Friday, January 29, 2010

Fire Union Thugs Have Panties in A Bunch, But Where is Mike McDonnell?

Well, once again the the thugs in the fire union have got their panties in a bunch. Seems they didn't like Councilwoman Stothert asking about whether some of their folks might have a 'training' session scheduled for Belize. There are some things that are really amazing about this group that that doesn't seem to be capable of doing anything to improve their public image. Here are some interesting points:
  • Stothert's remarks were directed toward a member of fire management, Captain Jim Gentile, at Tuesday's council meeting. He acted non-plused to the question and said no one from the fire department was there at city expense.
  • Union President Thug, Steve LeClair who basically represents everyone in the fire department including its clueless management calls a press conference to demand Councilwoman Stothert's apology for her accusation (not her question, which it was) because their feeling are hurt. It certainly couldn't be their credibility since they have virtually none with the public.
  • The Fire Chief, the Thug-in-Chief Mike McDonnell continues his absence from any form of public appearance. No doubt, he is in hiding out, trying not to offend his union (of which he is still the de facto leader) while letting Gentile speak for him since he, McDonnell, doesn't want to be perceived as management. Of course, he is the guy who is supposed to lead the fire department but his vision of that appears to be only to do exactly what the union contract calls for rather than to accept the responsibility for management which apparently the Suttle administration (owned by McDonnell, LeClair and their union) has no intention of expecting him to do.

Stothert owes these thugs and cry babies nothing. She seems to be the one City Council member who is not owned by them. This started because the A.W.O.L. Fire Chief, his union-owned thugs in management and 'his' union wanted to burden the citizens of Omaha with a river boat that wasn't necessary given the fact that there are several other entities including the sheriff's department that already have boats and provide the same service. No doubt once they got it they would have impose more costs on the City of Omaha with training, specialty pays, etc. And who knows, they probably would have found some reason to train at taxpayers' expense in Belize or somewhere else.

Councilwoman Stothert is the one breath of fresh air on the city council. She is the one who is looking out for the taxpayers of Omaha. She owes no one an apology regardless of the cry baby thugs asking for it.

P.S. We can't wait to hear from non-existent fire fighter Bob Smith. How are things at the West Dodge station?


A policeman who would know said...

Maybe Chief McDonnell is keeping a low profile in hopes of someone not talking about his sexual liasons with a woman other than his wife in Elmwood Park?

Anonymous said...

These recent controversies with the city unions indicate that the system here in Omaha needs to change. These unions represent, in terms of actual numbers, a very small percentage of the city population....yet their influence is becoming exceedingly expensive, obtrusive and increasingly disruptive.

As noted in the blog, budget issues are between the elected officials and the OFD administration (such that it is). Furthermore, in this particular case, Stothert's question (not innuendo) was directed toward a OFD administrator. It was none of the union's business to intercede with its typical boorish behavior, which has become such a habit with LeClair. Personally, it's reassuring for a city council member to demonstrate that city is "minding the store". It was a simple question, asked and answered. The subsequent hyperbolic tantrum by LeClair was highly inappropriate.

Neither our police nor fire unions have any business getting involved in public "dust-ups" with our elected officials. The fact that this behavior by the unions is getting more problematic is evidence that the union influence is out of control. The union's business is to serve its members relative to employment issues and leave governing to our elected officials.

A good start to remedy this continuing disruption by these unions is to outlaw union endorsements and support for political campaigns. There's nothing preventing individual members from participating in the political process, but the bastardization of our Omaha's political process by the unions' heavy-handedness should no longer be tolerated by the citizens of Omaha.

I also support efforts to wrestle the union contract negotiation process away from the usual deadwood political prostitutes and place it with a more independent group that will look out for the citizen-taxpayers like they're suppose to. The current group of negotiators are insiders that the citizens can never seem to get rid toe fungus and navel lint, we just can't seem to dispose of these leeches. They just continue to find ways to suck off the taxpayer teet.


Anonymous said...

Bravo to "Mike"! We've reached a watershed time in the city's history where responsible individuals have to make the Fire Dept. Union cognizant of the necessity of stopping the tail (OFD Union) from wagging the dog!
Their leadership has literally become leeches who think it's their "right" in the name of "public safety" to bleed the taxpayers of the city for their own personal greed (how many of us can afford trips to Belize these days??)! And this boat rescue situation is beyond parody!!!! We owe Councilwoman Stothert a debt of gratitude for repesenting her constituents rather than the Fire Union, unlike certain of her less courageous peers on the council!

Anonymous said...

McDonnell made an appearance at the press conference. On one of the TV station videos, he can be seen placing LeClair's talking points on the podium and then ducking out quickly. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Councilwoman Stothert is a hottie!

Ne Voter said...

Stothert is a liar and a drama queen. Who goes on TV and accuses firefighters of threatening her life, and requesting the police to monitor her home.

I can prove her "fear" of the "threats is B.S. with a single observation: If her life has been threatened, why has she not filed a police report?

Answer: She would have to make those accusation more or less under oath. I'm sure somebody reminded (hello Nabity) that false reporting is a crime.

