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Let Us Not Confuse Longevity With Statesmanship - Doug Patton

August 31, 2009

It was almost nauseating to watch the media fawning over Ted Kennedy’s corpse as though he were the last brother of King Arthur, and his passing was signaling the end of a real place called Camelot. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that Chris Matthews and company actually believe in that mythical kingdom. Fair and balanced Fox News Channel was as carried away as the others, just as they were — unfortunately — with the death of Michael Jackson a few weeks ago. (Whatever would the media have done if Teddy and Michael had passed at the same time? Poor Farah Fawcett would have merited nary a mention.)

Even one of my formerly favorite columnists, Cal Thomas, had glowing, gooey things to say about his “old friend Ted Kennedy,” the most laughable of which was that Kennedy never personalized his politics. Tell that to Robert Bork. Remember Kennedy’s ridiculous speech on the floor of the United States Senate, wherein he hyperventilated that “Robert Bork’s America is one in which women will be forced into back-alley abortions and blacks will be sitting at segregated lunch counters”?

It goes without saying that for his family and others who loved him, the death of Ted Kennedy is a personal loss. He was the last of a line of brothers who were raised to wealth and power. His father, a Nazi sympathizer, was a bootlegger and adulterer who set an example of infidelity, disloyalty and abuse of power for his four sons. Three of those sons had their lives cut short by violent means — one in war and two at the hands of assassins. Only Teddy, the baby of the brothers and of the family, went on to live a long life.

But what we have witnessed in his passing is the near-deification of a man merely because he came from a rich, powerful family, because he lived a long time and because he managed to bamboozle his gullible state into re-electing him simply because his name was Kennedy. What has been sorely missing in all this is a sense of perspective. This was more than just a flawed man. This was a man who cheated, lied and undermined his family, his friends, even his own country.

Perhaps Ted Kennedy’s most contemptible moment — many consider it treasonous — came in 1983. President Ronald Reagan was in the process of bringing the Soviet Union to its knees. In one of the hotter moments of the Cold War, Kennedy sent word to Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov through an old friend and former senator offering Kennedy’s help in undermining the Reagan administration in its dealings with its old arch enemy in exchange for Andropov’s help in defeating Reagan in the 1984 presidential election. Think of that. A United States Senator offers to help our sworn enemy in exchange for political propaganda to win an American election.

This country is not better off because Edward Moore Kennedy sat in the United States Senate for 46 years. He was unqualified when he was first elected. He disgraced himself, his family and our nation throughout his long, tedious career. But the event for which Ted Kennedy will be remembered by most Americans — and by historians, if they are honest — is Chappaquiddick. Forty years ago this summer, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne died in the drunken senator’s Oldsmobile when he drove off a bridge and left her to drown.

You or I would have gone to prison for the negligence he displayed that night. Kennedy went on to become “the lion of the senate.” He lived a life of power and luxury, and was even arrogant enough in 1980 to think this country would elect him president.

Ted Kennedy served a very long time in the U.S. Senate, but let us not confuse longevity with statesmanship. He died a death none of us would wish on anyone — a brain tumor at age 77 — but I’m guessing Mary Jo Kopechne would have preferred to die at age 77 of almost anything.
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Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Tom White Writing for Dollars

Today we got an e-mail from Tom White tauting his e-mail of support from Bob Kerrey (see our Friday blog) and asking for money. Not any doubt White is Lee Terry's opponent come next November. Here's what Tommy had to say:

I hope you had a chance to read the email Bob Kerrey sent on Friday. If not, please check it out below.

Senator Kerrey knows what it takes to run winning campaigns in Nebraska, and he’s right that raising $10,000 by the end of this week will make a strong statement.
But it’s not just the dollar amount that’s important – it’s the number of donors that shows the depth of grassroots support. That’s why I hope you’ll contribute at least $25 online right now:

We're one month away from our first financial filing deadline, and the pundits and both national parties are paying close attention. They’re not just looking for total dollars raised, but how many individuals invested – a sign of the strength of a campaign’s grassroots support.

I need your help to show that our grassroots are growing strong. Please contribute at least $25 online right now:

Thanks for all you do,

Getting to Know Pawlenty

An interesting column in Bloomberg by Albert R. Hunt on on potential Republican candidate for the presidency in 2012, Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota. Might be worth your read at:

Pawlenty has yet to warm the cockles of our heart, but will no doubt be a serious competitor who certainly would be more electeable than Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee. It's worth taking some time to get to know him.

Can They Be Serious?

A good column today from George Will who opines as to why politicians (those running Washington, D.C. today) can't be serious whether it's health care or cap-and-trade. Recommend you read it at:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dirty Harry's Threats

If you listen to Fox News you're probably already aware of Dirty Harry Reid's expressed wish that his Las Vegas paper go out of business. It didn't sit very well with the paper so one might expect that is one endorsement that Dirty Harry won't get in October of 2010. Given recent polling numbers we suspect Harry will say he was just kidding, but he wasn't. For more on this you can check out:

Watch for Mayoral Shenanigans

Watch for Mayoral Shenanigans. With Councilman Chuck Sigerson down due to his stroke and/or heart attack, we're expecting that Commissar Junior Suttle will take every possible advantage of the situation as the City of Omaha budget process reaches fruition over the next two weeks.

We just hope that Mayor Suttle understands the political implications of his actions as he is now only 102 days away from the point where recall petitions can be checked out.

Replacing Congress and The 9/12 Movement

If you haven't been to one of the 'tea parties' or to a local 9/12 meeting you should go. We've had contributors attend several and the issues of health care and sovereignty are fresh on the minds of many of those who are getting involved for the first time in their life. And that's exactly what they are doing. Many have probably never voted. Many forgot how government works when they left high school or grade school, assuming they were even taught about how government works. So many are naive, but they are truly madder than hell and many of them just want to throw the whole bunch out, even in cases where their representative may be espousing the same conservative beliefs they have now been motivated by.

And make no mistake, these folks are independents, Democrats and Republicans. For the most part they are right of center conservative Americans that have finally reached the breaking point and are just terribly upset with government's intrusion into their lives.

In our years of looking at various political movements, this one is not to be underestimated.

With that said, we reach the point of our opining by citing Sunday's Rasmussen Poll which shows that the American Public, if given a chance, support throwing the entire congress out by a majority of 57%.

While we still believe the Democrats could increase senate seats in 2010, we think that the Republicans will take back more than 15 house seats and that Republicans will take back several statehouses, so maybe because of the follies of Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, Queen Pelosi and Dirty Harry (Reid) the Republican Party (and the conservative movement) isn't as moribund as it looked last November.

Check out the Rasmussen Poll at:

Follow Up - Jim Esch

You might want to check out the Leavenworth Street Blog if you are interested in Jim Esch's reason for becoming an independent. They have a brief response from Jim on the matter. See 'Links' below on right hand side.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jim Esch Leaves Democrat Party

Jim Esch, two-time loser in congressional races against Congressman Lee Terry has abandoned his beloved Democrat Party. We are not exactly sure what his reason was but his message was, ""re-registered today as an independent." Perhaps, Jim decided that he wasn't likely to get much support for a third run (the third time is the charm) from his party given that it has virtually anointed Tom White as its candidate. Given what we've seen about Tom White and with Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's numbers in Nebraska falling rapidly, we expect Tom White, who will no doubt raise lots of money, will none the less meet the same fate as did Esch.

