Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More on Obama the Wimp

We don't know if you were as dumbfounded as we were when last week we heard Commissar-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama declare, "no world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed." Personally, we're proud of our country's position in the world and frankly were it not elevated above virtually all others in the world we'd probably be speaking German or Russian today, but apparently that's a history lesson Barack Hussein Obama has forgotten.

There are a basketful of editorials about Czar Obama's wimpish behavior as a leader of what we believe is (and hopefully will continue to be) is the world's premier and leading country.

One that caught our eye today was, 'The Ambivalent One' by Ruben Navarrette. You can find it at:

Another by Andrew Ferguson in The Weekly Standard, 'Passive-Aggressive at the U.N.' is also interesting. He takes notes of Commissar Obama's statement that, "Those who used to chastise America for acting alone cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world's problems alone." To this Ferguson says, "It's only a matter of time before the other guys at the bar start to think: Oh really? Who are you to say we can't?

"And what are you going to do about it?"

You can check out Ferguson's editorial at:

We Applaud Ben Nelson

We are pleased to know that Senator Ben Nelson will not vote for the reconciliation process in order to help his fellow Democrats pass the Commissar-in-Chief's takeover of 17% of the U.S.'s economy, namely health care. We hope he stands by that promise.

Bomber, Terrorist Ayers Not Welcome In Nebraska

Bomber-in-Chief, William Ayers who was uninvited to speak at UNL last year will attempt to return to Omaha courtesy of the University of Nebraska Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska. He will speak at Omaha's Holiday Inn Central on October 14th.

Dwayne Ball, a UNL marketing professor and head of the coalition is the guy behind this. And while he tells us that not a cent of taxpayer's dollars will be spent on the event we wonder. He says they will cover security, but we'd guess that the Omaha Police Department will be there and won't be getting paid by Ball's coalition to ward off threats to this terrorist bomber. We also wonder how many University of Nebraska employees will be attending this event on their paid time? We suspect they will say their attendance will be on non-class time, which given the number of classes most of these professors teach is most of the time. What will also be telling is whether Chancellor Harvey Perlman shows up for this ill-conceived event.

Hopefully, Omaha will also remember that those at the Holiday Inn Central abetted this event when they look to places to look for future events. Hopefully, they will consider the Double Tree or the New Embassy Suites in La Vista.

Gosh, since this is being done on non-academic time, maybe someone could get some of Omaha's firemen to show up and pass the boot on their non-putting-out-fires time. Oh, they would be collecting on city-time.

William Ayers is not welcome in Omaha or in Nebraska. Hopefully, many of Omaha's citizens will be their to tell him so and to demonstrate peacefully against this terrorist, as opposed to his past methods of protest.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commissar Barack Hussein Obama Gets (and Deserves) Little Respect

A number of editorials about the Commissar-in-Chief today that are less than complimentary to the fearless leader of the United States.

France's Nicolas Sarkozy basically assesses Commissar Obama as an empty suit. You can check out an editorial on this by Jack Kelly, 'Sarkosky's Contempt for Obama' at:

Another by Richard Cohen, 'The Campaign is Over', who asserts, "Sooner or later it is going to occur to Barack Obama that he is the president of the United States. As of yet, though, he does not act that way, appearing promiscuously on television and granting interviews like the presidential candidate he no longer is. The election has been held, but the campaign goes on and on. The candidate has yet to become commander in chief." You can find this at:

And, an editorial by Richard Lowry, 'The Iran Charade' wherein he asserts, "Through the haze of delusion over Iran's nuclear ambitions, that's a stark lesson in the persuasive power of fear. But why would anyone who is not an American insurance executive or a highly compensated banker be scared of Barack Obama?" You can find this one at:

That Nasty Christian Cross - Why Not A Constitutional Amendment?

Yes, there is a cross in the Mojave Desert that seems to offend the local cacti and the ACLU. Soon the U.S. Supreme Course will take up the issue of whether this monument to those who died in WW I will be allowed to stay and that will impact religious icons across the country.

"We have an idea. Why not a constitutional amendment that says: Whereas the United States of America was founded by those espousing a Judeo-Christian ethic and whereas the laws of this country are based on a Judeo-Christian ethic, the display of Judeo-Christian icons on public property shall be allowed and deemed legal when approved by local jurisdictions. While not recognizing any religion as a state religion it is acknowledged that the Judeo-Christian religions are integral to the founding of the United States and any bias against same shall be deemed illegal. "

Just a thought.

Earmarks: An Unrepented Senate and Congress and A Wimpy Promise-Breaking President

We hope our headline captures what is happening when you view the current defense appropriations bills in the House and Senate and when you remember one of Commissar Barack Obama's inane promises, that he would bring earmarks to an end. Well, the congress is doing business as usual and the Commissar-in-Chief is apparently too busy singing kumbya with his new friends in Iran, North Korea and the G-20 and nationalizing our businesses, with 17% more on his agenda with health care nationalization, to worry about little things like campaign promises.

Here are a few things we learn from the Washington Post today
  1. Sen. Thad Cochran (R) collected more than $10,000 from the University of Southern Mississippi members while adding $10.8 million in earmarks for the schools research.

  2. Senator Cochran also added earmarks of $12 million for Raytheon Corporation which contributed more than $10,000 to his campaign coffers recently.

  3. The defense appropriations bill includes more than $132 million in earmarks for Cochran's campaign donors giving him the dubious honor of being the largest sponsor of earmarks in this year's military spending bill.

  4. Cochran and his fellow senators have inserted more than $2.65 billion into the defense bill for projects the Defense Department doesn't want, projects that simply benefit many senators local contributors and businesses.

  5. Commissar Barack Obama who had promised to veto such pork filled bills has apparently forgotten that promise given his apparent acceptance of the overall bill. Those projects the military doesn't want include $2.5 billion for the C-17 cargo planes (see photo above).

  6. There are more than 800 earmarks in the military spending bill.

  7. Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) added 37 earmarks totalling $208 million, mostly for his constituents

  8. 18 of Senator Inouye's earmarks totalling $68 million were for entities from which he received more than $340,000 in campaign donations since 2007.

You can check out this article at:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Health Care Numbers

While trying to 'fix' health care for the 15% of the population that doesn't have it and while attempting to take over 17% of the American economy, Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's health care 'reform' plan is losing even more support. Some 56% of the population is now against the 'reform fix' while support is down to 41% according to Rasmussen Reports. One would think the Commissar and Dirty Harry (Reid) and Queen Nancy (Pelosi) would be hearing this, particularly after the reception so many of their associates got back home in August. Guess they are all tone deaf.....

