Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McCain's Ingenuous E-mails

In our 'We Get Mail' category, we got one of our almost weekly diatribes from Senator McCain today asking us to sign a petition asking that Scott Brown be seated immediately. We'd like to see that happen but we're not sure John's petition will accomplish it. With that said, the real reason for John's e-mail was to ask for money for his PAC, as it is for virtually every e-mail John sends us.

McCain is a failed political opportunist and will simply use any opportunity to raise money for himself and his causes. SAD.


One Out In The Third said...


The RNC does the same thing on a frequent their case it usually involves a "poll" followed by a request for your donation.

This is almost as bad as a telephone solicitation. Just ask for the money up front and save us some time.

I wouldn't give McCain a nickel.

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