Monday, December 21, 2009

Chief McDonnell Looking For Cheaters?

In reading the Douglas Street Rag's Midlands article, "Two Omaha Firemen are pulled into probe", we found the quote by Fire Chief (They should have called him Chief Thug) Mike McDonnell very interesting when he said, "We do not have a copy of the report at this point, and we have asked (Papillion) for a copy of this report, and once we get it, we will do an investigation of our own."

That's kind of like expecting the fox who is running the hen house to report no slayings of hens.

Chief McDonnell continues to be a union thug in a fire chief's uniform. He is a proven incompetent manager who supports his union cronies and buddies as he saps the Omaha tax payer.

McDonnell is only the chief because his union supported former Mayor Fahey. But given this and upon reflection, McDonnell knows a lot about cheating.


Bob Smith said...

Have you ever thought of telling your feelings to the fire chief in person. It is one thing to hide behind a blog and another to express your baseless opinions directly to a person's face. Can you name one example of incompetence? Many of Omaha Fire Department Chief's have had excellant working relationships with the union, why is that so hard for you understand. Chief McDonnell has shown that he is able to administer tough but fair discipline decisions. I ask that if you are calling the chief himself a cheater, where is your proof? You do not post it because you have none.

Anonymous said...

If a City of Omaha investigation is to take place then they should request the Nebraska State Patrol to do it. Maybe, then you could believe the results.