Check out Rasmussen at:

Leadership PACs

If you didn't see the article about leadership PACs in the Sunday Washington Post, you should read it. Whether it is Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) SPENDING $495 of money raised for his pac to play a round of golf at Pebble Beach or, crook of crooks, Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) spending $64,500 from his PAC to commission a portrait of himself, these pacs are nothing much more than an opportunity to spend donors' contributions without accountability while enhancing the life style of the recipient elected official.

In times when the electorate is skeptical of those in Washington, these leadership pacs need to be reformed or eliminated.

See the story at:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney will be in Nebraska on October 9 to address the Nebraska Republican Party Founders Day Event. While he demurs on whether he will be a candidate in 2013, there is little question that he will. With that in mind, we might refer you to an article about his and his current status at:

Combatting Ignorance and Cowardice on the Potomac.

We don't envy Commissar-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama when it comes to dealing with Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan, but he took on this job. In the case of Afghanistan he has told us that the war there is one of necessity. Now with a request before him to send more troops or risk failure it appears that while reading the tea leaves (public opinion polls-why can't he read those on health care reform?) he is stuck somewhere between neutral and reverse. Al Qaeda and the Taliban aren't going to go away. Pakistan and its nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of these zealots which would be unthinkable. This is Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's Iraq. The potential consequences could be much more dire.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Something to Think About

While Commissar Barack Hussein Obama tries to tell you and the rest of the world that America is on the way back from the brink of depression and moving forward economically, you might want to think about where our country is actually at financially. With that in mind we would recommend an article, 'The Growing Debt Bomb', by Richard W. Rahn of the Cato Institute that might make you develop a serious case of indigestion. Check it out at:

Suttle - Off In Lala Land

We're glad the mayor and his $140,000 a year finance director met with the bond rating agencies this week. Despite their optimism, the chances of Omaha getting back it's AAA bond rating in the near future is about as likely snow for tomorrow's big red game.

The mayor told the rating agencies he would push for an additional 1/2 cent sales tax for Omaha and for a garbage tax fee in the legislature next year in order to meet the obligations of the pension fund abyss of about $500 million dollars. Well, his chance to get the legislature and Governor Heineman to sign on to that next year, in an election year, is about as likely as snow today. It ain't gonna happen. And even if it did, the tax payers of the City of Omaha aren't going to vote for it and it certainly wouldn't be voted on before November of 2010 which would do nothing for next years budget or the following year's.

What this means of course, is that after the mayor deals with similar crises to those of this summer next year, he will push for a huge property tax increase to take care of the pension for his buddies on the fire department.

Let's remember that this mayor sat on the city council for four years while/before running for mayor and never iterated a word about the city's financial condition. In fact if you recall, in one of his commercials he was shown pounding a sign in the ground saying he would knock down taxes.

This mayor is in lala land and the citizens of the City of Omaha will continue to pay for his incompetence and lack of real solutions as long as he holds that office.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Afghanistan: Obama's Catch 22

Afghanistan is an issue that won't go away for Commissar Barack Hussein Obama. He had declared it a 'War of Necessity' and in so doing has taken ownership. It is Obama's War. As we have opined even recently we believe this will be just as problematic to him come 2012 as Iraq was for George W. Bush in 2006 and 2010. With Commissar Junior Joe Biden urging his tactical plan and General McChrystal urging more troops we're not sure what the Czar-in-Chief will do but we suspect he will opt for a tail between his legs Biden 'out'.

In the wake of the Commissar's deliberations, we hear that things are not going so well and that Pakistan continues to be problematic to our efforts to fight this war in Afghanistan. One think is for sure, some kind of action will be required. Check out today's update at:

Shaking The Boot On Your Time - Patrick McPherson

On Tuesday the Omaha City Council did a re-look at allowing solicitors to collect for non-profit charities at your local intersection. Apparently, the chief issue was whether to require the benefiting charity to provide liability insurance to protect the city should one of its (or the solicitors) employees (volunteers) be injured while collecting. All this sounds nice but the reasons this shouldn't have been passed are the same as they were a month ago.

The council ended up passing the ordinance which required a $5 million liability insurance policy (including $500,000 in medical liability coverage), setting collection times between 9:00 a.m. and a half hour prior to sunset and requiring a $50 fee to the city. We're not sure that there was any training requirements established for volunteers which was part of the ordinance passed last month.

So what's wrong with helping organizations like Muscular Dystrophy? Several things.

First, the city continues to work with less personnel to get the job done and we're sure the law department is no different. Yet it has to establish the procedures and if there are any law suits stemming from the collection process it will still have to provide lawyers to help defend them, regardless of whether it is protected by a liability insurance policy.

Second, this bill was passed simply for the thugs, yes thugs in the Omaha Fire Department who want to collect for MDS. No other city department does this.

Third, the thugs on the Omaha Fire Department want to do this because they can do it on your tax dollars. Yes they will be doing it while on the time clock, paid by your taxes. Apparently, unlike other volunteers they are only interested in being paid to 'volunteer,' an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Fourth, the whole process puts the City of Omaha in a position of supporting one charity in this process since you obviously aren't going to see your Omaha Police Department or your Parks Department or your Planning Department collecting on your tax-dollar and time when their employment numbers are being reduced by Commissar Junior Mayor Suttle on an almost daily basis it seems. And who (department manager or tax-paying citizen) would allow these folks who are supposed to be working on your behalf to spend hours collecting on your time anyway? City employees have enough to do. Maybe the thugs at the Omaha Fire Department don't?

Fifth, any solicitor at a stop light, even a thug from the Fire Department waiving his boot at your window in intimidation, creates a danger not only to himself but to other motorists who are not only intimidated but distracted. Will the insurance cover auto accidents or occupants injured?

Sixth, the $50 permit fee will not pay for the cost of monitoring insurance and the charitable status of organizations that choose to collect your dollars at your intersections. Didn't we just hear that the permits department is shutting down two hours early every day because of personnel and financial cutbacks? We suspect the thugs from the Omaha Fire Department will quickly get their permit though. How about others?

Seventh, what happened to the training requirement for volunteers? Have they been established? By whom? If they have, who will monitor it? We thought the city had limited resources with all the cutbacks.

Eighth, since any charity from Hare Krishna on can apply for a permit, you can expect that your future trips will be plagued by street side solicitors, probably all day Saturdays and Sundays and maybe even weekdays. For those of you who have forgotten, that's exactly what happened before the city outlawed the practice nearly 8 years ago.

Ninth, this once again reflects the inept leadership of Commissar Junior Mayor Suttle who obviously isn't much of a leader when he allows the thugs from the Omaha Fire Department to testify against the wisdom of the Omaha Police Department and the Omaha Planning Department. The mayor of a city should set policy and should have taken a position on this ordinance and communicated it to the City Council with one voice not opposing ones. But, then, maybe the Mayor is owned by the Omaha Fire Department and its thugs, both its union leadership and its department head, to whom he has shown constant favoritism in return for theirs?