Suttle Again Disappoints

Seems the Junior Commissar, Mayor Jim Suttle, returned the ordinance repealing the so called minimum manning ordinance back to the city council unsigned. He obviously doesn't have the votes to sustain a veto although he apparently didn't even try and he obviously doesn't have the fortitude to offend his thugs in the fire union and fire department.

What an act of bravery......

Lee Terry on Health Care

We are glad to see that Lee Terry is representing his constituency by recognizing Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's health care plan as what it is, a massive take over of 17% of the American economy by a bureaucracy that can manage Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or for that matter Cash for Clunkers. Anyway, we received the following communication from Lee and felt that since we published Bob Kerrey's letter for soon to be Lee's opposition we thought we'd share Lee's with you.

"The future of healthcare continues to be the dominant topic of discussion. Just this week I hosted a town hall meeting where over 700 people came to have an open and honest discussion about health care reform. The evening focused on the current proposal in the house, H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. Don't be fooled by the title, it is not affordable and does not offer choices. I think we can all agree we need healthcare reform, but this bill is the wrong answer to our country's needs. This bill creates a new and massive public plan that is aimed at competing with the private insurance industry. In reality this bill will force people out of their current insurance and into the unknown abyss of a government-run program. According to a study done by the nonpartisan Lewin Group 65% of Nebraskans would be forced out of private insurance and 71% of Nebraska residents with employer-based insurance would lose their current coverage. And an even more startling statistic from the study, 31% of the uninsured in Nebraska would still be without coverage.

The other frightening aspect of this bill is the cost. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated a government takeover of healthcare would cost $1.27 trillion dollars. But we are really talking that cost over about 6 years, because the first few years is just the set up of the program including taking in $544 billion of your tax dollars and $504 billion in Medicare and Medicaid "savings". The Medicare and Medicaid savings are cuts plain and simple. Medicare is already headed toward bankruptcy by 2017 so taking a large amount of money away from this program that is so widely used by our senior population is absurd to me.

My simple and affordable plan for reform is to let the uninsured into the Federal Employees Health Plan with no pre-existing condition restrictions. The Heritage Foundation has estimated my plan would cost on tenth of H.R. 3200. To read my plan in detail please visit my website at:"


Friday, August 28, 2009

Kerrey Writes Nebraskans

Well, if anyone doubts that Tom White will oppose Lee Terry, don't ask former Nebraska U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey. We just received a missive from Bob that we quote below, less his appeal to send White money. Apparently, Tom isn't phased by the results we brought you that show that his mentor, Barack Hussein Obama's numbers in Nebraska have dropped precipitously, not boding well for his candidacy in our thoughts.

"I know a thing or two about what it takes to be an independent voice in Washington.
Out there, too many politicians take the path of least resistance and don't ask the tough questions. Omaha's current congressman fits right in. He and too many others from both parties are more interested in unproductive political posturing than finding practical solutions to the serious challenges facing our country.

Tom White is different, and that's why I'm so excited that he's laying the groundwork to run for Congress. Tom knows a good idea when he sees it, whether it comes from Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. And anyone who's met Tom knows that he fights hard for what's right."

And if you doubt further, seems Tom has a website,

Obamacare Approval Hits Plateau

Today's bad news from Rasmussen is that opposition to Obamacare has apparently plateaued. The good news is that 53% of those polled are opposed to it while 43% are supportive. While these numbers are good, they also show that those of us in fly-over country need to continue our efforts to bring this attempted government take over of 17% of our economy to an early and final death.

For more on this, check out:

Ernie is Back

Well, he may be gone from the Legislature, but he's still raising hell, now on the Douglas-Sarpy Learning Community. Yes, Ernie Chambers is making himself known in his new endeavor. This time, he wanted to effect a 2.5 cent levy for the learning community while his comrades wanted a .5 cent levy ($5 on each home assessed at $100,000). According to the Omaha World-Herald:

"Chambers called for a 2.5-cent levy, which would have raised more than $11 million. He argued that the council had reached “a defining moment in our very short life” and that spending less would dash the hopes of constituents who hope the learning community can bring about change.

He said the Legislature envisioned learning centers located apart from school buildings, which would require construction funds.

He said he would help secure a change in the law allowing some of that money to be used for programs, rather than just construction."

In a situation that must be unusual for him, Ernie lost the battle and the taxpayers will save $20 on every $100,000 of their home valuation.

Charles Krauthammer is Wrong

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting column today, 'Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy." He suggests that all current 'plans' be abandoned and that a new version be passed requiring all individuals to have health insurance with insurance companies required to insure all regardless of pre-existing health conditions. Sadly, he concludes that the financial and budgetary costs will be catastrophic and in the end the liberals will get rationing anyway.

We're not sure that Charles writes tongue-in-cheek or seriously. Regardless, he fails to provide real solutions. We simply say throw the whole thing out and let Americans continue to control 17% of the economy while doing real things like allowing folks to buy health care across state lines, allowing businesses to form buying co-ops across state lines and enacting tort reform.

If you want to read Krauthammer's column you can check it out at:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

They Are Down, They Are Up

Just like everything else Mayor Suttle does, you can expect a 180 degree reversal within days of any decision.

First he illegally buys a car on a long term contract without city council approval, then he renegotiates it to a one year contract to avoid action by the council.

Then he closes pools early, but allows some to stay open with neighborhood contributions.

Then he closes Westwood Golf Course, then he reopens it.

Then he hires a finance director for $80,000 a year more than the former one was getting paid, then he lets her give back $40,000 of that.

We could go on and on, but today he restored Police Helicopter flights after cancelling them.

So his new acting police chief found some areas to cut and helicopters will fly while Suttle looks for other areas to cut to make the budget balance for the year. Wonder if he ever thought that he should leave the copters down and save nearly $200,000 toward that illusive goal of making the city's books balance by year end? Nah.

We're inclined to think that maybe the city should change its logo to a basketball!

Councilman Jerram's Silly Tax Increase

Earlier today we asked, What Are They Thinking?" Taxes and more taxes. Apparently, they didn't read the Rasmussen Poll results (former post below). So, Councilman Jerram introduced his amendment to have a 1% entertainment tax. Interestingly, he said that it could be the backup in case furloughs can't be negotiated with the unions. But even more interesting, he said that the city could use the funds for debt relief if furloughs could be negotiated. Now who believes that the unions will have any motivation to negotiate at all if there is a bill on the books to raise the funds that would otherwise be raised by (in addition) accepting furloughs?

And even if the unions were silly enough to negotiate furloughs that were no longer necessary to balance the city budget what does this say about Councilman Jerram? Just raise taxes, we guess.

There is one other thing Councilman Jerram doesn't understand apparently. That is that an entertainment tax will guarantee a recall for him and Junior Commissar Suttle come December 9th. We almost hope they pass it........

P.S. Don't forget that once an entertainment tax is passed it will be there forever and only grow in size and scope. Taxes like these know no termination or sunshine date.

