Thursday, December 31, 2009

Judas Ben's Listening Tour

We were heartened to hear Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, 'tell' us during the third quarter of the Holiday Bowl game that "he had listened to us" before voting on the Ben (Judas) Nelson/Harry Reid/Obama Health Care Bill. We're not quite sure where Harry Reid is, but we suspect Ben thought he was in Hawaii and was talking to his comrades Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Princess Pelosi who are gathered there. Those are the only ones he's been listening to.

By the way, perhaps he will wish he is in Hawaii given some information about what he may experience tomorrow......Possibly more on this later.

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Mike said...

It was astounding (and sickening) to listen to Ben Nelson speak his garbage in the commercial he aired.

Virtually every reason he gave for voting FOR the bill was completely UNTRUE or outright lies. Either Ben is developing dementia and simply doesn't appreciate how confused he really is OR he's a bigger phony and political prostitute than we already thought him to be.

Either way there's something seriously wrong with Ben Nelson and he needs to go bye-bye in 2012. You can bet he was well aware that Nebraska is one of 32 states that DON'T allow a recall of a U.S. Senator.

Ben is an embarrassment to Nebraska.