This is an ill-conceived ordinance that should have never been passed. It demonstrates the lack of business acumen and thought process of the members of the city council and the lack of leadership by a leaderless mayor who'd rather cave to the fire union than lead.

A Solf Wipe or a Rougher One?

We simply can't let anything that involves an important issue like toilet tissue be flushed aside. Yes the environmentalists think we Americans are addicted to 'soft' which comes from trees, sometimes old growth ones. They (we're surprised Al Gore didn't get a word in) want us to use recycled which saves trees and isn't quite as soft as Charmin. You can bet that like the incandescent bulb that 'soft' will soon be politically incorrect, if not illegal, just like that incandescent bulb... Check out the article at:

Will it Be 1994 in 2010?

We've indicated before that we like Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball Newsletter. He has some interesting thoughts today on whether Democrats are going to re-experience 1994 next year. It's worth your read at:

Obama is Naive or a Sap

Yesterday we opined in a piece, Obama's U.N. Naivety . We notice that we were not alone. You might want to check out one today by Rich Lowry, 'Prez comes across as Gullible Sap' at:

Racism and a Failed Former President

We were on our 'investigative mission' a good portion of last week and didn't get a chance to comment on Jimmy Carter's crazy racism comments and frankly they don't deserve a great deal of comment coming from that failed former presidential source. However, we did note a good editorial from those at U.S.A. Today and if you are so inclined you might wish to check it out at:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Suttle - Who Is He Trying To Fool?

So Commissar Junior Mayor Suttle met with two bond rating agencies on Wednesday and according to the Omaha World-Herald, '"Both agencies indicated that they like the direction the City is headed by being willing to ‘deal with financial difficulties immediately," they quote Suttle as saying.

We're not sure what they have to like considering he hasn't even begun to deal with the $500 million plus underfunding of the city pensions.

Running for Mayor or Running From Recall

Mayor Suttle has issued a 100 day report lauding the accomplishments of his administration. The report was mailed and/or e-mailed to his campaign supporters and paid for by the Suttle for Mayor campaign.

We've never seen a mayoral campaign issue such a report. Given the traumatic, up and down, backward and forward character of Suttle's first 100 days it occurs to us that Suttle is trying to put the best face on what is surely the most inept and controversial first hundred days of any mayoral administration in Omaha history. Should a recall effort come about come December 9 or thereafter Suttle will need a lot more than this to explain his pathetic tax raising efforts, hiring decisions, opening and closing decisions and ineptness as Omaha's mayor.

If you'd like to see his report, you can check it out at:

Angry Americans

We've commented on this fairly recently, but we have attended 9/12 meetings and have found a vast variety of political viewpoints, Democrat, Republican and Independent. Most of these people are just angry at government's intrusion into their lives. They are angry about high taxes, mandated government controlled health care, cap and trade and many other things. Most of these folks haven't voted in years or have done so only sporadically and most forgot everything (or whatever they may have been taught) about government. All they know is that they've had enough and aren't going to take it anymore.

With that said, we might call your attention to a Rasmussen Poll that indicates that 66% of Americans are angry at government. Even more interesting, some 60% say neither of the two parties has the answers.

There is a true grassroots revolution building here. Politicians beware.

Check out the poll information at:

Johanns Gets it Right - End T.A.R.P.

Senator Johanns has signed on to a letter by John Thune (presidential dark horse) suggesting that tax-cheat Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner bring the T.A.R.P (Troubled Assets Relief Program). Since T.A.R.P. has been used for many purposes other than what was intended, we think that is a great idea.

Vice Commissar and Military Genious Joseph R. Biden, Jr

How refreshing that to deal with Obama's War, the Vice Commissar Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has proposed his own plan to avoid increasing America's presence in Afghanistan. Seems he want to with draw troops and concentrate more of our efforts in the sovereign nation of Pakistan. We're sure they will like, as well the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Maybe we should change our award from the Joseph Biden Foot In Mouth award to the Joseph R. Biden, Jr., head-in-A__ award.

Obama's U.N. Naivety

So Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, in today's address to the Dysfunctional Nations, told them that America had changed course with a new ear of engagement with the United Nations. And he said we had paid our bills so their actions won't be held hostage as was done by the infamous administration of George W. Bush.

Well, we wonder just how long the naivety of the Czar-in-Chief will continue. Those folks at the United Nations are nothing, to resurrect a saying, but a debating society. They will not put themselves on the line to help in any major conflict. All they want is to enjoy the largess of the United States and the United Nations while breaking our laws and spying on us.

We did hear some things we thought were interesting. In Muammar el-Qaddafi's speech he suggested the world owed African nations some 7 or 8 TRILLION DOLLARS,, apparently in reparations for all the evil things we've done to them. Muammar el-Qaddafi

We didn't hear it but were told that one of Qaddafi's ideas was to remove the United Nations from the United States. Well, we think that's a great idea. For a long time we at the Objective Conservative have thought it was worth the cost of rebuilding the headquarters elsewhere to get these liars, cheats, spies, law breakers and ineffectual debaters off our shores to someplace more appropriate like Brussels or Paris.

We've digressed, but to summarize, we think the Commissar shows his continued naivety by thinking that the United Nations is going to be any help in securing the goals of the United States. The job of the president is to defend our country and it's interests and if he thinks this debating society is going to help him he will have a lot to learn. Hopefully, it won't be at the cost of our countrymen's lives.

P.S. For more on this you might check out an editorial from the Telegraph, U.K., "The U.N. Loves Barack Obama Because He is Weak" at:

Senator Cornyn's Remarks on Senate Health Care Proposal

We thought we would share Senator Cornyn's (R-TX) remarks on the Baccus health care plan coming out of the Senate. As you can see, there is not much here to like. What do you think?

"There is bipartisan recognition that our health care system needs reform. Health care costs have more than doubled for American families over the last decade.

Seniors are counting on Medicare – but that program is underfunded by more than three times the national debt. Medicaid imposes huge costs on state taxpayers and delivers poor outcomes to patients.

Our current government health care programs are riddled with nearly $90 billion a year in waste, fraud, and abuse.

Fear of lawsuits encourages defensive medicine – which increases America’s health care bills by up to 9 percent every year.

And millions of Americans lack health insurance.
We agree on the need to fix the system – and so we should focus on common-sense solutions that we can all support:
• Making private coverage affordable to more people;
• Realigning incentives for providers to focus on value instead of volume; • Creating incentives for patients to live healthier lives;
• And cutting waste, fraud, and abuse in our current entitlement programs.

These areas of agreement should be the foundation of a bipartisan approach. Instead, a more partisan proposal is before us today. This proposal would make many of our current problems worse.

