Monday, January 18, 2010

Nebraska's Poor Democrats - One Shining Moment

The prospects for any Democrat to be elected to much more than local garbage collector is becoming increasingly apparent.

Whether you believe Rasmussen or the Douglas Street Rag, Judas Ben Nelson is toast come 2012. He was the last best hope for Nebraska Democrats to prove that they weren't liberal leftists, but his sellout for those 30 pieces of silver will be his suicide.

The Democrats still haven't found a sacrificial lamb to run against Governor Heineman. Former recalled Mayor of Omaha Mike Boyle gave them some encouragement when he said he was thinking about a run, but after recovering from what must have been some alcoholic induced delusion he apparently had a moment of objective consciousness and decided against another humiliation.

Rather than try to find one candidate to challenge Secretary of State John Gale, they have two also-runs neither of whom could possibly do more than fill a ballot slot.

With an open seat for the Treasurer's office the Democrats have yet to recruit anyone while three prominent Republicans are running.

No Democrat in their right mind seems to want to try to dislodge Mike Foley.

But today, in one of the Nebraska Democratic Party's shining moments it has a candidate to run against Republican Attorney General Jon Bruning. Yep, after what must have been an exhaustive search (we say tongue in cheek) they've got Omaha attorney and former Republican E.A. (Van) Argyrakis to serve as their slot-filler against Bruning. Argyrakis is a nutcase who wanted to be Mayor of Omaha this last time around. He actually walked into Daub's campaign office and offered to sign Daub's petition to get on the Mayoral ballot if Daub would sign his.

Apparently, Argyrakis must have talked to someone in 'his' party as he is making an issue of whether Bruing will complete his term if re-elected and not run for the U.S. Senate in 2012. Obviously, the Democrats plan to ask both Bruning and Heineman to sign pledges to complete their terms if re-elected. It seems to be their only issue although neither Republican will make the mistake that Judas Nelson did in 1994 when he ran for governor.

It's evident that any rational Nebraska Democrat (Is that an oxymoron?) wouldn't consider running for office given the popularity of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Judas Ben Nelson. Even their two candidates for the U.S. Congress must be ruing their filings against Congressmen Smith and Terry.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are cerifiably insane. And one the most nasty partisan ideologues I've had the displeasure of reading.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to some of his calls he has made to KFAB when he was running for mayor. Yeah, he has issues.

clay barham said...

As a nation, we have allowed ourselves to drift too far from our roots, those established when the Pilgrims arrived and when our system was codified by the 19th century Democrats from Jefferson, Madison on to Cleveland, as cited in The Changing Face of Democrats on and We’ve allowed the Old World ideas of Rousseau and Marx to infect our politics through the 20th century Democrats, and now we are paying the price for it. Whether we will regain our proven way again remains to be seen. Whether enough of the electorate will choose the New World way or stay the course being laid down by Obama and become just another nation ruled by the few elite over the wishes of the many with individual freedom a thing of the past is yet to be decided. America proved prosperity comes from freedom, not dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Just google the words Hal Daub rapist - enough said.