Lower Taxes - Few Services - 70% Want Just That

With the current 'revolt' by the proletariat against health care reform, with the current angst in Omaha City government over the prospect of higher taxes it is evident that people don't want more taxes. They want lower taxes and they don't mind if they get fewer services. Did you hear that Commissar Barack Hussein Obama? Did you hear that Harry Reid? Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi? If not, you may soon.

Anyway, in today's Rasmussen Reports we learn the following:

"Seventy percent (70%) of likely voters now favor a government that offers fewer services and imposes lower taxes over one that provides more services with higher taxes, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.
That’s up five points over
the past month and is the highest level measured in nearly three years.

Just 19% would prefer a government that provides more services in exchange for higher taxes, down five points from July and the lowest level in over two years. This marks the first time the percentage of voters who prefer this type of government has fallen below 20%.
Most Republicans (88%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (78%) like a government with lower taxes and fewer services, and 48% of Democrats agree. However, one-in-three Democrats (34%) prefer more government services and higher taxes
. "

Democrat Numbers Not so Good In Nebraska

We just got this from our friends at the New Nebraska Network, courtesy of the Daily Kos. It is not good news for Nebraska Democrats and certainly not good news for Commissar Barack Hussein Obama. Everything below is from their missive, including the commentary:

"A new poll of Nebraska voters was conducted last week by Research 2000 on behalf of DailyKos. The driving force behind the poll was obviously to gauge Nebraskans' feelings on health care reform - especially their receptiveness to a public option and their support for Sen. Ben Nelson's position on the issue.
But, so far as I'm concerned, those results are pretty much irrelevant. The real story of this poll begins and ends with its numbers for President Barack Obama - and what the poll has to say should be a wake-up call for everyone who's concerned for the future of our state, its Democratic Party, and its progressive movement.

Barack Obama

Very Favorable - 15%
Favorable -- 21%
UnFavorable -- 30%
Very Unfavorable --31%
No Opinion -- 3%

Dave Heineman
Very Favorable --22%
Favorable -- 41%
Unfavoralbe -- 15%
Very Unfavorable -- 8%
No Opinon -- 14%

Ben Nelson
Very Favorable -- 21%
Favorable -- 39%
Unfavorable -- 16%
Very Unfavorable -- 9%
No Opinion --15%

Mike Johanns
Very Favorable -- 20%
Favorable -- 39%
Unfavorable -- 19%
Very Unfavorable -- 9%
No Opinion -- 13%

The concurrent numbers for Gov. Dave Heineman, Sen. Nelson, and Sen. Mike Johanns are all interesting in their own ways and may invite future comment. But, its their contrast with Obama's numbers that is so distressing and that so overshadows the rest of the poll's results.
Obama's 36% favorability - with 61% of Nebraskans rating the President unfavorably - also poses a stark contrast to the recent
Gallup Poll that gave Obama a 57% approval rating in the state.

Considering that Gallup's numbers were gathered over a six-month period and that this latest poll was conducted over three days just last week, this one clearly provides a better snapshot of where the people of Nebraska actually stand at the moment. It's sobering, distressing, and disheartening. It suggests that where there was a window of opportunity to win over the people of Nebraska, we might well be seeing that window slammed shut.

Let's just hope that window isn't being nailed shut as well, or else there could be some very dark days ahead in which Heineman's 63% favorability is the least of our worries.

The health care debate is a big part of this. Right now, in Nebraska, it's a debate that we're losing. Forget Ben Nelson's vote. Forget talk of filibusters and reconciliation. Forget our Republican Congressmen who are so devoid of ideas and hardly even need to pretend otherwise.
This is about the people of Nebraska. We're losing them. Maybe that has to be to make change happen. But, where does that leave us? And, most importantly, what are we going to do about it? "

What Are they Thinking?

While we are grateful that City Councilman Gray voted for (and helped initiate) the repeal of Omaha's minimum manning fire ordinance, we are wondering what Gray and fellow councilman Chris Jerram are thinking by introducing tax increase amendments to the mayor's budget.

We thought it was pretty sad that Gray apparently, after weeks of public angst about tax increases, introduced his amendment to raise property taxes by more than 12%! Yes, 12% since he wants to raise the current mill levy from slightly more than 42 cents to approximately 48 cents. Where has he been, on Pluto?

Then we hear from Councilman Jerram who is already compromised as a city councilman by his inability to vote on any Omaha liquor license issues because of his conflict of interest by being associated with a firm that handles them (although we notice it doesn't keep him from pontificating about them in council meetings). Seems to us that Jerram, who unless he too has been on Pluto with Gray, would have heard weeks of angst on the 'entertainment tax' especially after his last amendment to the failed tax wasn't even considered. But even after his vote to support the 'no-go' tax and his failed amendment, Jerram now plans on introducing a new version of it today. Of course, Jerram is the only city councilman whose phone apparently accepted only pro-fire department calls during the debate on the minimum manning statute.


Where are these guys from? Guess we already answered it. Apparently on Pluto tax increases during hard economic times are the solution.

Charlie Rangel and The Democrat Culture of Lying

Seems Charlie Rangel, the head of the House's most powerful Ways and Means Committee has once again amended his financial filings after discovering he had at $500,000 more in investments and somewhere between about three and eight times as much investment income than he previously disclosed. This is the same guy that while writing our tax laws somehow forgot to declare thousands of dollars of income from a Caribbean Island property that he somehow forgot that he owned. It's the same guy that utilizes three rent-controlled properties in New York City pretty much illegally, one of which is used for office purposes. This guy is your typical face of the Democrat Culture of Corruption. He should not only be thrown out of his job and residence but more appropriately exiled to his Caribbean paradise but only after a thorough I.R.S. investigation.

Among the things noted by Congressional Quarterly, "Among the new items in the amended report were an account at the Congressional Federal Credit Union worth at least $250,000, an investment account with at least $250,000, land in southern New Jersey and stock in PepsiCo and fast food conglomerate Yum! Brands. None of those investments appeared on the original report, which was filed in May 2008.

Rangel also revised his disclosed investment income for 2007. The original report showed he had received between $6,511 and $17,900, but the new report shows between $45,423 and $134,700. The report also includes eight previously undisclosed financial transactions.
His net worth in the amended report roughly doubled from previous calculations. It is now put between $1.03 million and $2.5 million for 2007. His total net worth at the end of 2008 was put between $834,013 and $2 million."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Terry and His Challenger

There's an article in Congressional Quarterly today about Second District Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry and his primary challenger on the right, "Nebraska Rep. Terry Defending Right Flank Too".

Some of us at the Objective Conservative have had some contact with Matt Sakalosky. He's a nice young man with good motives no doubt, but he's not ready to be a U.S. Congressman. His constituency consists largely of 9/12ers which have laudable motives but which are equally naive in their understanding of the political process.

Even in challenges supported by groups like Club for Growth where a 'conservative' comes along and gets its support either the challenger still loses the primary or in cases where he wins he
ends up losing the seat for the Republicans.

Sakalosky will end up as an underfunded, unknown candidate who will leave most Republicans with the notion that he is a fringe candidate. He will represent a chigger bite on Terry's thigh and worse for Matt, he will have abdicated what might have been some promising political future by challenging a guy that many Second District Republicans, Independents and even Democrats like and respect.