Here are my fundamental concerns:

Continues Washington’s Spending Spree

This proposal would increase government spending by $1.6 trillion over 10 years. The $856 billion price tag is misleading. When you start the clock in 2013 – the first full year of implementation – the spending goes way up. The American people are tired of government spending – and Washington continues to ignore their voices.

Increases the Costs of Private Insurance

Several studies have shown that middle class families will see higher premiums because of the new taxes in this proposal. Premiums in the individual market would go up by 10%, according to one study. Small group insurance premiums would jump by up to 15% in Ohio – and up to 25% in California – according to another study.

Takes Money Out of Medicare

This proposal takes $409 billion out of the Medicare program – which is underfunded by $38 trillion. Any “savings” found in Medicare should be dedicated to making that program solvent.

This proposal also cuts $125 billion out of Medicare

Advantage – which would break President Obama’s promise that Americans can keep the health plans they have. Expands Medicaid Medicaid already imposes huge costs on state taxpayers – and crowds out education, law enforcement, etc.

The Texas Health and Human Service Commission estimates that this proposal would:
• Increase Texas Medicaid costs by more than $20 billion over 10 years;
• Expand the number of Texans on Medicaid by 2.5 million people. Medicaid delivers poorer health outcomes than private insurance – and costs more than $30 billion a year in waste, fraud, and abuse.

New Taxes on Families and Businesses

This proposal includes nearly $350 billion in new taxes – not including the individual and employer mandates. Raising taxes is not the way to create jobs.

For individuals and families:
• The proposal imposes a new tax on those who do not abide by the individual mandate. This new tax is as much as $950 per year for an individual – and $3,800 per family. The White House says this isn’t really a tax – but if it’s not a tax, than why is the IRS empowered to collect it?

For businesses:
• The employer “free rider” provision is a huge burden.
• One grocery chain in Texas estimates that this provision would cost them $10 million in new taxes.

Most economists agree that employer mandates have the effect of reducing wages and crippling job growth. When you put all the taxes and mandates together, the total bill over the next 20 years is more than $2 trillion – according to the Senate Budget Committee.

Defers the Tough Choices

This proposal only includes a one-year fix for physicians’ payments under the Medicare program. The cost of future fixes is not included. This proposal outsources the future of our seniors health care to an unelected government board. This board could reduce access to medical care with very limited Congressional review.

Not Serious About Tort Reform

On medical liability reform, this proposal includes only a “Sense of the Senate” resolution. And that resolution is only a suggestion to states that they consider taking action. There is no enforceable language on tort reform in the proposal.

With respect, Mr. Chairman, this proposal has major flaws. I plan to offer several amendments that will address some of those flaws. But I should be honest: this proposal taxes too much and grows government too much – and I am not optimistic that a few amendments will be able to change that."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Terry Being Squeezed From the Right?

There is an article in today's Congressional Quarterly, "Squeeze From the Right For House Republicans" which discusses some Republican congressmen that are being challenged by folks apparently ebbing from the 'tea party' movement. It casually mentions Congressman Lee Terry as one of those who may be affected by same, in this case Matt Sakolousky who is challenging Terry in the primary. While Matt may have some support from the 'tea party' folks the bottom line is that he can only be an irritant that Terry will have to deal with as he faces a State Senator Tom White next year in the general election.

While Terry may show some of the voting history with the main subject of the article, the conservative right in the Second Congressional District isn't about to abandon him.

Commissar Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma

With the release of General McChrystal's report on Afghanistan, Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has a real dilemma. We've said before that come election time in 2012 (and maybe even in 2010) the Afghanistan issue will be an albatross around the Commissar's neck just as Iraq was around George W. Bush's. The death count for the war since 2003 is now 654 with 187 of those coming this year.

There have been several informative articles in the last month or so that illustrate the conundrum. You might want to check out today's Washington Post article at:
You might also take a look at a fairly realistic assessment from Leslie Gelb in today's Wall Street Journal, 'Obama's Befuddling Afghan Policy' at:

For a broader view you might want to check out the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday September 8th, 'The Afghan Stakes' by Bret Stephens at:

You should also read the editorial by Lindsay Graham, Joseph Liberman and John McCain, 'Only Decisive Force Can Prevail in Afghanistan,' on September 14th at:

There is also an older but equally informative article, August 8, 'Going Local: The Key to Afghanistan,' at: by Seth G. Jones.
There are a couple of other editorials today that reflect the 'Democrat' view that this needs to be brought to an end and certainly these opinions will weigh on the Commissar as he tries to muddle through what will certainly be viewed as "OBAMA'S WAR'. You can check them out at:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Objective Conservative On Investigative Hiatus

The staff of the Objective Conservative will be on an investigative hiatus for the next few days-probably until Monday as it tries to dig up slime on those rascally liberals. Don't be discouraged. We'll be back.

Joe Wilson Shares September Objective Conservative Hall of Shame Award

We at the Objective Conservative have deliberated over this for a couple of days now. In order to be objective, we asked ourselves would we have given some Democrat the Hall of Shame Award had he called George Bush a liar in the same situation. Yes, in fairness, we would have. So we 'honor' Joe Wilson with our award, not because he is racist and certainly not because he was wrong in calling Commissar Barack Hussein Obama a liar (we'll call the White House and apologize later) but because of his choice of the location he did so in.

Kudos to Johanns and Terry

Kudos go to Senator Mike Johanns for introducing the amendment in the Senate that removes ACORN from doing business with H.U.D.

And from the House we hear this from Congressman Lee Terry:

"I have signed on to support the "Defund ACORN Act". This legislation would terminate all federal funding to ACORN. I am confident this bill, introduced by House Minority Leader John Boehner will receive support from both Democrats and Republicans. It is clear ACORN has taken federal dollars and used them extremely unwisely and we must stop funding to this organization immediately."

Let's hope the House will have the same fortitude.

Suttle Opposes Guns

For those of you who weren't aware, Junior Commissar Mayor Jim Suttle has signed on to "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", also known as MAIG. The group, according to N.R.A.," was founded and is funded by activist anti-gun billionaire and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg."

The N.R.A. goes on to say, "
Despite its very misleading name, this national group of anti-gun mayors has lobbied Congress against national reciprocity of state Right-to-Carry permits, against much-needed reform of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), for regulating gun shows out of existence, and for repealing the Tiahrt Amendment that protects the privacy rights of law-abiding gun owners and limits disclosure of sensitive firearm trace data to protect law enforcement personnel and protect lawful gun manufacturers from bogus lawsuits.

"Bloomberg created "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" as a front group to lobby Congress to oppose important pro-gun reforms and support new federal gun control restrictions. And some mayors have joined or been duped into joining this anti-gun Bloomberg crusade. If your mayor has joined MAIG, it is critical that he or she resign from this anti-gun group."

