Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Fire Fighter by Another Name

On Wednesday December 23 we opined about the fire fighters who have abused city work time for years in their 'altruistic' (when they are being paid for it) boot collecting, 'Fire Fighter Thugs Get the Boot.' While we welcome and encourage folks to comment whether anonymously or with their names, we had one commenter whom we since have learned is not exactly who he purports to be.

The individual who claimed to be 'Bob Smith' is fictitious. He is an Omaha firefighter, but there is no Bob Smith on the fire department and we are told that he authors his comments on one of your city owned computers during paid city time, probably from the fire station at 80th and Dodge.

We don't mind 'Bob' criticizing us, but at least he could do so anonymously-and maybe on his time rather than that of the taxpayers'.


One Out In The Third said...

What's everyone's axe grinding with firefighters? Penis envy? Reading Joe Jordan's blog it seems that he and State Auditor Mike Foley have been uncovering much more meaningful corruption and wasteful spending throughout Omaha's utilities and the University of Nebraska System. The whole political system needs a giant enema if you ask me. But what do I know.?

Bob Smith said...

I am happy to see that I have ruffled your feathers. What eveidence do you have that I am a firefighter. What evidence do you have that even if I was a firefighter that these postings were on city computers, on city time. Do you have an inside source from the city's IT people. If you have evidence of wrong doing should you not report it to the Fire Chief. Whether you want to believe it or not Bob Smith has never posted or authored any comments on a city computer or on city time. Who ever your source is, you better find another one who knows what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have heard of 'Bob Smith' and I understand the city IT department is on to him. And why would anyone other than 'Bob' expect the chief to deal with any wrong dealing in his department?