The article can be read at:

LBJ, The Commissar and Afghanistan

We've been talking a lot about Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's War (Afghanistan) lately because we're not sure he has the well, understanding and commitment to figure out what to do there as the American death toll rises. We've noted the comparisons to Vietnam and we've also noted that Afghanistan is a land ruled by war lords and a land that even the Russians couldn't subdue although their motives may have been seriously different.

With that said, there is a good commentary by Tony Blankley today, 'Command and Decision', at:

Frankly, Blankley does a fair job of pointing out the Commissar's dilemma. It's a good read with lots of quotes from Lyndon Baines Johnson.

There's another good article in the Washington Post, 'On Afghanistan, Political Test for Obama.' by Scott Wilson and Joshua Partlow at:

Stossel on Competition and the President's Understanding and What He Says

A short essay by John Stossel on "Competition" that we thought we'd just put on the blog because it really hits home about what Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Comrades are saying and what they are offering:

"Choice, competition, reducing costs -- those are the things that I want to see accomplished in this health reform bill," President Obama told talk-show host Michael Smerconish last week.
Choice and competition would be good. They would indeed reduce costs. If only the President meant it. Or understood it.

In a free market, a business that is complacent about costs learns that its prices are too high when it sees lower-cost competitors winning over its customers. The market -- actually, the consumer -- holds businesses accountable and keeps them honest. No "public option" is needed.
So the hope for reducing medical costs indeed lies in competition and choice. Today competition is squelched by government regulation and privilege.

But Obama's so-called reforms would not create real competition and choice. They would prohibit it.

In place of the variety of products that competition would generate, we would be forced "choose" among virtually identical insurance plans. Government would define these plans down to the last detail. Every one would have at least the same "basic" coverage, including physical exams,
maternity benefits, well-baby care, alcoholism treatment, and mental-health services.

Consumers could not buy a cheap, high-deductible catastrophic policy. Every insurance company would have to use an identical government-designed pricing structure. Prices would be the same for sick and healthy.

In this respect, it wouldn't matter whether or not Congress created a "public option," a government insurance plan. In either case, bureaucrats would dictate virtually every aspect of the health-insurance business.


What Obama says in favor of a public option -- as of today, at least -- tells us how little he understands competition. "

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Clunker Is Dead But Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

Yes, today, the Cash For Clunkers welfare benefit will end. In barely a month of operation, the government spent $3 billion of your money helping people buy cars-people who would have bought one earlier had they not decided to wait for their welfare check, people who would have bought one later had they not gotten their welfare check now, and a few who just saw a great opportunity to get a welfare check.

Of course, for those of you who missed out on this 'manna from heaven', you'll have to wait for another day.

Sadly, the powers that believe, those in Washington, will cite this as a great government effort to revive the economy and a particular aspect of it, the auto industry (despite the fact that a great many of the purchases were of foreign made vehicles). They will ignore the paperwork fiasco that dealers have gone through, particularly since they want you to think they can do just as good of job running the health care industry, 17% of your economy.

But don't be too discouraged if you missed out. After the 'great success' of this program you can bet there will be more. Maybe it will be new washing machines, maybe it will be new recreational vehicles (only if they are more energy efficient), maybe it will be new motorcycles or Segways.

And, of course, the next time there is a recession (assuming this one ends), you can bet 'cash for clunkers' will be reincarnated!
P.S. In the interest of fair disclosure, we must shamefully admit that at least one of our contributors collected his/her welfare check by trading in a clunker. Punitive measures are under consideration.

Some Potent Health Care U-tube Moments

We don't normally publish links to U-tube items, but we really think you should check this one out. It is a short two minute comment on the health care takeover made by an ex-marine at a town hall meeting of Brian Baird (D-WA-03. One of the most interesting and poignant comments the ex-marine makes is on the issue of keeping his own health care where he says that it is not the right of the the U.S. government to decide whether he can keep his health care, it's his.

Check this one out at:

Another great video of Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Michigan-08) testifying at:

Do Republicans Have Obama on the Defense?

A good editorial by Fred Barnes in today's Wall Street Journal, 'Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense.' It would appear that Barnes thinks the Republicans are on to something by standing up for their true beliefs and not taking the advice of those who said be co-operative and non partisan. Check it out at:

Afghanistan Deteriorating?

An article in today's Washington Post discusses the Joint Chief's Chairman's comments yesterday about what is happening in Afghanistan and the would seem to acknowledge the dilemma facing Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his party and Americans in general seem to less and less supportive of the Comrade's war. This is something we've been opining on for some time.

Perhaps Commissar Obama and the American public need to be more long-range oriented in their thought processes here. Compromise and capitulation don't win wars. They just give us Vietnam's where more than 58,000 Americans gave their lives in vein for a bunch of politicians who never had any intention of 'winning' the war.

Read the article at:

Progressive Democrat Blog Attacking Johanns, Giving Hiding Space to Nelson

There's a blog called the "New Nebraska Network" (See links) which is an arm of the Nebraska Democratic Party, probably run by the wife of that former Nebraska political powerhouse Scott Kleeb who showed such awesome performances in his attempts to run for the congress and the senate (we're hoping he goes for the trifecta by running for governor). In any event, today they opined of Senator Johanns that , 'Johanns is being disgustingly disingenuous throughout this whole statement' in his comments about Comrade Commissar Obama's plan to provide abortion through his nationalized health care takeover.

This 'progressive' blog is spreading it's misinformation about Johanns and about the health care take over while in the same breath trying to give Senator Nelson hiding space to support the plan.

Beware, pro-lifers. The Democrats are sending this misinformation to thousands across the state.

Mayor Gets Petty And Reinforces Need for Recall

With only 109 days pending before a bonified recall effort begins Omaha's Commissar Jr., Mayor Suttle, yesterday responded to the City Council's suggestion of furloughs to solve next years budget crisis (precipitated by the mayor's silly suggestion of an entertainment tax) by suggesting that the council's staff of six(already down by one because the mayor took their $51,000 administrative assistant and promoted her to a $68,000 'office manager' position in his office) begin furloughs this year. One might suggest that by not replacing the person the mayor stole from them that the city council has already done its part, but then with Commissar Jr., Mayor Suttle nothing seems to be too petty to suggest.

We'd suggest our Junior Commissar get serious and get his high paid finance director to come up with rational solutions to next years budget that look to the Commissar Junior's 'UNTOUCHABLE' Fire Department.

Suttle's latest petty suggestion only reinforces the notion that Omaha cannot afford to leave him in office.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Government Run Health Care, No Success in Maine

For those of you that believe that government run health care is a great idea, maybe you should look at how Maine 'solved' the problem of the uninsured. There's a great editiorial, 'No Main Miracle Cure' in Friday's Wall Street Journal.

Check it out at:

And Then They Came for My IRA - Doug Patton

August 24, 2009

“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” - Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

News flash to all the drones out there who voted to elect the community-organizer-in-chief: you will reap what you have sown. Socialist tyrants always promise to lift everyone up to a higher level in order to achieve “equality,” but reality suggests something very different. When they have finished with their social engineering and their economic tinkering, the net result is always to drag everyone down to poverty or, at best, mediocrity, and the Obama regime will be no exception.

