Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Yep, Mayor Suttle has finally gotten around to declaring a Snow Emergency in Omaha, some 5 days after the event. But Suttle finally realized that to get any manna from Washington, D.C., he had to do this even if he says he won't enforce the ordinance by giving tickets and hauling cars. Some Emergency!

Of course, Suttle couldn't let a good crisis go to waste having learned so much from his mentor, Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World Commissar Barack Hussein Obama. So he used the press conference this morning not only to declare a snow emergency but to also say that taxes need to be raised to deal with the costs and the aging snow removal equipment and reduced personnel in the department he has cut jobs in to support his ownership by the fire and police departments.

But never let a chance to advocate for more taxes go by.

And he will need more taxes once he negotiates his give away contracts with the police and fire unions. We'd suggest Omahans expect a 10-15% increase in property taxes next year.

Given the snow crisis, we were thinking about an ad that his opponent Hal Daub ran in the 2009 mayoral election on dealing with the really greatest snow event of the last several decades, the October 26 snow storm of 1997. You can see that commercial on you-tube at:

It's interesting that after a huge and successful effort to deal with a 100 year event then Mayor Daub didn't go out and use it as an excuse to raise taxes. In fact, he actually lowered taxes each successive year after the event.


Anonymous said...

It is unimaginable, given the pro-pensity for intermittent serious snowstorms in Omaha, and the likely budget overruns resulting, given budgeting for "average" winter snowfall, that there is not a contingency emergency plan for these situations! Is Mayor LaPetomayne (for "Blazing Saddles" afficionados!) really the first Mayor to be confronted with such a problem??? He apparently thinks so! To hear the whining from the city administrators that if there just weren't stalled cars or cars parked on the streets in residential areas, everything would be just fine! Again, apparently this was never the case during prior snow storms! The residential snow removal plan has been haphazard, and often incompetent, regardless of what spokesperson Ron G. babbles to the media!

P.S. Perhaps Paul Kratz should talk to the Mayor before announcing the sidewalk removal ordinance would be strictly enforced!!!

Anonymous said...

If you saw Suttle's news conference
he had the audacity to try to use these snowstorms and the pathetic response by the City of Omaha (under his leadership) as an excuse to again criticize NOT raising taxes for the last budget. He gave as examples the shortage of city mechanics (due to layoffs) for the lack of adequate equipment on the streets for this snow emergency, and lack of outside contractors. Of course he was flanked by his Democrat buddies including mayor-wannabe Ben Gray who loves all taxes.

Typically when the order to cut budgets and order layoff is sent down from the top, upper and middle management "circle the wagons" and pass the cuts on down to the worker-bees. As you know, that is S.O.P. for corporate America and has been honed to a fine art in governments of all levels. Our amateurish local news should ask Suttle why his administration would layoff city mechanics going into the winter season. Such a move demonstrates poor judgement. Furthermore, I bet the collective "cost savings" for those layed-off mechanics was WIPED OUT by the ridiculous salaries Suttle awarded to certain members of his administration. Had he paid his toadies a reasonable salary he could've save the citizens of Omaha much of the stress and hassle he's now complaining about.

The City's response to this snowstorm was/is pathetic. The blizzard of 1975 occurred over the course of 12-18 hours and the city's performance was better than this last weeks. This most recent storm occurred over 4 DAYS!!!!! Why wasn't Omaha able to keep up? In 1975 I'm guessing the percentage of regular citizens who owned "4-wheel drive" or front-wheel drive vehicles compared to today's SUV's and pickup trucks and front-wheel drive vehicles was much smaller, yet so many more people remained trapped recently (and some still are trapped in their homes and neighborhoods) probably than in 1975.

Now the Mayor has promised to propose new taxes in an expedited fashion early in 2010. He blames all of his failures on his opponents. Maybe it's time for that recall after all? The local news media is so impotent I want to scream.

Anonymous said...

The potholes are horrific! And his announcement that we need to raise taxes to take care of all is laughable. First of all, the condition of the streets today is a direct reflection of Fahey-Suttle poor budgeting and neglect. Fahey didn't raise taxes or make other cuts, and the streets were never maintained at all. He never bonded new equipment on a rotational basis, so here we are with a fleet of old, unrepaired trucks, and a staff that has no adult supervision, so they don't order tires, parts, etc. It is so sad, and will only cost even more because of this neglect.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to pay anymore in taxes so suttle can keep blowing smoke until he forces furloughs and CUTS in city government he can stuff it