Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is the G.O.P. Smart Enough To Listen?

We know that the Democrats led by their Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Ben (Judas) Nelson aren't listening to the American public. This was displayed last Tuesday in Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts.

The question is, are the Republicans listening. Scott Brown may not be a true conservative but he certain expresses many ideals which motivate Republicans. He was the only game in town and disaffected liberals, Democrats, Republicans and independents voted for him. But Republicans will have to listen to their constituents across the country and this will require accepting folks that may not be perfect Republicans in their view to defeat the liberal leftist agenda.

Winning may also require in some cases not accepting Republican 'lite' where the districts don't want that. That's the reason that Republicans failed in New York 23. Another case in point, as discussed in the Washington Post today, is Virginia 5 where a battle is going on which will hopefully result in the defeat of a clear Obama liberal leftist Democrat if Republicans can get their act together. In this case again it looks like the favored Republican is not a conservative in the eyes of many Republicans or conservative 'tea party' folks. If the Republicans nominate their 'lite' candidate the 'tea party' folks will probably tender a third party candidate which could very well result in the Obama liberal leftist freshman congressman retaking his seat in a very conservative district next fall.

Republicans need to listen and do what's best to beat the liberal Obama leftists. In some cases that means taking imperfect conservatives as in Massachusetts, in some cases it means tossing aside imperfect conservatives for true conservatives. They need to listen and analyze and then do what it takes to send Obama's liberals home.

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Maybe we need to find a way to hack his teleprompter.