So far, this autocrat has effectively taken control of banks, insurance companies and the automobile industry. Now he is after control of the entire health care industry, a full one-sixth of the U.S. economy. His administration has bullied his business detractors into submission, demonized doctors, insurance executives and anyone else who happens to disagree with him. Obama’s thugocracy has browbeaten pharmaceutical companies and called into question the compensation of individuals who work for firms in the private sector.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts in Congress are attempting to foist upon us the laughably named “Employee Free Choice Act,” which could allow labor unions to do to the rest of American business what they have already done to the auto industry.

Pelosi and company have already passed “Cap and Trade” legislation through the House, a bill that, in the murky name of “counteracting global warming,” will crush American taxpayers under the weight of a huge new energy tax.

Democrats want to penalize small business owners -- arguably the backbone of our economy -- in a myriad of ways, from forced paid sick leave to a wage insurance tax. Because most of the yahoos voting on the Hill have no understanding at all of how business works, they falsely believe that they can finance their utopian schemes on the backs of independent entrepreneurs.
U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA, is now using the power of his congressional committee to demand compensation information from American companies in a naked attempt to intimidate them.

And yet, when one mentions the idea of this government seizing your IRA and/or 401k and rolling it over into the bankrupt Social Security Administration, the usual reaction -- even after all the evidence of the last six months -- is scoffing. “They wouldn’t dare,” I heard from one individual. “There would be a revolt,” said another. Still someone else commented, “If you think there was outrage over this health care bill, let them try that!”

Well, maybe, but given the arrogance of these Statists, that is a natural next step. It is one that has been floated before, and don’t think that it has gone away. Consider that individual retirement accounts, be they private or corporate, have been accumulated tax free. In the eyes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, that translates into you getting away with something. Somehow you got “free” money. We’re talking about accounts totaling hundreds of billions (possibly trillions) of dollars! Believe me, they’re salivating.

Never mind that you earned it. Never mind that you faithfully put it away for your retirement, or that your employer may have diligently matched a portion of if for you as part of your compensation package. None of that matters to these people. In their world, you took money and stashed it away without them being able to tax it. That makes you suspect, especially if you have been successful and a long-term investor, which makes you one of the evil rich. How dare you want to keep so much for yourself when others have nothing?

After what we have witnessed so far this year, anything is possible today in America. And even if they don’t actually do it, imagine how much windfall revenue would accrue to the federal government if the American people only thought they were going to do it. An executive for a large Midwestern company told me: “I would pull every dime out of my 401k, pay the taxes and penalties and stick the cash in my mattress before I would let those (expletive deleted) have it!”
Could that be the plan?
© Copyright 2009 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

More on Obama's War

On Friday we opined a little on Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's war ( Obama's War)in Afghanistan. We believe that when the issues of Cap and Trade and health care reform are just bitter memories (hopefully, that is all they will be) that much of the Comrade's last days in office will be defined by his handling of Afghanistan which he has made his war.

Now, we are fully aware that Afghanistan is a problem and we can't let the Taliban expand their operations or destabilize Pakistan so we aren't a bunch of doves. But with that said, executing in Afghanistan will take some intelligence (Chuck Hagel please say away) and we're not sure that the Commissar or his administration understand this.

With that said, there is an interesting article in today's New York Times by Peter Baker, "Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?" that points out the similarities of the Commissar and his war and those of LBJ and Vietnam. It's worth a read and some reflection. Check it out at:

News You Didn't Read in Your World-Herald

We don't normally deal with the kind of pop news the daily bird cage liner (the Omaha World-Herald) would normally print but we thought we would scoop them on this or at least print what they weren't aware of.
Seems that last week a family from Kansas City paid a visit to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. Also seems that the young daughter of the family got separated from the family resulting in the zoo checking everyone leaving to make sure they weren't kidnapping her. When the little girl was found 45 minutes later she was playing with the penguins and everyone relaxed and the family headed home. Later as the the little girl was taking her bath her mother overheard her talking to someone and checked on her. Well, the little girl was playing with a baby penguin that she had put in her backpack and brought home to Kansas City.

The parents called Henry Doorly and asked if they would like to come pick up the baby penguin but were told they needed to bring it back so they made another trip to Omaha.

So that's our human interest story of the day that your local daily missed.

Commissar Obama's Numbers Fall

Today's Rasmussen Reports tells us that Comrade Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's numbers have fallen to a new low. Seems his strongly favorable number now stands at 29% while his strongly oppose number has now risen to 41%. For those of you who don't understand the Rasmussen math, that means the Comrade has a minus 14% rating, his lowest since taking office!!

Perhaps the proletariat is beginning to wake up to the socialistic nationalized dream of change that the Commissar has in his plan for the United Socialist States of America?

Read more at:

Post Entry: After taking note of the above we came across George Will's column, 'A Doctrine of No Retreat,' which we thought illustrates the Commissar and the Democrat controlled Senate's ideology. Will notes, "We are already testing whether President Obama and other statists who have given his administration and this Congress their ideological cast have a doctrine analogous to Brezhnev's. Having aggressively, even promiscuously, blurred the distinction between public and private sectors with improvised and largely unauthorized interventions in the economy, will they ever countenance a retreat of the state? Or do they have an aspiration that they dare not speak? Do they hope state capitalism will be irreversible -- that wherever government has asserted the primacy of politics, the primacy will be permanent?"

You can check out his column at:

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Truth about Independents

An article by Alan I. Abramowtz on Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball Blog caught our attention. It should be instructive for those of you who think of independents as one big movable group of voters. It's titled, 'The Myth of the Independent Voter Revisited' and he concludes:

"The large majority of independent identifiers lean toward one of the two major parties and these independent partisans are virtually indistinguishable from regular partisans in political outlook or behavior. It therefore makes no sense to view independents as a homogenous bloc of floating voters. Independents are sharply divided along party lines just like the rest of the American electorate."

You can read the full article at:

Clunker Program Dies

Well, it may very well be that some contributors to the Objective Conservative speak with two tongues on the 'clunker' program. We've opined that this is just another government welfare program and that it should never have been passed to begin with. We still believe that. However, for the purpose of fair and honest disclosure we have to admit that it appears that at least one of our contributors has traded in his clunker, taking advantage of the program.

Sadly, it appears in that case that the contributor has not done what was really desired as he may have bought a Korean manufactured car from a Korean company. Some way to use American tax dollars to improve the American economy.

While we have consistently opined against this program, we do find it interesting that a mere $3 billion (yes, Everett, a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you have real money) has generated so much public talk and activity over such a short time. One wonders what might have happened had the government simply sent every taxpayer (sorry for you on earned-income filing status) their portion of the $787 billion stimulus? But then that would have relied on the poor stupid consumer rather than the government to best decide how the money should be spent and we know that in all cases of spending our fathers who art in Washington know better.

Reinforcing Our Previous Opinions

A couple of thoughts that reinforce what we've suggested in the future. These from Congressional Quarterly:

"Political observers say campaign finance reports are a lot like company earnings because both can serve as indicators of stock rising or falling. If true, then House Republican Whip Eric Cantor ’s political stock is shooting through the roof.The Virginia Republican took in $734,000 more during the first half of this year than he did during the similar first six months of 2007 at the start of the 2008 election cycle......

