Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Democrat Numbers Going Down Nationally as well as In Nebraska

We've given you the numbers on Judas Nelson and his Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Obama Health Care Bill and they show a well deserved termination to the elective career of Nebraska's Judas, Ben Nelson, who sold us out for his 30 pieces of silver. He may not run out and hang himself literally, but his elective suicide is scheduled for November 2012.

With that said, here are the latest numbers from Rasmussen:
  • Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World Commissar Barack Hussein Obama now has a negative 16% approval rating with 25% of those surveyed strongly approving of him and 41% strongly disapproving
  • 78% of those polled nationally think health care will cost more than projected
  • 58% of voters are now opposed to health care reform--that would be the one promoted by Nebraska's own Judas, Ben Nelson
  • And in the generic congressional poll, 43% of voters would now support the Republican candidate in their district while only 38% would support the Democrat congressional candidate in their district.

The sad thing is that while these numbers look good for our nation, they represent a response to our nation's future, a future that will take choice in health care away and result in the government making choices for us and rationing part of the ultimate goal of a single payer system; a future that will leave enormous tax burdens on our children and grand children; a future that will result in virtual control of many of our daily choices, and; a future that will result in the deterioration of the greatest nation on earth into one of 180 or so equals as Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and Nebraska's Judas sellout Ben Nelson see it.....

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