Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mayor Suttle Isn't Listening

Some four months after our incompetent mayor announced that he was on the verge of agreeing on a police contract, he has finally submitted one to the council. This contract should be dead on arrival if the council members have any gray matter at all but you can count on Suttle lackeys Jerram, Gray and Gernandt to do whatever their leader asks.

Let's see. A Five Year Contract with no raise for three years and then huge increases over years four and five? That means that once again we avoid reality today and saddle the citizens in the future. Suttle must be taking his cues on this from former Mayor Fahey who gave away the bank to the police and fire unions in 2003 so as not to raise property taxes and pave the way for his 'no tax increase' re-election run, or from Harry Reid who is attempting to foist the same sham on all Americans.

Then, he is going to increase the city's pension contribution by 2% to 20% while the police union raises theirs from 13% to 15%. What a deal!

How's our financial genius of a mayor going to pay for this? With property tax increases of course. He says the city will have to rely on property tax increases, a half-cent sales tax increase and a garbage fee to pay for this, and remember we're just talking about the police union contract!

You may have noticed from the second sentence of the prior paragraph that we said he'd pay for it by property taxes and that is what it will be. The city council already turned down his initiative to put a half-cent sales tax on the city's legislative agenda for next year and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he, acting alone as he has said he would do, will convince the legislature or the governor to sign a bill allowing Omaha to raise sales taxes next year. Suttle is apparently smoking medical marijuana. Whether he can convince his lackeys to support a fee for garbage tax is just as unlikely.

Hopefully, at least council members Thompson, Festersen and Stothert will have the intestinal fortitude and good, common sense to just say know to Suttle's crazy contract proposal.

From our standpoint maybe it is time to simply merge the Omaha Police Department into the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and if the police don't want to work for the sheriff under his smaller pension and salary ranges, let them quit--remember, they have no contract.


Anonymous said...

NO more property taxes for me. Ours already went up over $200 a year the police and fire can come up with the money.I am tired of paying for their benefits. Also what about the 15% wage increase the CIR court ordered for them in 2008 when do they get that money? No one has asked or answered the question. I bet soon. And why would anyone agree to an open ended wage increase based on blue sky? Oh yeah our council. And sorry but Stothert is a friend to police and fire so she will talk a big tune but as usual do nothing.Can you get a copy of the proposed contract?

Anonymous said...

That merging the OPD into the Sheriff's Dept does sound like a good idea...especially the no contract part