"Meanwhile, House Ways and Means Chairman
Charles B. Rangel ’s political stock appears to be falling quickly amid inquiries into tax and ethics issues, and an allegation that he violated New York City rules by maintaining multiple rent-controlled residences. The New York Democrat’s receipts fell by $1.4 million during the first half of 2009 when compared to the same period two years ago."

Commissar Obama's Supporters

Generally, we at the Objective Conservative try to insulate ourselves from wasting too much time reading the liberal bloggers and editorialists but sometimes a headline or an author catches our attention as did one today by liberal progressive Paul Krugman, 'Obama's Trust Problem.' Krugman concludes, "So progressives are now in revolt. Mr. Obama took their trust for granted, and in the process lost it. And now he needs to win it back."

If you been watching Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's falling favorable ratings it's apparent that he has lost considerable report with much of it among independents. But when he starts to lose the support of 'liberal progressives' he loses much of the passion that helped him get elected to begin with. We can only hope for more.

Obama's War

One can't help but see some parallel in what is happening in Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's War in Afghanistan. It's almost a little deja v0us of George W. Bush's Iraq war. What is interesting, however, is that the same liberals who wanted us out of Iraq are now slowly turning on their own messiah while those evil conservatives are still fairly supportive of the Afghanistani effort.

With the body count increasing almost daily in Afghanistan, it's only a matter of time before it really becomes Obama's War and his own start to turn on him.

Seems to us the American public simply doesn't have the patience or understanding of what may be at stake here. On the other hand there certainly is lots of wisdom out there that winning a war and the sentiment of folks governed by war lords is far from easy. Just ask Russia.

For more on this check out:

Later Addition to this: We found an interesting follow-up to this, titled 'Blood Investments', by Ralph Peters in the New York Post which really kind of makes our point. Suggest you check this one out at:

Later, Later Addition to this: Seems like the world of opinions on Afghanistan has opened up, many echoing much the same. Here is an editorial by Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council of Foreign Relations, titled, 'In Afghanistan, the Choice Is Ours'. Among other things, Haass opines that, "Afghanistan is thus a war of choice — Mr. Obama’s war of choice. In this way, Afghanistan is analogous to Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo and today’s Iraq. Wars of choice are not inherently good or bad. It depends on whether military involvement would probably accomplish more than it would cost and whether employing force is more promising than the alternatives." You should check this one out at:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

City Council and Mayor May End Up in Fisticuffs Yet

For you regular readers you'll recall that we started our Suttle Countdown to Recall calendar and named him to our August Objective Hall of Fame last week (see: Suttle Watch Established and Suttle Nominated to Hall of Shame )after he threatened to raise Omaha city property taxes by fiat without the approval of the city council as has been the case for the last 50 some years (see: Recall Suttle - Perhaps it's Time -- Patrick McPherson ). Subsequent to that we thought he got some sense as he indicated that he was looking forward to working with the council and wouldn't raise taxes by himself (see: Suttle in Retreat? ). Yesterday, when we published Jim Vokal's commentary on the issue (Good Government Would Allow the City Council to Approve or Not Approve the Tax Increase - Jim Vokal, Chairman Omaha Moving Ahead PAC ) we thought that perhaps the Mayor's threat had already become another one of his vise-versa decisions.

Now we hear from our sources that Mayor Suttle is back in his Jekyll and Hyde mode, not threatening once again to raise taxes by falling back on a questionable and pretty liberally interpreted opinion by his city attorney.

The mayor should be very careful. If he actually tries to do this, he is likely to find that the city council has its own ways to fight back and things may not be very pretty.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Council Members Step Up

Chuck Sigerson, Jean Stothert, Pete Federson and Franklin Thompson stepped up to the plate this morning, offering their solution to the 2010 budget shortfall precipitated by their wise vote to not increase taxes by soundly defeating Mayor Suttle's attempt to establish an entertainment tax. Tough times are easy for no one, but raising taxes are the very last alternative during dire economic times. Let's hope the Mayor finally gets on board.

Good Government Would Allow the City Council to Approve or Not Approve the Tax Increase - Jim Vokal, Chairman Omaha Moving Ahead PAC

Recently it was announced by the Suttle administration that the Mayor can raise the property tax rate without the City Council’s approval. This issue came up when a Councilmember proposed stripping that same increase out of the budget. The City Council should oppose this tax increase and work with the Mayor on additional spending cuts and not place this added burden on Omaha taxpayers. The Mayor on the other hand, should abandon this idea of raising the rate without the checks and balance of a City Council approval.

Section 5.06 of the City Charter states in part, “after the hearing, the Council may revise the expenditure side of the budget by increasing, decreasing, inserting, or deleting appropriation items, except that is shall not reduce appropriations for debt service.”

Let’s assume for a moment that the legal interpretation of Mayor Suttle and the City Attorney is correct. While I disagree wholeheartedly, Mayor Suttle has stated that an increase in the property tax rate is necessary for the payment of debt payments beginning in 2011. Then why is he asking Omaha taxpayers to start paying for those 2011 payments in 2010? It appears that the debt service fund is indeed solvent for another year and a half. Omahans should be kicking and screaming that he is placing additional burden on families for no reason in 2010. If he truly has this power, he should wait one more year to do it. Perhaps, the economy will rebound and the rate increase would become unnecessary next year. Mayor Suttle is capturing this property tax rate in 2010 for other uses and/or is fearful of raising taxes one year closer to a possible re-election campaign.

Continuing with the assumption that the Mayor can unilaterally raise property taxes with Council approval, one can conclude that this is just bad government. Why would an unpopular Mayor want to try to alienate the City Council? Prior to this Administration, then Mayor Mike Fahey spent great effort on Mayor/City Council relations. As part of that team, I can tell you that good government is government working together. This unilateral act does not display those characteristics of government that the public has grown to expect in Omaha.

The City Charter was carefully developed to provide the public with a check and balance system of government. Specifically, as the Legislative Branch, the Omaha City Council should at all times have the authority to hold a public hearing on the Mayor’s budget and then approve or not approve accordingly. If this Charter provisions is followed, Mayor Suttle is denying your City Council representative to weigh into this debate and possibly avoid a property tax hike. As one Councilmember said, that four hour public hearing on the budget last week becomes “a sham”. The public has voiced its concern. The Mayor should listen and let the Council do their work. If raising taxes is indeed the right thing to do, then Mayor Suttle should be able to convince the City Council to support him and allow them to vote.

We all should hope that the City Council does not treat this recent turn of events as a “way out” of voting on a property tax increase. They should demand an outside legal opinion or make an inquiry to the Attorney General. More importantly, regardless of their position on the rate increase, they should want to vote. That is why they were elected and it would avoid a probable legal challenge certainly to be filed by an Omaha taxpayer.

In the next four years, this property tax increase and corresponding budget will be one of the most important issues facing Omaha. We have heard on many occasions from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce that property taxes are a main reason why businesses refuse to locate their headquarters in Omaha. We hear from senior citizens that are moving away because of the high property tax environment. Finally, we know that young professionals are struggling to purchase homes because they simply can not afford the taxes. Given this all important issue, whether legal or not, Mayor Suttle should (once again) take a step back and reconsider his approach. Good government would allow the City Council to approve or not approve the tax increase.