You might want to let the mayor know your opinion on this.

Commissar Obama's Fading Health Care Numbers

Rasmussen Reports tells us that support of the health care reform package has now fallen back to pre-Commissar-Barack-Hussein-Obama-speech levels. Rasmussen tells us today that: "Forty-five percent (45%) of all voters nationwide now favor the plan while 52% are opposed. A week ago, 44% supported the proposal and 53% were opposed. (see day-by-day numbers)."

We've not dealt with Comrade Obama's post speech health care numbers hype because this is what we expected. With that said it seems that the White House knew what was going to happen since Commissar Barack Hussein Obama plans on being totally ubiquitous on this week's upcoming Sunday talk shows. Let's hope he goes down with the wreck.

See the report at:

Academia and $787,000 Per Job

Yep, that's what the Council of Economic Advisers tells us when they they that the 'stimulus' saved 1 million jobs. Somehow they didn't do the math despite their lofty titles and entire lives spent teaching your children. If you want to know the kind of people that Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has working for him and what their backgrounds are, you might want to check out "Saving a Million Jobs at $787,000 Per Job" by Bill Frezza at:

Hagel or Obama - Who Is Right (if either)

Not more than 12 hours ago we mentioned former failed Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel in "Chuck Hagel -Confused as Ever" (see below) noting his recent editorial comparing Afghanistan and Iraq to Vietnam. We also noted that his penchant for such comparisons was why he isn't Secretary of State and suggested he wouldn't be giving official advice to Secretary Gates much longer. Well, today we suggest you check out a New York Times article wherein Commissar Barack Hussein Obama rejects the Vietnam comparison as well as the lessons Hagel suggests he might learn from Lyndon Baines Johnson. You can read it at:

In the interim, you can bet Hagel will feel the cold shoulder of this administration while he simultaneously becomes a once-again more regular guest on Sunday morning talk shows.

Dogs and Health Care

Thomas Sowell has an interesting editorial today which pretty much reflects our thoughts on ObamaCare so rather than doing a long diatribe, we'd suggest you check out his Fables for Adults at:

Wilson Vs. Obama -- Who Spoke the Truth -- Doug Patton

September 14, 2009

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
Jesus of Nazareth
John 8:32, KJV

“Congress shall make no law regarding…” Do those words sound familiar? They are, of course, familiar to any and all of us who have received even a cursory education in the founding documents of this nation. The Constitution of the United States of America is a document of enumerated rights and restrictions — rights of the people and restrictions on government. It clearly spells out the rights of individuals, such as freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the right to keep and bear arms, etc.

It also clearly spells out, in no uncertain terms, the restrictions on the federal government, including the 10th Amendment, which states that any authority not expressly granted to the federal government is reserved to the states and to the people. Hence, the phrase “Congress shall make no law regarding…”

Barack Obama’s health care “plan” does not exist anywhere outside his ideologically driven cranium and his vague, hopey-changey campaign rhetoric. The only “plan” on the table at the moment is a thousand-plus page monstrosity known as House Resolution 3200. Yet, in his latest address to a joint session of Congress, the president lied through his pearly whites — again — to the American people and their elected representatives when he said that the “plan” would not cover illegal aliens.

At which point U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, called him on it in very direct language: “You lie!”

“That’s not true,” Obama shot back from the podium. Setting aside the decorum of the congressman’s remark for a moment, let’s examine which of them, Wilson or the president, told the truth.

The Founders understood clearly that government will always take as much authority as it is allowed to have, which explains the restrictive language of the Constitution. In HR3200, covering illegal aliens was not mentioned. Neither was abortion funding. Congressional Republicans rightly feared that if the bill’s language remained neutral on those two issues, it could be assumed that they are permitted. So they proposed specific amendments to prohibit coverage of illegal aliens and funding for abortion. Democrats overwhelmingly voted both amendments down, thus showing us their true colors yet again.

After the speech, Rep. Wilson called the White House to apologize to the president, who has wisely accepted the apology, knowing that dragging the issue out will only serve to emphasize the veracity of Wilson’s point that Obama was, in fact, lying.

No such wisdom resides in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wants to pillory Wilson in front of his House colleagues. She is insisting that he apologize again, this time on the floor of the House of Representatives, a humiliating act of forced contrition with which Wilson is refusing to cooperate. Good for him.

There are times in history when the truth trumps decorum and tradition. Jesus of Nazareth was furious when He encountered liars and thieves cheating people who had simply come to worship and to offer a sacrifice to their Lord. “My Father’s house is a house of prayer,” he roared as he flipped over the tables of the money changers and drove them out of the temple. “You have turned it into a den of thieves!”

Similarly, Joe Wilson’s righteous indignation rises up from the depths of his soul as he listens to his president commit one mendacity after another. Wilson loves the institution of the Congress, the body of the House of Representatives and the people he serves. He has watched as his constituents have been disrespected by their president and his supporters at town hall meetings throughout the summer recess.

Joe Wilson sits on one of the House committees dealing with this issue, so he knows the truth is not in Barack Obama as he speaks to the Congress that night. As he sits and listens to lie after lie from the president, Wilson’s righteous anger rises up against the liars and thieves who are trying to cheat the American people out of their birthright to freedom.


© Copyright 2009 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hagel - As Confused as Ever

We've been a little slow in commenting on the rantings of former failed Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel and his recent Washington Post editorial, but if you follow our former postings about Chuckie you will know that his comments were of no surprise to us. Chuck seems to ramble through a series of ruminations that seem to express some ideology but we're still not quite sure what his solution to complex issues like Afghanistan are after his comparisons to Vietnam.

It's precisely these sorts of public iterations that kept Commissar Barack Hussein Obama from appointing Chuckie as Secretary of State or to any other position of authority. Although he is one of Secretary Gate's advisers, you can bet that his increasingly dissenting voice won't keep him in that position for long.

More likely than not, Hagel will get exactly what he deserves for his 'tacit' support of Comrade Obama last November. Unfortunately, so has and so will America.

If you didn't read the editorial by Chuckie yet, you can do so at:

Poor Ben Nelson

Yes, sad but true, Ben lost money between 2007 and 2008 (who didn't?), but not much, just a few thousand dollars according to his personal financial report which shows that he is worth around $6.95 million. The good news for Ben is he actually moved up in his ranking from the prior year's 41st richest to 38th richest.

It's nice to know that Ben, who shows no debts, feels our pain.......

Friday, September 11, 2009

Suttle Will Get His Way and Maybe His Due

With Commissar Junior Mayor Jim Suttle's vetoes, the city's portion of your property taxes will no doubt go up 10% next week assuming there are insufficient votes to over-ride his vetoes and assuming the Omaha City Council members come to their senses about the silly satellite dish tax (oops, we meant to say satellite inspection fee) they passed. This means the mayor will get what he wants in the end, a tax increase that is about 5 times the current rate of inflation.

