of the city and any TRUE fire department chief.
  • McDonnell has controlled hiring for virtually the last decade, hiring friends and cronies from Gross High School, McFly's tavern, a fire union hangout.
  • McDonnell's brother-in-law is the Internal Investigator(Doug Krysl).
  • McDonnell's cousin, Bob McDonnell is a Battalion Chief, Union E-board member, and the head of our PAC committee.
  • McDonnell's younger brother is a Fire Apparatus Engineer. He recently backed into a Battalion Chiefs car and received no discipline. He threatened the life of a fellow firefighter and has not been banned from any city buildings.
  • McDonnell's other brother-in-law, Tim Qunlan, is a battalion chief at one of the busiest stations and in one of the largest battalions in Omaha.
  • Another of McDonnell's brother-in-laws, Mark Driscoll, is a captain at the same station.(Mark Driscoll).
  • McDonnell has an entrenched network of untouchable family members that have a strangle hold on the fire department.
  • There have been 48 internal investigations in 2009. If any fire chief started 48 investigations when Mike was the Union President he would have called it harassment.
  • There is pure unadulterated FEAR of Mike McDonnell. He rules with an iron fist. He is a thug.

Yep, this is what you get when you hire a union thug to be your fire chief. This is what you get when you allow a union thug to control a mayor by virtue of buying his election.


Anonymous said...

"Our PAC"? Darren Bates is that you? Angry much?

NE Voter said...

This blog is obviously being fed by Bates or other foes of McDonnell within the FD.

Nabity and Bonn, too.

Bob Smith said...

The true thug hides in the shadows and does not show his face when he attacks for no other reason than to sling mud. There are many people that are hired each class that have not gone to certain schools, or have hung out at certain bars, and that have no connection with anyone on the fire dept. Since you refer to Local 385's PAC committe as "ours" you are obviously a fire fighter. Why not take your concerns to your union reps. You must be one of the cancerous worms that is ruining the solidairty of Local 385. If the younger brother threatened another firefighter you can be sure that the other ff deserved it. If someone calls your family names do not you have the right to uphold your familys honor. The true crime is that the other ff cried like a little girl and went out side of the union. FF's are men and it is time that they all remembered that, and men are honorable and take responsibility for thier actions. If the large number of investigations frieghten you then maybe you should do your job and do what is right, then you do not have to worry. It looks that he is holding people responsible for their actions. I for one do not fear Mike McDonnell, no should should be afraid of Omaha's Fire Chief. If they are afraid then maybe they did something wrong. If you truly care for Local 385, you have already given clues you are a member or have been a member, youn stop what you are doing. you are only hurting the other members. If this is that bates guy, he should rememeber the thing s he does affects those who he knows on the job still. Just remember THUG stand for Those Helpful Union Guys.

Bob Smith No. 2 said...

Once again, we have a message from Bob Smith, a union thug and abettor who doesn't even exist. Talk about hiding in the shadows. Bob Smith, what is your real name? Mike McDonnell? One of his incestuous fire department family members? How are things at the fire station out there on Dodge Street?

Anonymous said...

Wow...Bob Smith basically said it. Det in line or shut up! Or you'll be threatened...but it is OK if it is in line with the McDonnell administration.

"You must be one of the cancerous worms that is ruining the solidairty of Local 385." Sounds a lot like something you'd hear at a Communist Party meeting hald by Stalin. Or maybe a party meeting by Saddam.

Basically you have given credibity to everything in the original post.

Bob Smith said...

Only the name has been changed to protect the innocent. Bob Smith has never worked at W. Dodge, so guess again. Bob Smith is not related to anyone on the job. Unions are a democratic collective where the body has to abide by the wishes of the majority. If there are individuals who do not like the direction of the majority speak your mind at meetings, present facts to to enlighten others to your point of view. To express the truth about others crying foul to outsdie sources is not the same thing as given validty to spewed idiocy. bates had his chance to direct the union and directed it straight into the ground and threw many of his so-called friends under the bus at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, with statements like these, I can understand why a FF would be more than happy to voice an opinion at a Union meeting.

Jackass, FF are men?! Really?

I don't know any of those relatives very well, but I do know the work ethic of one of them and it is strong. He probably deserved his promos.

Sounds like Bates' wife just got threatened on this here Blog.