Buffett Speaks, We Listen

We don't often agree with Warren Buffett which may explain our net worths, but old Warren has a New York Times editorial today that would seem to recognize that at some point in the near future our congress will have to make some tough choices. You may want to take a look at it at:

The Liberals Strike Back

On August 12, our blog suggested you read, A Great Healt Care Fix and A MUST READ . It was an editorial by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and it represented his ideas about how to reform health care without the government takeover of the system. Sadly, it seems that many liberal websites are now calling for a boycott of Whole Foods because of the editorial. Perhaps that is because Whole Foods is a good employer whose employees are well treated and don't need unions.

With that said, the Wall Street Journal has an editorial on the subject, a short one which you might want to read at:

Then drop by Whole Foods as a gesture of support.

For those of you may not have read this at the time of posting, we've since come across another editorial on this issue by Kathleen Parker which you might want to check out at:

Even a later P.S. to this post in the August 19, Washington Post at:

The Public Option

Lots of talk about the so-call 'public option' health care portion of health care reform going away, but lots of backtracking since Sunday so don't plan on it. It's in the House bill. It will stay in the House bill and if passed you can bet that Nancy Pelosi will make sure that any conference committee will report the 'public option' out.

With that said, there is a good editorial in the Wall Street Journal, 'The Public Option Goes Over'. You should check it out at:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Care Teleconference

Want to get in on a teleconference on health care reform? Here is your chance:

Please Join
RNC Coalitions Director Angela Sailor

Who: Open to All

What: Response to Obama’s Healthcare Plan

When: Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 4:00 PM EDT

Where: Dial-In Number: 888-989-9740 Code: 9422532

Please to RSVPClick Here

The Heavy Hand of Government

When you start finding the average folks are rebelling against the government overhaul of health care, what do you do if you are Henry Waxman who wants to shove this takeover on the American public? You threaten health insurance firms by 'asking' for information on employee and board compensation. According to the Wall Street Journal, here is what Waxman and his fellow Congressman, Bart Stupak are asking for:

"The Waxman-Stupak letter asks companies to provide, by mid-September, the compensation packages of any employee or officer who made more than $500,000 in any year from 2003 to 2008. It also asks the companies to list all their board members and their compensation.
The congressmen also want information "listing all conferences, retreats or other events held outside company facilities from January 1, 2007, to the present."

"In addition, the letter demands more basic information, such as the companies' total revenues, net income, and total dividend payments, as well as premium revenue, sales expenses and profits."

With the idea of a 'public option' rapidly losing support and with the increased reticence of the public to support 'health care reform', oops, we meant health insurance reform, could it just be that this is a way to intimidate and get even with those evil insurance companies that are sending their armies of Nazi radicals out to bring down the government seizure of 17% of our economy. We'll let you draw your own conclusions.

You can read more at:

Obama Unaccustomed to Having His Lies Challenged - Doug Patton

Mon 8/17/09 10:30 PM

Barack Obama is one of the most spoiled politicians ever to capture the imagination of a nation. He has enjoyed what author and newsman Bernard Goldberg has described as “a slobbering love affair” with the American media. So many members of the Fourth Estate in this country have so thoroughly compromised themselves to sell his radical agenda that the American people no longer trust them even to report the news. And now, as the president and his toadies in Congress run into a brick wall in their efforts to take over the American health care system, they are shocked to discover that many of the same people who put them in office last year are outraged at their lies.

American citizens have been vilified, marginalized, lied about and smeared by these Washington hucksters. Good people, frustrated at the arrogance of their government, are being called names like a mob, Nazis, evil-mongers, terrorists, etc. Meanwhile, the president and Congress are watching the poll numbers they live by fall into the basement. I wonder why. Most of us learned in kindergarten that when you call other people names, they are not likely to react kindly. And they certainly are not likely to vote for you again.

It is almost axiomatic that people tend to project their own motives onto their fellow citizens. With that in mind, think of the deceit of this president. He speaks of doctors who remove tonsils for the sheer greed and profit motive. Is that what is in his heart? Does he really believe that a doctor would remove a child’s tonsils just to make money?

Recently, he went a step further and suggested that physicians sometimes look at the profit contrast between administering oral diabetes medication or other treatment with “a $30,000 or $40,000 leg amputation.” This statement is so despicable on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin!

Let’s start with the fact that he was once again shooting from the lip with no earthly idea what he was talking about. There is no scenario where a doctor makes $30,000 or $40,000 for a leg amputation. Their compensation generally is between $900 and $6,000 depending on the complications. Therefore, it is tempting simply to dismiss Obama’s ignorance and not comment further; but he is, after all, the President of the United States, so further comment seems essential.

Does this president really have so little regard for the medical practitioners of this country that he believes an American physician would cut off a limb just to put money in his/her pocket? Is this how his mind works? Does he have no shame? Does he actually know of such a doctor? Does he have evidence of such a contemptible act? If so, why is he not reporting it? We all know the answer to that. He is simply a liar who will say or do anything to drive home his agenda.

U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, R-IN, recently referred to the health care bill as “regrettable.” As a good friend of mine pointed out recently, “Regrettable is when I leave my car out in the rain with the windows down. This is an outrage!”

My friend is right, and one of the few people in public life with the guts to tell the American people the truth is Sarah Palin, who has described the health care bill as “evil.” She is right, of course, which is why Barack Obama’s political hit squads are working overtime to kill her chances of ever being anything more than the former governor of Alaska.

This White House and its goons in the media can tell lies until hell freezes over, but they will not stifle the American people’s thirst for the truth, especially about something as personal as their health care. We will not stand for this tyranny. We will hold Barack Obama and his accomplices accountable for their lies.
© 2009 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Why Obama's Ratings are Sinking

Kind of an interesting column today in the Wall Street Journal by Arthur C. Brooks, "Why Obama's Ratings Are Sinking" at:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wisdom From Thomas Jefferson

A friend sent this to us and we thought it was well worth sharing. Unfortunately, the advice comes way to late to heed.

"Then I say, the earth belongs to each of these generations during its course, fully and in its own right. The second generation receives it clear of the debts and incumbrances of the first, the third of the second, and so on. For if the first could charge it with a debt, then the earth would belong to the dead and not to the living generation. Then, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1789. ME 7:455, Papers 15:393

Hagel - Food Poisoning Twice in One Week

We had hoped our words about failed former U.S. Senator Chuckie Hagel last week would be the last for a while. Talking about him twice in one week is kind of like having the worst affects of food poisoning twice in a week. Oh, well.

Seems Chuckie may be disparaging Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's war, you know Afghanistan. While Chuckie may be right about the the ungovernability of this warlord controlled country, it sure won't do his future in Comrade Commissar's government much good, which frankly is all the better for the Comrade.

We bring up this unpleasant topic only because Nebraska's 'has-been', failed former senator returned Sunday morning to the talk show circuit. Hopefully, television news won't develop a recurrence of food poison for weeks to come.

See more about Chuckie and what he had to say, if your stomach can handle it, at:

Just an Innocent E-mail?