The mayor may also get his due as there will be a lot of unhappy constituent home-owners who will surly be thinking recall come December 9.

Perhaps there is some truth in the adage, 'be careful what you wish for.'

Afghanistan and the Democrats

Seems the Democrat leadership (Excuse the oxymoron) has wasted little time in trying to avert any troop increase in Afghanistan. On Thursday, Czarist Queen Pelosi said, "I don’t think there is a great deal of support for sending more troops to Afghanistan, in the country or in Congress.” With the death toll in Afghanistan rapidly increasing Comrade in Chief Barack Hussein Obama will need to depend on the same Republicans he is fighting on heath care to lead 'His War' in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama the Liar

As we reach the day of Commissar in Chief Barack Hussein Obama's speech to a joint session of the House and the Senate on the urgency of passing his takeover of 17% of the American economy, Thomas Sowell has a good column worth thinking about. Suggest you check it out at:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Just Say No to Health Care Reform

We're tired of the discussion. Commissar Barack Hussein Obama will make his speech tomorrow to a joint session of congress and no doubt Comrades Reid and Pelosi will get their panties in a wad as the Comrade in Chief tosses out some of their cherished ideas such as a public option. But the Comrade in Chief still wants to begin the process of nationalizing health care and seizing control of 17% of the American economy since controlling some 500 companies including banks and auto manufacturers isn't enough.

So tomorrow may begin a slightly longer and slower approach to nationalized health care. But no matter if any 'reform' is passed it will be the beginning of a slide downhill to a single payer system. It just make take a little longer.

With that said there is a good column today about the Health Choice Administration which for all purposes and intents is just as deadly and ominous as the public option. It's by Dennis Byrne of the Chicago Times and you can read it at:,0,4122059.story

Van Jones and Obama's Czars

You can accuse us of being a little late, but we think that Van Jones (now departed Czar) and all of Comrade Commissar Barack Huessein Obama's czars earn our Objective Hall of Fame Award nomination for September.

If you've been away from the media for a few weeks, Van Jones, the White House "green jobs czar" was outed for his past inflammatory statements, including his calling Republicans 'assholes,' and his signature on a petition suggesting that the U.S. government played a role in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Government Gets Health Care Backward - Doug Patton

September 7, 2009

Unable to successfully demonize our health care providers with nightmare scenarios about unnecessary tonsillectomies and amputations, the Obama administration now is desperately attempting to regain the magic of last year’s campaign by persuading us to hate our insurance companies instead of our doctors. Hence, the new name for their monstrous socialist power grab: “health insurance reform.”

Let us restate the obvious. Access to quality health care is denied to no one in the United States. Even the millions of illegal aliens, who should not even be here, get treated immediately in our hospitals, sometimes even getting preferential treatment over Americans. Callous HMO bureaucrats may arbitrarily refuse to pay for certain health care procedures, thereby forcing patients to consider other methods of payment. However, that is not the same thing as being denied treatment.

HMO indifference is a far cry from the heartlessness of a government bureaucrat who has the power to pronounce a death sentence by decreeing that the patient either must wait an unreasonable length of time for treatment or cannot have the treatment at all.

Obamacare supporters mocked Sarah Palin when she wrote about government “death panels,” but that is exactly what they have in Great Britain. In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a group of health care experts who care for the terminally ill claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as “close to death.” Under National Health Service guidelines introduced across the United Kingdom “to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients,” the experts claim that patients can be denied fluid and drugs and are put on continuous sedation until they die.

Can you say “Terri Schiavo”?

These alarmed British health experts warn that this approach “can mask the signs that the patient’s condition is improving.” This from the oldest national health care system on the planet, having been instituted by the British government in the 1940s. And the President of the United States wants us to believe that his government-run health care will be different?

The truth is that government is completely backward in its approach to the entire issue of health care. Take health insurance, for example. Instead of allowing Americans to buy health insurance across state lines, government forces us into a closed market within our individual states. Consequently, people in Connecticut must pay for hair transplants, while Californians cannot buy a health insurance policy that does not cover drug and alcohol counseling. Why? Because the government bureaucrats known as insurance commissioners, working in conjunction with the geniuses in our state legislatures, mandate what must be covered in the health insurance policies sold in each state. If ever an override of “state’s rights” was justified, this is it!

Ask yourself why you can buy automobile insurance from a lizard in Chevy Chase, Maryland (the Geico Gecko), owned by a billionaire in Omaha, Nebraska (Warren Buffett), but you can’t do the same thing with your health insurance.

Another issue government gets backward is in differentiating between ordinary and catastrophic health care. Think of how the system should work. High-deductible health insurance should be available at reasonable prices in case of catastrophic illness, while day-to-day medical expenses should be the responsibility of the individual.

Instead, what government programs tend to do is to so overload the system with the care of minor illnesses that catastrophic care ends up being rationed. It is that way everywhere in the world that national health care has been tried.

Ask Canadians about their system. Those who have been treated for something minor will tell you it is the greatest system in the world because they got treatment and never paid a dime for it. Then query the Canadians who have faced the nightmare of delays for a treatable cancer that becomes lethal while they are waiting. Ask those poor folks lying in government-run hospitals in Liverpool or London whether they would rather have their sniffles or their cancer treated. These people have two choices: come to the United States for the best health care in the world — or die.

Ask your senators, your congressman and your president if they intend to use the “public option” for themselves and their families. Then ask yourself if government is really the answer.


© Copyright 2009 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health Care and What Commissar Obama and Comrades Aren't Reforming

An interesting column by Hugh Hewitt, 'Without Tort Reform it isn't Health Care Reform - It's a Plaintiffs' Lawyers Protection Act. Hewitt opines that the one group the congress and Commissar Barack Hussein Obama have asked to sacrifice are the trial lawyers. He says, "Obamacare deserves to die for a lot of reasons, but large among them is the sheer duplicity of demanding deep sacrifices of everyone except the plaintiffs' lawyers who have grown rich beyond most people's imaginations profiting off of the doctors and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that work to keep Americans healthy."

What Hewitt does fail to mention is the major consequence of tort reform failure. That's defensive medicine which drives up the cost of treatment through duplicative and unnecessary tests that doctors feel they need to do just to protect themselves from law suits.

Yes, the whole discussion of health care reform is a sham as long as tort reform and its consequence, defensive medicine, isn't addressed.

