Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nelson Letting Down Constituents and His Country in Career Decision

It's about to be official if not already, but Ben Nelson will vote for cloture on the health care bill despite the overwhelming opposition of his constituents. This vote is a CAREER DECISION and we can now safely predict that come January 2013, Governor Dave Heineman will be U.S. Senator Dave Heineman and Nebraska will have a truly conservative senator to replace Ben.

And for Ben, he'd better hope that his president gets re-elected or it's back to the turkey ranch and a less than well deserved retirement.

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Virginia R. said...

I was watching the Fox news this morning, and saw Senator Nelson, giving his statement. Is he going to vote for this bill? He was praising Senator Reid for "all the hard work" he was doing in trying to make the reforming of our health care system a reality!

WHO IN THE WORLD, is going to pay for this??????

It seems like the more of us come out against the universal health care plan the more they want to ignore it.

It is disheartening to see this!

All I hear is how wonderful this will be to have universal health care. The European nations that already have this program are revolting against it, for their families are not getting the proper care, and they have to wait for many months or even years to get the proper treatment!
What in the world is going on? Why can't they "see the Light?"""""""

Senator Reid must be put out of office, along with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. If they want this, they should pay for it, not us!
Some of our representatives are turning a deaf ear even while we are protesting on this bill. This is why I am not donating, I am just about giving up on Congress. In the future, if this passes, we will be regretting the consequences. There is a resistance out there, but Ben doesn't like it, he even said so in the news conference he had this morning. I am thankful for the many talk show hosts that are rallying behind us as American citizens, to not let this thing pass.

The future of our country is at stake, but some of the representatives do not see this. Our country is heading for disaster with all the things that this administration did, there is a lot of damage done to our democracy. We are heading for socialism, and I fear that we will be like Europe with the government in control of everything.
Citizens of Europe hardly have any rights is this where the administration want us to be?
This is my opinion. I vented to long on this, but wanted to be heard.
I feel like this background is the right one for it represents Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all the others that support this fiasco, want to shove this bill at us!
We must all fight hard to defeat this bill, even if it takes the rest of our lives!