Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerram Speaks

We see that Councilman Jerram has a Midland's Voices piece in today's Douglas Street Rag. Like most of Jerram's lengthy, boring, ex cathedra diatribes from his chamber seat it is relatively inane, but presumptuous as he purports to speak for all of the Omaha City Council.

We're not sure who he is referring to when he opines that:
"While civil debate over the terms of their contracts is fair game, let us not resort to name-calling, profanity and other derogatory, misleading and insulting commentary that only demeans their service, harms the collective bargaining process and erodes the tone of public debate."

We're not sure that any of his fellow council members are indulging in such, but perhaps he aims his remarks at poor blogs such as ours that objectively assess Fire Union Leader Mike McDonald, excuse us, Fire Chief McDonald, and his successor fire union president Steve LeClair as the heavy handed thugs that they are.

In any event, Jerram doesn't speak for the council. They already have an incompetent City Council President, Garry Gernandt, that is supposed to do that. Further, as Jerram opines about the process one thing is evident and that is that he along with Gernandt are nothing other than stooges that will vote for anything the mayor tells them to....

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Bob Smith said...

Again you fail tobe objective, you are very subjective in nature. Again you hide behind a faceless and nameless blog and call people names. If your arguments were valid you would not have to resort name calling. In fact you should do a objective study of yoursleves and find that you are cowards, petty hiding in the shadows cowards.