Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Judas Ben Can't Plese Anyone

The folks at the New Nebraska Network, a Democrat mouthpiece had an interesting opinion piece on Saturday condemning Senator Judas, excuse us Senator Nelson. Among other things they said:
  • "After the hottest decade on record, Ben Nelson gave his support to an effort to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) finding that "greenhouse gases . . . endanger both the public health and the public welfare of current and future generations."
  • Nelson's attempt to legislatively derail a scientific finding based on decades of climate research is misguided and harmful to Nebraska, the nation, and the planet.
  • Ben Nelson is not for EPA regulation of major stationary sources emitting more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide in a year.
  • Ben Nelson is not for a carbon tax.
  • Ben Nelson is not for a cap and trade program.
  • Ben Nelson wants to use efficiency and renewable energy. Well, that's nice, but it just won't get the job done. If we rely solely on efficiency and expanding renewables we will face decades of continued increases in our carbon dioxide emissions. By the time those strategies begin to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions it may be too late to reverse the ill effects of climate change. That's why Nelson's plan is bad for the planet.
  • Ben Nelson's plan is also bad for Nebraska. As a state with great renewable energy potential the best thing to drive investment in our wind resources is some sort of limit on greenhouse gas emissions. Building a transmission line from a windmill in Western Nebraska to Chicago will always be more expensive than burning a fossil fuel in Chicago unless we put a price on the environmental damage done by fossil fuels.
  • Ben Nelson's plan is also bad for the nation. Climate change is disturbing global weather patterns and creating conflicts across the globe. Destabilizing conflicts provide fertile ground for terrorist groups to recruit, train and plan attacks on America.
  • Nebraska deserves more from its senior Senator. "

Wow, Ben can't get respect from anyone!

With that said, this is exactly the Ben Nelson game plan. You know, an independent for Nebraska. He may have to spend several BILLION dollars to convince Nebraskans, particularly those 67% who opposed his health care sell-out that he really listens or cares about more than the 30 pieces of silver, but he'll keep on trying with his lies and misleading commercials.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is a creep.