For more see:,_it_isnt_health_care_reform_--its_a_plaintiffs_lawyers_protection_act

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Recession Is Over, Oops

Gosh, we thought the recession was over. Last month we were told things were getting better. After all we spent (well sort of) $787 billion on a stimulus. So why did unemployment go up from 9.4% to 9.7% today? And now our Commissar Barack Hussein Obama tells us it will go above 10%! Surely, we'll need more stimulus.

An Airport for No One

We simply can't resist sharing anything on the poster boy for the Democrat Culture of Corruption, John Murtha. So today, there is a first hand account of the experience of using the John Murtha airport in the Wall Street Journal, 'John Murtha's Airport for No One' by Tyler Grimm.

Seems to us that Omaha's Mayor Suttle would be well advised to see if a 'state exchange' couldn't be set up between congressional districts with a swap of Lee Terry for John Murtha. No offense, Lee.

Check out the article at:

She's Back - Welcome and, Hopefully, Farewell

We've made some comments in the last couple of weeks about failed former Nebraska U.S. Senator and 'has-been' Chuckie Hagel as he continues to raise or threaten to raise his unwelcome political head be it in Nebraska or on some national talk show. Now we find out that his other Barack Hussein Obama supporting half, Lou Ann Linehan, is back from Iraq and someone is having an welcome home party for her tomorrow in Lincoln. We're glad she is back safely, but please go back to Washington and help get your buddy Barack out of trouble. You and Chuckie wanted him and you got him. Some conservatives you are.

What They've Done and The Unintended Consequences

When the tax payers passed the bond issue to build the Qwest Center about nearly 10 years ago they did it based on a promise made to the voters many times before and kept for many years, a promise that there would be no new property taxes to pay for it.

Perhaps the so-call 'throw back' provision didn't return as much sales tax revenue from the state as originally needed, but that wasn't the reason to break the promise and a 'patch' was eventually agreed to by the state.

So what happened? Clearly, when Mayor Fahey refinanced the Qwest Center debt at a lower rate he could have amortized the debt as intended, but instead he set it up on a 10 year balloon, just paid interest and kept the savings to run the city and avoid increased property taxes to match his spending. He only aggravated that decision by selling out to the fire and police unions and giving them contracts that allowed spiking and retiring after 20 years. Under those retirement contracts many uniformed employees have retired with 100% or more of their salary in many cases and almost as much in many more while the police and union contracts were allowed to go $500 million in debt.

Now Omaha has a mayor whose financial decision making and knowledge wouldn't have allowed him to design outhouses as an engineer had he had a similar engineering ability. And he has a council that has been beaten up and threatened by the thugs from Fire Department Management and the Fire Department Union. So, unable to make tough, rational decisions, Mayor Suttle has made one stupid silly decision after another and then often reversed himself.

And now, at budget time, Suttle has cajoled his city attorney to craft a weak interpretation of the city charter saying that council members must vote for a tax increase to fund the mayor's debt levy increase or violate their oath of office. Where in the political process would you suggest that those who have a vote can be compelled by law to cast a positive vote or be held in violation of their oath of office? Only in Omaha, we guess. But four of six present councilmen at the meeting gave in, gave in to a threat that should never have been made. They gave in without even getting an opinion from someone other than 'the mayor's attorney.' They gave into an increased debt mill levy increase even when their were sufficient funds in the debt fund to cover 2010 obligations. And their actions will probably raise Omaha's property taxes even more by the time Mayor Suttle reviews their other really stupid financial decisions.

So the consequences? Beyond unnecessary property tax increases, the consequences will be visible every time in the future when there is a bond issue to be voted on whether it be for the City of Omaha to build libraries, firehouses, improve streets, etc., or whether it be any other public entity desiring passage of a bond issue. Those consequences will be a total distrust in the 'no tax increase' statement made by those entities of government. Those consequences will show up in advertisements of "Remember The Qwest Center" by any and every opponent to the bond issue. Those consequences will resound with the lack of trust the voter will show when he goes to the polls and casts his 'no' vote for the bond issue.

In other words whatever trust the citizen had in his local government is and will be gone for generations. And politicians wonder about why some think that, "We should throw them all out."

Just Wondering

With Afghanistan in the news and the Commissar In Chief likely to be encouraged to send more troops in and with former failed Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel not on a talk show for at least two weeks now, we wonder when he will upset Secretary Gates by going public to advise Barack Hussein Obama about the mistake of sending in more troops? It has to be coming.

Leadership in Omaha City Government

As we have recovered from viewing the marathon nine-hour long embarrassment of an Omaha City Council Meeting last Tuesday it's become apparent that the 'so-called' leadership award for the day goes to Councilman Jerram. We say 'so-called' because in the end analysis all he did was pontificate for unbearable and agonizing spans of time while he 'crafted' a totally unreasonable budget.

We've already commented on his wacky non-tax satellite tax proposal that is way short of recognizing the costs to operate assuming that his revenue estimates are any where close to reasonable which we do not.

Then there is the matter of a two and one-half day voluntary furlough. How can you solidify your budget on the premise that 2,500 city employees are likely to give up 2 and 1/2 work days without pay next year?

The whole result makes about as much sense as building a house on quicksand.

The result of Jerram's 'leadership' will be nothing more than a veto of all or part of the budget by Junior Commissar Mayor Jim Suttle who in the end will get what he wanted, a property tax increase (anyone, including Suttle, that ever thought an entertainment tax would pass could only have been naive or simply plotting otherwise).

It will be interesting to watch Suttle's actions over the next several days as we fully expect him to demonstrate 'leadership' on par with Jerrams and certainly not uncharacteristic of what we've seen since May 15.

In the end 'leadership' is a lot more than the rhetoric and pontificating we've seen from Jerram and Suttle.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Improved Chances for G.O.P. In 2010

We like Larry Sabato and his Crystal Ball Blog, not because we always like what he has to say but because he has a scientific way of getting there. But with that said we thought we'd share the conclusion of his latest newsletter as he looks to 2010. You can check it out in full at:

Democrats are likely to lose at least 15 seats in the House of Representatives in 2010 and their losses could go as high as 30-40 seats. The Senate looks more promising for Democrats because there are as many Republican as Democratic seats up for election next year but a loss of 3-4 seats is entirely possible. Given the deep partisan divide in both chambers, diminished majorities will make it much more difficult for Democrats to pass any major legislation in the next Congress. If anything, Republican leaders emboldened by a successful election are likely to be even less interested in compromise with the White House and Democratic leaders than now. If Democrats can't pass health care, carbon caps, and immigration reform in the current Congress, they probably won't have another chance until at least 2013. "

Jim Suttle - Spending Your Money and Hiring More High-paid Help

Will despite the budget crisis the city faces, it is getting $4.3 million in stimulus funds to be used over the next three years and Commissar Junior Mayor Suttle has hired a 'sustainability' co-ordinator for a mere $70,000 a year for the next three years to make sure that the funds are properly used. We thought stimulus dollars were for 'shovel-ready' projects but apparently that isn't the case when Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and associates are spending your money and your children's' tax dollars. Gosh, you might think this mayor could find someone within his current roster of employees to do this.