Last Thursday we shared with you an e-mail we received from David Axelrod, Comrade Commissar Obama's Senior Advisor. We presumed we were on his mailing list because of some of the e-mails our contributors had sent to the White House. Last week we also questioned why the government should use cookies to track us, something they are proposing to do.

Apparently, a lot of folks received Axelrod's e-mail last week and many who had never contacted the White House were a little miffed about it. Can you say 'privacy concerns?' Anyway, lots of folks were upset and apparently the White House fessed up today. You can read more about this at:

With the White House having an enemies list (those who like us oppose health care takeover, oops we meant health care insurance reform) and spaming folks with its propaganda is it any wonder why folks don't want the government using cookies to track us?

Suttle in Retreat?

According to the local daily bird cage liner (the Omaha paper) Mayor Suttle has extended an olive branch and would not think of unilaterally trying to raise the mill levy without the concurrence of the City Council. Well, that sounds nice, but to be sure this is exactly what he was planning on.

On Tuesday of last week, the day of the budget hearing, we learned from City Council members that his brand new $180,000 a year finance director (excuse us, she has taken a self-imposed cut and is now WORTH only $140,000 a year) had asserted prior to the regular council meeting to several council members that the mayor had the authority to raise taxes by himself without their approval through the budget review process. Trying to determine the validity of the THREAT, one of the councilmen asked the law department for an interpretation that was rendered quickly for the benefit of Suttle. So don't be confused, IT WAS SUTTLE AND HIS FINANCE DIRECTOR that promoted this and apparently planned on orchestrating just that if they couldn't bully the City Council into passing his tax increases.

Apparently, the mayor's 'trial balloon' exploded before even leaving the ground. Regardless, neither the council members or the citizens of Omaha are going to be very forgiving of his threatened, arrogant and dictatorial assault on traditional budget processes.

The Suttle days to recall kickoff time clock continues to run down.

The Countrywide Senators

Maybe we are beating a dead horse, but we wanted to share the opinion of the Wall Street Journal on Senators Dodd and Conrad with you. If you recall in the last couple of days we've share our opinion about these crooks and we present the Journal's because, obviously, it supports ours. Check it out at:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Benefits of Global Warming

We missed this earlier, but we thought you might be interested in a Wall Street Journal article that appeared August 8th, "Lawmakers' Global Warming Trip Hits Tourist Hot Spots." It's the result of the Journals research into a trip taken by a number of congressmen, families and aides over the New Years holiday in late December 2007. Of course it involved your dollars being spent in places like the South Pole, New Zealand and Hawaii, but surely as they aver it was a tough working and learning session.

A Tough Week for the Commissar

It's been a tough week for the Commissar. Rasmussen Reports tells us that:

Comrade Barack Hussein Obama's approval ratings fell to a new low of 47%

Only 31% of voters now strongly approve of him while 39% strongly disapprove

Only 42% of the public now supports health care reform

  • In Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter (the so-called Republican now turned Democrat) is trailing Republican challenger Pat Toomey by double digits

  • In Virginia the Republican is leading the Democrat by 9% in the governor's race

For more on this you can check out:

Suttle Watch Established and Suttle Nominated to Hall of Shame

As a result of his arrogant attitude (see contributor McPherson entry below), we are establishing a Suttle Watch (see inset to the left) and also nominating him to our August Objective Hall of Shame.

Recall Suttle - Perhaps it's Time -- Patrick McPherson

Perhaps it is time to start thinking about a Suttle recall effort.

Today we learned that Mayor Jim Suttle, thinks that he can raise property taxes in Omaha by fiat. Apparently, the established practice of the City Council to review the budget and approve it with whatever changes it feels appropriate isn't important to Suttle.

Suttle has provided nothing but a string of embarrassing , vacillating and controversial decisions one after another in the 66 days he has been in office. It's just possible this most recent arrogant and dictatorial effort (which will surely result in a lawsuit) is the 'straw that will break the camel's back.

So, come December 9, one can fully expect a serious effort to restore rationality and democracy to Omaha. If there is a recall, and one strongly suspects there will be one, Suttle will have no one to blame other than himself.

The Difference Between What's Legal and Ethics

Paul Greenberg has a thoughtful article, 'How Ethics Disappear', that spotlights two of our favorite poster boys for the Democrat Culture of Corruption, Senators Dodd and Conrad. We think it is worth the read at:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chuckie Back in the News

Just when we thought we'd have another few months without hearing his name, former 'has-been' Nebraska Senator (I won't support our party's nominee for president) Chuckie Hagel is in the news again. Today we read in the Washington Post that:

"Former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel (R), a senior administration official-in-waiting either later this term or in President Obama's second term (if there is one), is taking another step into Obama's national security team. We're hearing Hagel is in line to co-chair the important President's Intelligence Advisory Board (formerly known as the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board)."

"Hagel, who is a longtime pal of Vice President Biden and who toured Iraq and Afghanistan with Obama during the campaign, already has been named to replace former House speaker Newt Gingrich on the Defense Policy Board, run by former deputy secretary of Defense John Hamre. The 16 members of the nonpartisan intelligence board, all unpaid, resigned during the transition so a new board could be appointed by Obama.

"The board, which usually acts in secrecy, is given access to key intelligence information and is charged with giving the president an objective analysis of the quality of that information. Prior chairmen have been folks such as former Bush I national security advisor Brent Scowcroft, former New Hampshire senator Warren Rudman, former House speaker Tom Foley, Gen. Maxwell Taylor and former Johnson administration secretary of defense Clark Clifford."

The article, "Hagel Climbing the Ladder in Obama White House," by Al Kamen can be found at:

The Strange World of Local Politics

Remember the Mayor who endorsed Jim Suttle? Seems that was now former Mayor Mike Fahey. Well, now we find out that Mayor Fahey is inviting folks to "Roast Jim Vokal and Help Retire His Debt." There will be special comments by Chuck Sigerson, Brad Ashford, Trenton Magid and Mike Fahey. The event is sponsored by former Senator David Karnes, Chuck Sigerson, Lyman Richie Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HDR (wasn't that Mayor Suttle's former employer?), Jeff and Heidi Wilke, Brad Ashford and Mike Fahey. You can attend the event at 5:30 on August 19 at the Champions Run Pavilion for just $250.

So anyway, seems that Suttle's Debt was quickly washed away by those that contributed to either Daub or Vokal and deemed it appropriate to buy 'insurance' from Suttle and now we're retiring Vokal's debt. Do you suppose former Mayor Fahey will be gracious enough to do a debt retirement roast for Hal Daub?

Is the Tide Turning?

According to today's Rasmussen Reports, " The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that voters favor the GOP on the issue 44% to 41%." Does this mean that the message of less government intrusion in our lives is beginning to gain acceptance? We can only hope so and we hope the 535 folks that will determine what they will do with 17% of our economy will read the tea leaves before they see a real tea party....

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Omaha and Tigers?

In USA Today you will find an article titled, "10 Great Places To Eye Tigers, More' which lists Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo as one of the those 10 great places to see wild life. Interestingly, there are only two zoos on a list that includes everything from Yellowstone National Park to game preserves in Namibia.

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