Monday, February 22, 2010

Health Care Plan Will Provide Even More Government Control

Well, Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama is about to release his health care plan which will be carefully crafted so that comrades Pelosi and Reid can slam it down the throats of Americans through reconciliation when the the fixed results of his health care summit fail due to the intransigence of those mean Republicans to go along.

On top of that we now see that a new government agency is likely to be included in the 'proposed' bill, one that will oversee premium increases by insurance companies across the nation. Because of the inept timing of premium increases by Anthem Blue Cross of California, your president and his comrades want to take over another formerly state responsibility, regulating authority of premium increases. No doubt this will become yet another massive bureaucracy. Of course, no one has suggested that allowing folks to purchase polices across state lines might temper such rate increases, although conservatives have been promoting this idea for two decades.

The health care summit will be nothing but a well orchestrated effort to try to embarrass Republicans while foisting the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Obama health care plan prescription down America's throat. We hope a serious reverse peristalsis response greets them.


Anonymous said...

Nice graphic, ObCon. Have one of Obama as a minstrel performer while you're at it?

One Out In The Third said...

Mr./Ms. Anon...

What's wrong with Obama being dressed as a witch doctor? That's the road he is taking us down...backwards medicine. That's the thought that comes to my mind when I think of a witch doctor.

It's funny or should I say racist that you bring up the minstrel reference. Of course it is probably racist of me to interpret your racist remark when I know that minstrels come in all shapes...sizes and colors. What's wrong with minstrels?

Move to a deserted island if you can't handle it (oops...I hope you didn't interpret "deserted island" as racist...pygmies and cannibals you know.) If your PC world is so fragile I also suggest you stay off the internet or put on your big boy/girl pants before turning on your computer. Seems to me you have a sense of irony or humor. That has to make for a pathetic life.