Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audit The Fire Department Don't Spend Money Developing a Finance Plan

With the announcement today that State Auditor Mike Foley will look into the Omaha Fire Department and consider a full audit, we say GREAT!. This is exactly what needs to happen in order to find out just how the current incompetent Fire Chief Mike McDonnell has mismanaged and very possibly misappropriated funds since the beginning of his reign under his buddy Mike Fahey.

With that said, why in the world would the city want to pay $38,000 to have someone develop a finance plan for the fire department. That's the reason mayors hire COMPETENT managers for police, fire and all their departments, to manage budgets and personnel. Incidentally, Mike McDonnell is apparently incapable of doing any of the latter. So the solution is to fire this thug for cause, for incompetence, not to hire someone else to do his job.

Also, you may recall that Mayor Suttle hired a finance director , Pam Spaccarotella for $180,000 a year. Yes, she altruistically gave up $40,000 of that but she still gets $40,000 more than her predecessor. Now, with such high powered support why would the city council outsource a finance plan?

Two council members, Jean Stothert and Franklin Thompson, had the good sense to vote against hiring outside help.

Once again because of the fiscal and management incompetence of Mayor Suttle and his lackeys (Gernandt, Jerram, Gray) which now appears to include Pete Festersen, the tax payers are getting screwed. If this $38,000 study is so important perhaps Spaccarotell will donate those funds from her salary since apparently she isn't able to develop a plan--even after saying she and her folks would meet weekly with the fire department management on their budget.

We hope that State Auditor Mike Foley conducts a full blown audit of the Fire Department. The city may have to pay for it, but it will be a lot more valuable than some study that competent management should be able and required to do.


Anonymous said...

I'd bet there is a five alarm call to the OFD central HQ right now. All hands on deck to shred as many documents as they can before the auditor gets there.

Anonymous said...

So, our city Finance Director (Pam whatever her last name is) needs a consultant to do what she should be doing to hold the fire department accountable for their ignorance???

She is as incompetent and stupid as her boss. This city council with the exception of Thompson and Stothert is giving cover to the stupidity and ignorance that runs city hall.

Thank God for Mike Foley. Lets go after this whole corrupt bunch and bring down this whole deck of cards.