Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Stimulus

We're a couple of days early but we'd be remiss in not recognizing the first birthday of the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's 'Stimulus' plan.

Yes, just one year ago on February 17, our great leader signed into law his 'stimulus' program at a cost of ONLY $787 BILLION of your money. You may recall that unemployment was then at 7.6% and our 'savior' said that with this pittance of a few dollars unemployment wouldn't rise above 8%. Let's see, it's been hovering around 10% for months.

Our 'savior' said that passing the job would save millions of job and create millions of jobs. Now he brags that we only LOST 85,000 jobs last month, after losing millions in the months since his 'stimulus' was passed.

Many of the jobs our 'savior' was going to create were to come from 'shovel ready' jobs, but he didn't tell us many of those 'stimulus', 'shovel ready' job dollars wouldn't even be spent for years. Case in point, the State of Nebraska just recently applied for dollars to fund some of Governor Dave Heineman's educational initiatives-those funds part of the 'savior's' stimulus dollars. By the time some of these funds are distributed and used it will be years. Yes, that's real immediate spending stimulus on 'shovel ready' projects.

The 'savior's' 'stimulus plan did create some jobs and we'd be remiss not to recognize that contribution. Yes, the 'stimulus' created some 250,000 GOVERNMENT JOBS. It restored the 'era of big government' that you might recall former Adulterer-In-Chief President I Didn't Have Sex With That Woman William Jefferson Clinton claimed to have ended after the Republican 'seizure' of government in 1994. Sadly, those jobs will be funded by you and your children and grandchildren for generations to come even if there is another Republican 'seizure' of government.

Of course, our 'savior's' 'stimulus' project also contributed to the largest annual budget deficit in the history of this country. You and your children and grand children will be paying for this ineffective, misguided 'stimulus' for generations and generations to come.

The bottom line is that Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's 'stimulus' didn't work. It was an outrageous and ineffective expenditure of your taxes and those of your children and grand children for generations to come which was nothing more than a 'photo-op' for the president and his equally misguided comrades Pelosi and Reid to show how government can solve all problems. The one unintended consequence of this is the arousal of the 'plebe-like masses' (according to the intellectuals in the beltway) who took part in 9-12 and tea party events in reaction to government over-reach in our lives. Fortunately, this reaction will be felt by Comrades Obama, Reid, Pelosi and associates this coming November.


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And Tom White is proud of all this!