Maybe the coordinator could inspect satellite dishes and require that they be painted white to reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere in order to cut global warming......

When A Fee is A Tax

We said through some 9 hours of the Omaha City Council's budget hearing on Tuesday and we've finally just recovered. Thus the delay in writing this. When someone said that watching government work is akin to watching sausage made, they were really right on. We were nauseated by the end of the evening.

Although there are lots of issues to comment on, we were disturbed by the last minute 'compromise' that added Councilman Jerram's satellite tax, excuse us, satellite permit fee to the budget revenue to offset Junior Commissar Mayor Suttle's entertainment tax deletion. Deleting the satellite tax was a no-brainer, especially if you wanted to avoid having your name on the upcoming mayoral recall petition. But let's face it, Jerram's satellite permit fee is just a tax. In fact, there was public discussion with the City Attorney Paul Kratz regarding how the bill was drafted so it didn't cross the line with federal regulations that prohibit taxes on satellite dishes. Jerram made sure his tax wouldn't be defined as a tax so he created a permit that will be applied to all future as well as all past satellite dish installations. Unfortunately, Jerram and colleagues didn't do their homework or exercise their fourth grade math skills. Here is what we sent to the council members yesterday morning in this regard:

"Your arithmetic last night was very bad or your faith in government workers was optimistic. On the addition to your satellite tax to the budget, you showed $2,042,415 for your revenue. If you base that on $50 fees and divide $50 into $2,042.415 you get 40,848 units or homes/businesses with satellite dishes. First of all that sounds like an whole lot of homes and businesses with satellite dishes in Omaha. Even if you accept the 40,848, and try to figure how many dishes you will have to inspect on a daily basis, and use 237.5 work days a year (52 x 5=260 days less 10 days for holidays and 10 days for vacation, oh and 2 1/2 days for voluntary leave) that means you would have to do 172 satellite inspections a day! And you divide that by 2 (inspectors) you expect each inspector to do 86 inspections a day! From our experience in government, that's not only optimistic, it's crazy. If you think that any hard working employee can do more than two inspections an hour (driving, paperwork, etc) in an eight hour day you are deceiving yourselves. Even if you expect them to do 20 a day, you'll need 9 inspectors or you won't get your revenue, unless you just collect the money up front and don't really care if you ever do the inspections (which really just makes it a tax which is apparently not legal). If you intend to collect the tax and do inspections in some term proximate in time, you have 9 inspectors at a cost of about $56,500 each (your numbers last night were $113,000 for two inspectors) or $508,500 to inspect 40,848 homes a year (unless this is a tax and you are just going to inspect over a three year period before restarting the process, in which case you would still need three full time inspectors at a cost of $169,500 a year over three years. If you plan on doing all the inspections the first year, then you won't need anywhere near 9 full time employees in the following two years so you'll have to lay most of them off or you just add a whole bunch of employee expense. We think your numbers are optimistic and at best your net revenue is at least $400, 000 less than you figured."

Divided Government - Can it Help Obama

At times one wonders whether divided government is good or bad. Certainly, for Commissar Barack Hussein Obama it's good to have Comrades Pelosi and Reid in charge if you are trying to cram down your socialist ideas of nationalizing health care, auto companies, banks and controlling salaries and taxing and making our businesses less competitive in search of Al Gore's holy Grail of a clean environment. On the other hand, the Commissar in Chief could be in real trouble if he didn't have Republicans supporting his efforts in Afghanistan where the yellow stripe down the backs of many Democrats and their weak spines are becoming more evident daily.

We presented a column by George Will yesterday in our blog opinion (Afghanistan - To be Doves Or to Be Hawks ) where we opined that Afghanistan is a conundrum for many and for us to a certain extent. We certainly believe that by his own stance Commissar Obama has made this his war and we still believe that after the ashes of health care and cap and trade have fallen this will be a defining issue for him just as Iraq became a defining issue for George W. Bush.

In the case of George W. Bush, it took seven years (and the verbal assaults of such as failed former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel) for the war to make it a synonym for Bush. Yet, here we are 224 days into Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's reign of terror and his Hagelish Democrat team members are already beginning to run from him on this issue as are so many of his supporters who believed he was the Messiah who would lead us away from that shining city on the hill to the socialist valley on Nirvana.

Yes, divided government can be interesting. 47 of our boys died in Afghanistan in August. They should never become pawns for a government that is afraid to make tough decisions as to whether to stay and fight to obtain realistic objectives or whether to get out and face the consequences. We did that in Vietnam. If we're not careful, those 5000 boys lost in Iraq could end up victims if we totally walk away from there too soon.

What started this blog entry was an article in today's New York times which mentioned George Will's column of yesterday and the decline of Democrat support of the Commissar's efforts in Afghanistan while those rascally nation-building Republicans continue to support him thus far. You can catch that article at:

To summarize, this will be Obama's War. He has seized ownership of it and it is his. What to do is the problem. Make our boys pawns to maintain the status quo? Leave and allow the Taliban to seize control and potentially seize a nuclear armed neighbor, Pakistan? Or? At least for now, Commissar Barack Hussein Obama should be glad that his comrades on this issue are Republicans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

John Murtha - Almost Too Much Information

There is no question that Representative John Murtha is the true face of the Democrat Culture of Corruption and for you regular readers you know that we seldom ever have anything nice to say about the king of congressional pork. That won't change, but its probably been more than a month since we last castigated him. So when we saw an article today in the New Republic we thought it would be worth sharing since it probably covers everything we've ever written about the guy. Unfortunately, we're not sure anyone wants to know so much in one dose about this crook, but that's up to you if you want to check out at:

Afghanistan - To be Doves Or to Be Hawks

We have very mixed emotions about what are our goals in Afghanistan and what are our chances of success. It's a real conundrum, but it is also now Commissar Barack Obama's war. Is killing or constraining the Taliban important? Yes. Is preventing the Taliban from taking over Pakistan important? Yes. Is winning control of Afghanistan important or possible? ?????? Can Afghanistan ever be governed by a central government? Doubtful in our generation or maybe the next several.

But our boys are being killed in Afghanistgan. Are we reaching the point where we have doves that want out and hawks that want more involvement? Very likely.

With all of the above said, or asked, George Will has an interesting column today that gives his viewpoint. We'd like to think he may be right, but who knows? Afghanistan is a real conundrum and we're not sure whether we're doves or hawks, but we do know that what we do there is very important and we believe that any American life lost should only be lost for a real goal that is obtainable.

Read Will's column at: