Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fire Fighter Thugs Get the Boot.

It's nice to see that some sense of rationality has finally prevailed with the Omaha City Council. Yesterday it rescinded their ordinance allowing the thugs from the fire department to spend your tax dollars on their so-called altruistic efforts to collect funds for Muscular Dystrophy while on your time clock.

When the council passed the enabling ordinance in September one of our contributors said ( Shaking The Boot On Your Time - Patrick McPherson) it was wrong and that it wasn't fair to allow one city division to collect money for charities on the time clock when others couldn't and shouldn't.

Our contributor also said at the time that the idea of allowing charities to collect on the streets was a bad one. Yesterday the council outlawed that practice as well.

The contributor also suggested the city could ill afford the time for the law department to establish policies for training and insurance for such charities and that regardless of insurance the law department would be burdened by defending law suits.

Finally, common sense prevails and the thugs get the boot rather than the taxpayer.

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Bob Smith said...

Thugs are those who hide behind anonymous postings. Thugs are those who lie in order to create change that benefits no one. Thugs are those who seek to ruin 50+ years of tradition that not only was tradition in Omaha, but was tradition nation wide. Firefighters asking the Omaha community to donate to the MDA on or off the street was beneficial to everyone involved. It created wonderful apparatus displays and the oppurtunity for the OFD to interact with the public in a non-emerency setting. A place for question and answer sessions. It also benefitted a wonderful charity. If this was so wrong why did the city of Omaha allow this pratice for 50+ years. Why now is this so wrong. The city council wasted too much precious time and effort on this. Every Fire Truck that you saw collecting was in its response territory and was in service, available to take its assigned emergency runs. No one was ever hurt or made to wait or suffer for this. If it is wrong to collect for the MDA, then also wouldn't it be wrong to have to be forced to take a fire truck to a different fire station with firefighters in uniform on duty toi have to listen to a sales pitch for the United Way. Why is it wrong to collect for one charity and not another. Only thugs hide behind anonymous postings.