Anonymous said...

This is no place for Mike McDonnell's personnal life problems. At least one City Council person has the guts to stand up for the Citizens of Omaha.

Anonymous said...

Gutless & cowardly "NE Voter" calls Ms. Stothert a liar behind the curtain of anonymity! Ms. Stothert has the courage of her convictions. "NE Voter" should have a fraction of the courage and class of Ms. Stothert!

NE Voter said...

"Class" is not a word I would associate a career politician wannabe who plays "gotcha" politics.

Jean Stothert is petty and small-minded.

She is a cancer on the City Council, and is bringing back the uncivil style of politics that prevailed when Daub was Mayor.

The city has big time problems that need solutions. Jean Stothert prefers to play out her imaginary "I am a victim" paranoid drama.


Anonymous said...

Sad to see "NE Voter" attempt to drag the discussion into the mud. It's a clear indication that the unions and their thuggery are being exposed. It's fairly easy to identify union thugs and the related ilk by their heavy-handed boorish behavior. They're so clumsy about it all.

This whole whining jag by LeClair is based on a simple question by Stothert, asked and answered, which was directed toward the OFD administration....NOT the union thugs. Stothert is behaving appropriately and doing her job, and naturally the union doesn't like it, so they attack and whine like children having a tantrum. In addition, the ENTIRE Council voted against the speedboat, not just Stothert, so while LeClair looks likes he's always about ready to start crying, maybe he should direct his over-the-top anger at other members of the Council too. Apparently the union feels the OFD should be immune from budget oversight. Obviously it's not.

It's helpful when the thugs reinforce their thuggish, boorish image as it will continue to demonstrate to the Omaha citizenry that neutering these union blowhards is essential. It's almost as if their having "roid-rage" episodes where they're unable to control their behavior and mouths. Let's hope they continue such behavior.

The union(s) represent a very, VERY, small number of the Omaha populace. They're excessive demands have caught up with them. Perhaps if there were fewer firefighters, like maybe three/truck, they wouldn't spend so much time sticking their noses in discussions that are none of their business. I guess it's true what they say, "it's the best PART-TIME, FULL-TIME job there is!" LOL!!!!!!

NE Voter said...

I've never been in a union, but I know people who are.

I repeat: Jean Stothert is unprepared and incompetent. She is imploding over this and is engaging in behavior unbecoming of an elected official.

The game is obvious: Nabity, Ricketts and their minions are simply using the current unsettled environment to smash the unions. Hell, Nabity is not even a resident of the city of Omaha.

Stothert will destroy her political career if she keeps carrying Nabity's water on this.

Don't sit there and cry because we're fighting back.


Anonymous said...


First you "claim" you've never been in a union, but in your last sentence you state "...WE'RE fighting back." HHhhhhhmmmmm.

Oh well, in any event, if you could see the big picture, rather than imploding, Stothert is the winner in this dust-up simply because she's doing her job and asking appropriate questions and providing much needed oversight. This is something the citizens of Omaha are desperate for because the citizens are going to have to PAY for all the excesses from many years of ill-negotiated union contracts by the REAL "career-politician" political prostitutes that have been bought off by union money and support.

The union rep, LeClair is a dumb-looking, half-witted sounding thug that is seen sticking his nose into discussions he was not involved in and more importantly are none of his business. He does not represent the OF union very well because he's politically clumsy and as usual, comes off as a thug. Nobody feels sorry for the union, NOBODY.

Whether you ever understand the big picture or not, it's time to get the excessive influence of these very small union groups OUT of local politics. The city and its citizens can no longer afford such silly contracts and the irresponsible process of contract negotiations by the usual political prostitutes is being expose for what it is. The citizenry is angry and LeClair and the union are fueling the anger and correct perception that the union leaders are thugs.

And thanks, rather than crying, I'm enjoying it all.

NE Voter said...

You're delusional. I'm not in a union. The WE that are fighting back is the majority of the city of Omaha/Douglas County.

Omaha is a Blue city. We're not going to let a handful of rich oligarchs like Ricketts and Nabity run our lives.

Your message is negative and destructive. That's OK, because the MAJORITY of Omaha wants solutions and favors the progressive agenda.

If Nabity wants to be Mayor, he should move to Omaha and put his name on the ballot in 2013.

Meanwhile, Stothert is still a loser, who has marginalized herself among her colleagues on the city council.

And she has man hands.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I'm not delusional, just commenting on your inconsistent statements. It doesn't matter whether you're in a union or not, you have the mentality of a union hack....that's the crux. Personally, I'm indifferent.

My messages simply lay out the serious issues facing the taxpayers of Omaha which is negative. The term "destructive" is an idiotic term since there's no physical way any of our posts could be "destructive"....destructive to what and how? LOL!!!!! Merely more baseless hyperbole on your part. More of the same.

I do somewhat agree with you that Omaha has for years stooped toward the "blue" category. That clearly explains why Omaha is in such a mess. The old democrat machine here in town has ruined the city and left it a shambles. The unions have caused financial destruction to the Omaha area and people are hopefully starting to wake up (for their own good).

You are wrong in your clumsy assertion about the Omaha rich. The "rich" include people from both political parties. IMHO, they really don't care who is actually in power, as long as their own rackets are allowed to prosper. Most dont' really live here anyway...just maintain a residence. Many have their official place of residence in other more tax friendly states. Like them, I won't retire in Omaha because it has been ruined and will continue to deteriorate. So in the end, I don't really care what happens in Omaha. It's just fun to point out has ludicrous and silly many of your assertions and statements are. can have it. BWWAHHHHhhaaaaa!!!

Good luck with all that......

Anonymous said...

The word is Steve LeClair was overheard saying he wanted to kill Stothert.

Probably not a smart thing to say regardless of the actual intent.

Bob Smith said...

Once again it is time to set right what has been spun by a bunch of biased hacks.
Your first point has the wrong name as the fire management representative, captains are not management. Wrong there.

Your second point. The Local 385 does not represent management. Wrong there. The reason for the press conference was the the little accusation ridden one channel press conference she gave with channel 6. Wrong there. If she wants us to believe her why didnt she stop at the city council meeting where the question was answered. Why have a one person one channel news conference. Beside the city council does not set department policy, the department heads along with the mayors office determine department policy. Stothert's strings are pulled by the nabity group the omaha alliance against public safety. Also the press conference was called because she made basless accusations against Local 385 President Steve LeClair ( a dedicated firefighter, a dedicated family man, a proven leader of MEN, and a decorated War Hero). There has to be a paper trail for Chief Hayes to justify a special protection detail. I wonder if there was overtime for this. I wonder how much the citizens of omaha had to pay for this. If this was true why wasn't Steve LeClair charged. Also waht right does she have to question what a city employee does on their own vacation with thier own money, when it is perfectly legal to go on vaction and spen yourown money Another reason for the press conference was that she was at the Diventures ground breaking and is seen holding the check for the donation money for the start up of the Dive and Water Rescue program. If she did not support this program why did she allow hersel fto photographed with the donation check.

THe river boat is necessary, and it was free. It is necessary for several reasons. If C.B. fire has one ff call in sick the apparatus that mans the CB boat is out of service for the day, therefore no CB boat. The DCSO boat was sitting out at 156 & Maple for the majority of last year, not even ready to go in the water. Is the Sheriff really willing to take two of his deputies off patrol for the 30 minute response time it takes if the boat was ready to go in the water. It is not realistic to depend on the DCSO boat. Why does a Fire Dpet the size of Omaha's ( at least the 42 largest in the nation) have to rely on volunteer depts to supplement what it can do with on duty staff personal. There has been no overtime associated with the training involved in this program. All ff's involved in the program have also spent their own money on the equpiment needed for this program. In the name it says Omaha Fire & Rescue this is jsut another form of Rescue for the citizens Omaha. If the program can be funded by donations and staffed with dedicated personal on duty, the city council should be grateful.

All in all you are wrong once again and argue with improper rumors and do not have the facts. You contiue to present a biased one sided view.

By the way not written at the Fire Station on West Dodge.

Bob Smith said...

Ah, Mike didnt a recent Supreme Court ruling allow for political contributions from unions and business alike. How are unions reminding everyone of the actual truth heavy handidness. If you believe the unions actions to be heavy handed then you are very dis-illusioned.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bob, you're right and wrong.

First, yes the SCOTUS did reverse that idiotic portion of McCain-Feingold and I applaud it. I do think that public employee unions represent a totally different issue and this creates a conflict of interest.

Public unions are different than most collective bargaining arrangements in that the candidates, when elected will set the salaries and benefits of the very same unions. This is a clear conflict of interest and creates a problem for taxpayers and it's exactly why the City of Omaha is well over $500 million in the red. If more realistic actuarial figures were used, the sinkhole would be close to twice that amount.

The Unicameral could (should) craft a bill to address this serious problem yet still be able to withstand a court challenge. In the future this will be critical because (due to the current recession) the public employee union members have now exceeded the private union members. This conflict of interest will be fatal eventually for sure. States and municipalities across the country are buried and continue to be buried under massive pension and compensation obligations from public employee unions who have bullied their way into politicians' pocketbooks. It's got to be brought under control and you're witnessing the start of it here locally.

News clip:
Union membership fell in line with the decline in overall employment in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual union membership report released today. The unionized share of the U.S. workforce dipped to 12.3 percent last year from 12.4 percent in 2008. For the first time ever, union members in the public sector outnumbered those in the private sector.

Secondly, your erroneous framing of what the union is doing is ludicrous. The union is certainly NOT "reminding everyone of the actual truth". In fact, they're doing just the opposite. They're obfuscating the truth to prevent the truth from getting out, and it's painfully obvious. This little dust-up was a big black-eye for the fire union and especially LeClair.

The local public unions are in the sights of responsible civic, political, and business leaders due to union unbridled greed and thuggery. It won't make any difference to me, but I'll enjoy watching it all just the same.

Buh, bye......LOL!!!!